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Fast left

It is conveyed that the left should not resort to populism and simple imagery such as "wojacks" We prefer referring to nuanced 500 page essays to convey our arguments so that anyone without sufficient vocabulary and/or time will remain excluded from our circles.

Thesaurus > Wojack.

When CNN analysis is released in 3 days instead of after 3 months you know israel is in trouble

From the country that houses DJI drones I expected something a lot scarier and more sophisticated.

This looks like a fraud to hide their real arsenal.

Jesus turned into a white dude and Mohamed is now Han Chinese.

Such a massive surprise. Wonder wh..

Oh no we've stalled so long that our distraction operation has been completed. But Netanyahoooo tells us that he wants to keep starving that Gazans. What do we do?

Just pretend it broke and say we can't let in any aid.

Also reminder that the ICC did not just order israel to stop their attack on Rafah but also to let in all aid unhindered through the land crossings which israel is not doing.

If you won't sanction us we'll do it ourselves - israel.

In one of the earliest encounters, Cohen surprised Bensouda when he made an unexpected appearance at an official meeting the prosecutor was holding with the then DRC president, Joseph Kabila, in a New York hotel suite.

Sources familiar with the meeting said that after Bensouda’s staff were asked to leave the room, the director of the Mossad suddenly appeared from behind a door in a carefully choreographed “ambush”.

Israelis are literal cartoon villains

You think israel would do that? Go into the Knesset and lie?

Netanyahu is going to get such a finger wagging he won't know what hit him.

“Despite our utmost efforts not to harm innocent civilians, last night there was a tragic mistake,” we bombed a densely populated refugee camp which we previously designated as a safe zone and burned women and children alive - Netanyahu said Monday in an address to Israel’s parliament.

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Israel: we do a little burning of women and children. Le oops

The israeli Post pretending that Biden isn't currently having pro Palestine protesters brutally beaten up by the cops is conveniently not highlighted

Both of them would do what Biden is doing right now.

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Israel doing few more oopsies here and there.

Human rights watch "monitoring" site and being an obviously israeli shill front name a better combo.

Your site is really confident that UNRWA is Hamas by the way. How did that turn out again?

it's absolutely hillarious that you require concrete evidence of actions Biden doing something yet Trump only has to say words. The Democrats used the police violence! They pumped rubber bullets into peaceful protesters like no tomorrow! Biden condoned the police violence and praised it. Painting all protesters as a violent mob. Genocide Joe went full fascist mode during the demonstrations and we're somehow still in pretend land.

Biden condemns campus protest violence: No ‘right to cause chaos’

Furthermore the Democrats were literally bribed by the israelis to call in the police on the protesters to violently shut them down. Many of the Zionists bribing the Democrats are the exact same people that bribe Republicans.

American business leaders and billionaires set up a Whatsapp group to shape public opinion on Israel's war in Gaza and urged New York City's mayor to use police to disperse a pro-Palestinian protest at Columbia University.

American business leaders and billionaires set up a Whatsapp group to shape public opinion on Israel's war in Gaza and urged New York City's mayor to use police to disperse a pro-Palestinian protest at Columbia University.

The group was set up on 12 October, days after Hamas's surprise attack on southern Israel, to "change the narrative" on Israel, including by conveying "the atrocities committed by Hamas... to all Americans".

Among the business leaders in the group were the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell, and Joshua Kushner, a financier and brother to Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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According to him, however, the death of many Palestinian civilians following a fire that broke out after the IDF attacked Rafah may change the picture.

Tfw you throw a bomb on a refugee camp but the bomb accidentally catches on fire and children are burnt alive

A very unfortunate incident. Hopefully those Palestinians learned to always have a fire extinguisher ready in case their tents spontaneously explode.

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It was on the brink of famine for months. Then it entered famine and got the worst IPC food crisis rating ever. Then somehow all the warnings beforehand mean that the current crisis isn't real.

You're probablt right but since the EU is part of the ICC it cannot just ignore it. The head of the EU is starting to get targeted by rights groups for complicity in Genocide after the latest ICC ruling

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It's because of this Pavlovian BUT TRUMP reaction that israel is committing Genocide right now.

Than you for proving my point.

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"Israel is the most moral army in the world".

Much like flat earth, Zionists have crafted an entirely alternate reality to justify their Nazi-like worldview by making up new lies daily to justify their previous lies being debunked.

The amount of mental gymnastics Zionists perform to pretend israel is following international law is absolutely breathtaking. For every debunk of their lies they come up with a new lie until the lie is so advanced that you need to sit through a 6 hour debate with Norman Finkelstein until they admit that "they actually don't care about international law anyways and it's antisemitic".

You'd make a great dean.

