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None of those are anywhere near as polluting as jet fuel. Which has lead in it.

I never made that claim, so how can I show you something I never claimed in the first place?

Once again, this sounds like justifying pollution for the convenience of the rich.

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Locations on ankle bracelets are not publicly available information. The FAA tracks every plane over U.S. airspace and offers that information in real time because it isn't classified. All the Twitter account did was take the specific information offered about Musk's plane and reported on where it went.

So you are not talking about anything even remotely equivalent. This is information anyone can find out any time they want.

Are you saying Elon and Yaccarino don't have limousines that can just drive them to the airport? Instead it's necessary to pollute more?

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That and he's just weird. He's just a weird person with weird habits. Kind of hard to recover from eating pudding with your fingers.

So in other words, it's to be convenient to Elon and his cohorts. Which is what I said earlier. I'm not sure why you think that's justifiable.

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It is a major turnaround for Musk, who previously said he wouldn’t let Jones back on the platform despite repeated calls to do so. Last year, Musk pointed to the death of his first-born child and tweeted, “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.”

Thankfully for him, his sycophants have the memories of goldfish.

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Actually, we know everything there is happening in solar system.

Oh really?

Then I'm sure you can tell us where we can locate Planet 9, or even if Planet 9 exists.

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I'll start considering his claim of being a "free speech absolutist" when he unbans the account that uses publicly available information to track his private plane.

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This has always been true.

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Please do show the spiritual texts which cover general and specific relativity.

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Well yes, people who believe things that aren't true won't admit that they don't know anything. I'm not sure why that's relevant though.

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Yeah, I check in every so often out of curiosity. He took a 9-minute flight last year.

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I was self-employed for 10 years. I was also unemployed for about 5 years. What retirement savings?

I realize this is a serious situation, but I can't help but be amused by the idea of navies essentially shooting each other with squirt guns.

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I doubt he pilots them himself.

Yes, from Chicago to New York, fine. This is from one airport in the San Francisco area to another airport in the San Francisco area. Give me the logistical reason for that.

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Yes, only stupid liberals would fall for agreeing with things like 'if Trump isn't the Republican frontrunner, someone else will be.' What a gotcha you caught them in!

Maybe, then, you should be calling for more oversight and accountability of such programs rather than dismissing them as a joke.

He's being prosecuted for something people are almost never prosecuted for, especially when they pay the money back, which he did. On top of that, there's a gun charge which, for some reason I can't imagine, Republicans aren't rushing to his defense about.

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Sadly for her, the only younger fascist they had in play was a complete dud and the rest of them were even more laughable.

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3 out of 12 is not as disheartening to me as it could very well be. It would have been higher when I was a kid in the 80s.

Why can't they just use CalTrans to get to the original airport since it's only five stops between the two and far less polluting?

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Conservatives do not give one single fuck about Jews except that they think all the Jews need to return to Israel for Jesus to come back, after which he will throw all of those sinful Jews into Hell where Conservatives think they belong.

That and they hate Muslims even more than they hate Jews.

Has there been a rise in antisemitism in the U.S. since Israel and Hamas went to war? Definitely. But they don't actually give a shit.

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I'd vote for a Swiss cheese sandwich over Donald. And I hate Swiss cheese.

We were over at my mother's yesterday and we were talking about grocery prices and my mother asked my wife how much we paid for milk and my wife says she doesn't look, because it doesn't matter when we need milk regardless. I don't look either. It's the same with gas prices. I hear they've gone way down, but I've honestly stopped looking. What difference does it make what a gallon of gas costs when I need that gallon no matter what it costs?

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We don't "need" milk in the sense that it is not necessary for our survival. We need milk in order to keep eating and drinking the things we enjoy eating and drinking. And I don't think it is unreasonable to expect milk in your tea and your cereal.

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Funny, I never hear of large commercial airliners making 9-minute flights for logistical reasons? What logistical reason would that be beyond 'Elon doesn't want to travel all the way to that airport when there's a closer one?'

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I don't think there's any 'about' here. It absolutely has broken down. And, if Israel has anything to say about it, it will never recover. Israel has gone from apartheid to genocide, within living memory (there are very few left alive, but still living memory) of the genocide the founders of Israel went through themselves.

Every single Israeli involved in this war grew up hearing about the genocide of Jews and they learned nothing.

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Did Jerry put a neon sign in his apartment or something?

I don't disagree with you at all. I was sort of trying to say that myself but you put it much better than I did. I can live without any comfort if it means that or death, but it sure would take a toll on me. That's why solitary confinement is such torture.

The Omari Mosque was originally a 5th century Byzantine church that was built over a more ancient temple. It was converted into a mosque in the 7th century, then a Crusader church in the 11th century, and back to a mosque in the 13th century.

The architectural elements of the Crusader church were still apparent in the modern-day mosque, and an etching of a Jewish menorah on a mosque column, believed to have been originally part of an ancient synagogue, was once documented, and was destroyed in recent decades.

All that history- gone.

Edit: If you want some perspective, this mosque was from the century before the Buddhas that the Taliban destroyed.

Dude. Don't trap the least annoying Chipmunk first.

Edit: For fuck's sake, now I have the theme song to the 80s cartoon stuck in my head. Thanks, OP.

I don't know, maybe growing up as a Jew in America has given me a little perspective about how Republicans have viewed me my whole life...

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Ya think, Megan?

Although it's pretty good when even the lady who insisted that Jesus and Santa are "just white" realizes Trump is demented.

This would be the wife that lost her sense of taste and smell during COVID?

Feel free to explain why they suddenly love Jews so much. And yes, it is suddenly.

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But that's not an explanation for why Republicans suddenly care so much about Jews.

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We did? Because that was passed with the help of Joe Donnelly, who was anti-abortion. And with some Republicans, who were also anti-abortion. And it only passed without the public option.

I don't know that it's the best example.