Israeli war cabinet votes to expand Rafah operation area, amid growing U.S. concerns to World – 56 points –

Amid growing U.S. concerns about the humanitarian situation in Rafah, the Israeli security cabinet approved last night the "expansion of the area of ​​operation" of the Israel Defense Forces in the southern Gaza city, according to three sources with knowledge of the details.

The big picture: President Biden said this week said if Israel invades Rafah, where more than one million displaced Palestinians are sheltering, the U.S. will stop supplying it with artillery shells, bombs for fighter jets and other offensive weapons.


  1. Spend 50 years in politics proudly saying nothing will stop your support.
  2. Support them thru 6 months of a genocide.
  3. Stop just short of calling domestic peaceful protestors terrorists.
  4. Finally drraw a line that lets them continue genociding where they're already doing it.
  5. Act shocked when they don't listen and expand the genocide.
  6. Profit from even more AIPAC donations for backing down

At least no one can say underwear gnomes have better planning than Biden, at least he knows how he'll profit in the end.

Whether it's trump or Biden, our president will put another country over our own. If Biden really wanted to beat Trump he'd stop funding the genocide. But he'd rather keep using our tax dollars to kill brown people more.

Israel will crack down on any dissent and instantly kick out anyone that doesn't 100% fall in line with their extremism to make an example of them.

Yeah the USA should have helped fix the Israel/Palestine issue like decades ago. I just read in another post that it's in USA law to stop funding for the UN if Palestine is made a member. Like why? The USA has been the yes man to Israel for so long it's like we don't know how to say no.