The Israeli military said

Stopped reading after that

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I could bring up Biden being the top recipient of AIPAC money as well.

I have also proven that the Democrats were intentionally violently repressing peaceful protests against Genocide.

I even posted a video of them pumping rubber bullets into protesters before look

There is plenty to criticize Biden and the democrats on regarding israel. The Democrats violently repressing peaceful protests CCP style is one of those things.

Fearmongering that Trump would do something does not have the same impact if the Dems are already doing it.

Third party all the way.

Biden has been trying to throw his election chances for the past 7 months. And the Republican side isn't shifting much to begin with they love killing brown people. At this point the only thing that will shift is how hard Biden tries to gaslight people that he is wagging his finger at Netanyahu.

Currently both sides are saying the other shot first so gonna we're have to wait for results of the Egyptian investigation.

Not sure why the BBZ feels the need to mention the rocket strike launched elsewhere in Rafah. Must hope their readers are stupid enough to believe Rafah the place with >1 million refugees is just a small tent camp.

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Milei is a Zionist so there's not much of a conflict of interest there.

In first bilateral visit, Argentina’s Milei says he will move embassy to Jerusalem

You have indeed several times expressed that sentiment in this comment section and then proceed to defend the actions of the IDF.

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Very fascinating indeed. Tell me more about how israel is not committing Genocide.

You have clarified your position as a staunch defender of the IDF's actions very well the last 8 months and in this comment section.

At least be honest about your position.

Is the IDF counter-attack proportional or is it excessive compared to what Hamas is doing? I would say it’s absolutely excessive. How is that excess justified? I would urge you guys to put more thought into any of this discourse beyond “genocide; colonialism; apartheid; imperialism”. Please, for the love of god. Try. When you use cheap logic, all you do is give more fodder to IDF --and I’m not a fan of IDF.

Genocide denial is pretty pathetic.

Note that the subtitles here are confirmed fake.

The official israeli editor made rapey shit up hoping that nobody in the entire world speaks arabic.

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I've seen some pictures that the rockets were launched from what seemed to be the east of Rafah close to the border but no videos that they were launched from this tent camp. This tent camp was in the west of Rafah.

Brix camp to the west of the city of Rafah.

The previous attack from Hamas on israels military base next to the Ker Shalom crossing was launched more than 350 meters away from the nearest civilian area, Which is pretty impressive considering how densely populated Rafah is.

I might have missed some footage though, if you have additional footage feel free to link it.

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"Israel claims" being the key words here. Their claims don't hold any weight whatsoever and newspapers publishing their claims without pushback is pure propaganda.

February 12, 2024 - Amesty International: Israel/OPT: New evidence of unlawful Israeli attacks in Gaza causing mass civilian casualties amid real risk of genocide

Fresh evidence of deadly unlawful attacks in the occupied Gaza Strip, gathered by Amnesty International, demonstrates how Israeli forces continue to flout international humanitarian law, obliterating entire families with total impunity.

The organization carried out an investigation into four Israeli strikes, three in December 2023, after the humanitarian pause ended, and one in January 2024, that killed at least 95 civilians, including 42 children, in Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost governorate at a time when it was supposedly the “safest” area in the strip, but where Israeli forces are currently gearing up for a ground operation. Such an operation will likely have devastating consequences for more than a million people who are crammed within an area of 63 km2 following successive waves of mass displacement.

In all four attacks, the organization did not find any indication that the residential buildings hit could be considered legitimate military objectives or that people in the buildings were military targets, raising concerns that these strikes were direct attacks on civilians and civilian objects and must therefore be investigated as war crimes.

And this not even mentioning all the hospitals that israel claimed were Hamas bases which turned out to be complete lies. And "UNRWA being Hamas" etc etc.

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Did Oct 7 do anything for Palestine besides getting world eyeballs on the region? The visibility seems a little useless given the death toll.

Yes three nations already recognized Palestine and the illusion of israel being a reasonable state has been completely shattered. Israel committing Genocide does not damage Hamas it only damages israel.

As israel has rejected all peaceful attempts at resolving the conflict this is the only way Palestinians have left. And so far they are winning.

Fonz is a long term Zionist that has been heavily defending israel committing Genocide for the last 8 months

Zionism has just become so unpopular that online Zionists now pretend they don't support the IDF but just "see the nuance'.

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"Reuters has removed subtitles on the video as there are discrepancies between the text on screen and audio translated by Reuters," the news agency said in its release notes.

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Oh no the sea is not stable! If only there was a way to deliver aid in some way that would not require floating it to an unstable dock!

Literal NeoNazi parties are rising up while a doctor from Gaza trying to give a lecture gets an EU wide ban. The double standard is clear as day.

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