'Did Trump Change, or Did You?': We Asked a Pro-Impeachment Republican Why He'd Back Trump

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‘Did Trump Change, or Did You?’: We Asked a Pro-Impeachment Republican Why He’d Back Trump

He knows the MAGAts in his district will crucify him if he doesn't back Trump. So of course he's not going to stand by his principles. He's going to do whatever it takes to hold on to power.

Meijer faces a tough primary in the race to replace retiring Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.); he’s going up against former Rep. Mike Rogers, who largely occupies the mainstream GOP lane, and former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who’s a Trumpier figure. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has already come out against him, saying he can’t win.

Yup, I called it.

I don't even get it. Trump is anathema here in Michigan. I mean not that he doesn't have support here, but every Trumpet on the ballot got eviscerated in the last election and the party here is flat broke. I get on the national level they have to kiss the ring, but here locally Trump is a death sentence.

A year to the election is a long time for that to change, but I'm not seeing any sign of it.

We'll see what happens. Some of the pugnaciousness attitude of Trump's faithful is a performance designed to exhaust the rest of us trying to stave off fascism. They want us to get tired and give up, or they want us to get complacent and think they've lost.

Keep reminding people that Project 2025 exists. Anathema or not, they won't give up willingly.

My grandfather fought a whole war against fascism. Those fuckers are exhausting, but there is no level of exhaustion I could feel that I would roll over and let them win. Aging feels kinda weird when people two generations younger think Hitler was ancient history and the lessons learned aren't relevant any more.