Wisconsin 'uninstructed delegation' voters more than double Biden's 2020 margin

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Wisconsin 'uninstructed delegation' voters more than double Biden's 2020 margin

From the article:

Voters who chose "uninstructed delegation" in Wisconsin's presidential primary Tuesday more than doubled the 20,000 votes President Joe Biden won the state by in 2020, sending warning signs for his reelection chances in the battleground state.

Voters displeased with Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas war organized into a "Listen to Wisconsin" campaign that mirrored other states like Michigan and Minnesota, where a similar "uncommitted" option took about 13% and 19% of the vote in the Democratic primary, respectively.

In Wisconsin, "uninstructed delegation" represented 9% of the vote on the Democratic side as of 10:15 p.m., taking about 42,269 votes. Around 408,610 voters have selected Biden as their choice, or 88%. About 3% voted for Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips, who has ended his campaign and endorsed Biden.

Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas war insistence on supplying the bombs that the Israeli government is using to commit genocide against a civilian population using Hamas as a disingenuous pretext

There, fixed it for them.

I had to read this headline four times before I understood that it meant more than twice the number of people who gave Biden a victory in WI in 2020 did not vote for Biden in this primary, but instead cast a ballot for ‘uninstructed delegation.’ Very confusing wording.

He better start listening to these folks, or we’re all collectively fucked.

I don't see how Biden can ignore this any longer. What are his advisors telling him?

Agreed from a moral point of view, but the electoral math sucks. He can neither lose Jewish, nor Muslim voters and whatever he does, he will alienate one group.

1.) Jews aren't a monolith. I am one of those Jews that voted uncommitted on the ballot.

2.) Biden has to choose to be on the right side of history.

But he is losing votes for his pro genocide stance and he says it doesn't matter because he made it on moral grounds.

Also Zionists can be Christian. Nearly every staunch Zionist where I live are Christian and they haven't voter for a Democrat in decades.

"Who cares about winning the elections, can we send more bombs to israel? I hecking love Genocide" - Joe Biden probably