Cat after my own heart to – 563 points –

Those eyes are mighty dilated. Bro's flying.

Them’s hunting eyes.

surely no one would just pick a mushroom, hold it in front of their cat, snap a pic, and pretend the cat gave it to them?

Impossible, internet has this advanced system that ensures complete integrity between strangers and ensures that only the truth and only the truth can be shared.

I had one who would bring home dead leaves.


"Yes, good boy!"

I love this. Hopefully less destruction of the local ecosystem, birds, etc

He and his sister would have LOVED hunting birds, but a) they were dumb and b) they needed glasses.

I'd watch his sister get all excited about crows... From 30-50 feet away. The crows would look at her like "Are you seeing this shit? Is she serious?" Sometimes they would actually let her get within 10 feet before taking off.

I was like "Sweetie, if I CAN SEE YOU, the CROWS can see you..."

When I was a kid, one of mine brought live snakes into my room that I would wake up to. They weren't dangerous but fuck I did not want to wake up to one coiled up between me and the door.

The caption opened off-screen for me and I was convinced it was a mummified mouse or baby squirrel before I read it.

Smart cat: to get yourself a one month meat supply it's safer to poison the big animal than it is to try and fight it.

"Here buddy, I read these things can help with your PTSD."