Laundry day

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I had surgery what required catheterization a few times. Last time, the catheter bubble failed to deflate properly. It was... Unpleasant. Got stuck. Thanks for the nostalgia!

Hey I'm a woman but isn't that a really tiny hole and how/why are people shoving things up there?!

Don't worry! You don't need a penis to shove things up that hole! :D It's an equal opportunity sport!

Google sounding porn and find out!

I've been aware of the phenomenon for years. And no I have no desire to look at pictures of such things. I just don't get it. Why? And again all I ask and all I want to know is that's a very small exit-only hole, why/how do people put things up there?

Why does anyone do anything?

I'm not into it but it seems pretty inevitable given its proximity to nerve endings and such. Who cares what people do to their own selves? I imagine most would be using lube and only sizing up after they feel confident with their current diameter.


How: with lubricant and patience.

Why: because it supposedly feels good.

I personally haven't tried sounding but I do have a 0g Prince Albert, so I always have a reasonably thick piece of metal in there at the tip and it's not a big deal.

It's more stable in the average body of someone with XY chromosomes, also it is a bit thicker.

It does't not hurt that much, but it is still very unplesant.