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They are expensive to buy and repair. Until that changes they won’t sell well.

He didn’t leave comments on those articles.

No he has a point.

If you really can’t see the similarities you should spend some time out of your echo chambers.

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Feel free to block if it is too hard for you to scroll past.

Probably the most sane take here 😂

Keep your hand in the sand. It’s worked great for you so far!

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Let’s keep voting in the same 2 parties that push terrible candidates. One is a psychopath. The other is senile. Great solution!

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You’re oversimplifying. That is not how voting in the US works.

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Voting for someone I do not support is throwing away my vote.

It doesn’t make sense though.

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There is no loss if the candidate you vote for does not win. Voting for a candidate you don’t support genuinely means you have no say.

Also, since you asked I am fully vaccinated.

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That’s not how voting in the US works. Look into the electoral college.

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The negativity gets old. We are in the most accepting decade in history.

Oh no! A politician that you don’t support shows up on your feed. How will you make it?

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Aw I’m so proud of you! So brave!

Sharp and Biden shouldn’t be used in the same sentence 😂

Do you want me to unban you? You just can’t stop following me 😂

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