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At home where I have to clean it I sit down and even give a little pat with a square of toilet paper.

At work I piss on the floor.

I sit cause I've lived with females for the past 8 years and honestly it just saves a lot of hassle and when you're 6ft its easy to miss

I am a manboy, I like peeing sitting down when I'm at my house. It's just more efficient and effortless. I also do it when I'm at a friend's house, specially if it's a girl's house.

I'm a microbiologist, I pee sitting down only if I am able to sanitize the seat.

What bacteria which is capable of living on porcelain also has the ability to enter your bloodstream through the skin of your butt cheeks? I once was told that seat to butt transmission of most things almost never happens and that the biggest danger in a public stall is touching the toilet paper dispenser and then touching your face.

I am prone to licking public toilet seats, so I must clean them before that happens.

Imagine knowing how your pee spreads all around if you stand and pee - only to deicide to stand and pee.

Better then getting someone else's skin biome on my butt. Who knows what sort of fucked up commensals they have?

Well so far I have 0 arse cheek diseases so I'm not especially concerned

so far

so far

Nah but seriously it's just an ick factor for me. Probably a result of living with my greasy and terrifyingly hairy housemate.

Definitely in team sit.

It's more comfy. You're not staring at a wall, which is good for those who benefit from constant stimuli. There's no cleanup from splashes due to the larger height difference, surrounding area stays clean for longer. And as a bonus for some, it feels more feminine.

As a cis male, I sit at home. I don't trust public toilet cleanliness, so I'll stand. Having a prince Albert does create some weird trajectories depending on flow rate so I tend to make a mess while standing.

I sit at home and when visiting someone as a guest. No mess, no cover positioning arguments, everyoneโ€™s happy for a meager cost of me potentially forgetting that this was supposed to be a quick inโ€™nโ€™out and writing this comment instead of rejoining the boring dystopia outside.

I get it if you don't want to answer but how much did that piercing hurt?

A lot, but it didn't last long. I have a tattoo that goes from hip to armpit and this hurt more, but it was like a fall or a punch; one and done. My body did go into shock and I threw up though.

I usually pee standing up, however I prefer to use stalls because I like privacy, I never use urinals.

Seriously though, why the fuck do urinals exist?

I have no clue, probably something to do with them taking up less space and being faster to use, though I'm not really sure the speed benefit is that great.

It's nice to know there are gatekeepers in the trans community too

This meme isn't even about trans people, it's about femboys ๐Ÿ˜ญ