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I've seen this same suggestion years ago on Blender tutorials. Generating a scene isn't about making it realistic, it's about fooling the audience into thinking it's real without making it too hard to create. Look at videos from Ian Hubert on how to fake it well.

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Certainly trademark research would have...oh, right, It's Elon. He just decided to do it.

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Anyone who actually cites Noah's flood to counter scientific data doesn't need to be making laws for the public.

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People who tear out of their parking space within a few seconds of getting in, wtf?

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I've heard it was a popular discussion place people would go to. Even called the front page of the internet because it was the first and best source for compiled news and information. Its CEO had some quotes that showed how important free flow of information was.

"I don't think we should silence people just because their viewpoints are something we disagree with. There is value in the conversation, and we as a society need to confront these issues. This is an incredibly complex topic, and I'm sure our thinking will continue to evolve."

"We are not the thought police. It's not the role of a private company to decide what people can and cannot say."

He was also forward thinking in designing an open forum, controlled by individuals.

"Our approach to governance is that communities can set appropriate standards around language for themselves. Many communities have rules around speech that are more restrictive than our own, and we fully support those rules."

Wait, that sounds more like the Fediverse.

That eliminates most of the frozen meals section. Before the jump in with "then don't buy those", you're not wrong. It's easy to point out the many things in society we shouldn't be doing, but not quite as easy to step back from them all.

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The only issue I have with secession talk is there are lots of Texas citizens who aren't the problem. Every red state has people with common sense, they just don't have the ability at the moment to shut up the idiots. Plus secession at this point is ludicrous, leaving with your toys isn't how you fix problems. Oh wait, it's Republicans, they don't ever have solutions anymore anyway it's all a political game.

“I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure” - Clarence Darrow

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1980s: You could flip burgers to help pay for the college and not be thousands in debt at graduation.

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It's satire at the moment, but look at so many scifi works that have mega-corporate states ruling the world. They're fiction now, but often times scifi is a bit of a look into a potential future ending up partially coming true. There's no doubt that big corporations do have political influence already for a while now, so it's just a step up to having them fully in charge, and no one will blink.

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Which shows he's a terrible politician, since a good one can response to a question without giving a yes or no. Isn't that a first year class, Ambiguity 101?

Languages change over time. As long as the intent is clear, don't get hung up on what is and isn't "correct". "You're welcome" probably was seen as extreme at some point itself.

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Musk is the kid in the video that moves all the people to just one of the tracks, gets praised by everyone for thinking outside the box, and then proceeds to run the trolley down that track.

French users: "After the patch I can't seem to keep as strong a signal as before."

Apple: "..."

(R) after your name, real life plot armor.

I'm sure there's no way to tell, but I wonder how many are duplicate accounts to span different instances.

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Seems to have all sides covered to prevent rolling away, anything more is just fluff.

Can't recapture the magic of the first /r/place. That was something else. Move on.

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I read that as "they voice their opinions too much".

"The fires then are hotter because there’s a lot more fuel inside an electric car battery because the battery cells are densely packed. It also takes a lot more water to put the fire out."

That's terribly wrong. More accurate: "Because of the materials they are made of, electric car batteries burn hotter and are harder to put out." There's not "more fuel", wth?

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"it would have been quicker too had the victim not resisted so much."

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Most people will read the first part of the highlighted subtitle and move on to the next social media thing thinking, see, it's pretty much over now. It's never going to be over, it's just not quite as bad as it was when we didn't have anything to fight back with. "Still more dangerous than the flu" should be highlighted as well, and while it's not a huge percentage people do die from the flu, and the actual flu (not the cold that people think is the flu) is nasty to get even if you aren't at risk of dying.

We continue to do everything either wrong, or barely minimum to say we're doing anything. Any wonder why so many are sick with persistent symptoms? (but have to get back to spreading it more work anyway because America and The Economy)

Brave Sir Putin ran away.
Bravely ran away away.
("I didn't!")
When danger reared its ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
("I never!")
Yes, brave Sir Putin turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
("You're lying!")
Swiftly taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat.
Bravest of the brave, Sir Putin!

As well as an unrealistic time table for change (30 days). Selig even offered to discuss giving more time to adapt the apps to what Reddit was wanting, and that's when the lies from Huffman started.

"The economy looks to be recovering!"

The millions of people not doing great in various ways: "Yay."

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A third question is, can it scale up to what's needed to begin to make a dent in the problem. The answer will unfortunately always be no, not even close. That's how much we've put in the air and oceans, the numbers are huge.

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Close enough, it's not blocking a space. Better to be secure, but got to take what wins we can get. It's possible that when that cart was brought there the corral was full and the person retrieving them didn't get the loner. It's like the pictures of the car parked across several spots without the context that there was snowfall and no lines were visible then.

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Americans: "Can we change to a system like the rest of the world where medical issues don't put you into debt?"

Politicians: "The impact on the medical industry would (checks notes) be devastating...tell you what, we won't report your massive debts to credit reports. Good enough?"

Americans: "..."

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Yeah, really. Didn't the actual blackout technically end a few days ago? Seems that it didn't just go away.

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I remember the fear as a web developer in making sure changes were good before going live for this very reason. "Please don't screw up the Google bot crawler and drop the search placement." I'd love to know if Google searches hitting private Reddit pages did a similar thing.

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They are the more progressive state. So imagine how other states are in regards to caring much.

There is existing, and there is being effective for the advertised job. Carbon capture certainly exists in different forms and makes sense as an addon to an existing emitter. It's hyped to be a lot more than what it does, even used to excuse more emissions growth, and that's the snake oil being talked about. In the end the only true "solution" is to reduce the actual production of emissions, something that the overall world is not will to do. And I put solution in quotes because we're decades behind on action that would be meaningful, having exponentially increased the pollution since then. We'd have to do far more than just stop emissions to fix anything.

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one trip in typical traffic

Nobody understands a lot of basic rules.

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Divert more power to hull integrity!

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Just call it an intersection turn and use ∩

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The world may never know.

There's only one person to blame for the sudden explosion of users of a new and undeveloped system. I see this all as a good thing to happen in the beginning, as it will help improve and solidify solutions now, rather than years later when things are more established. There will be shuffling and mirroring of communities, and tools made to help in that cause, and all of that will make the overall fediverse better.

So just keep the existing tests and change the passing ones to not get access. Checkmate robots.

Just kidding, I welcome our robot overlords...I'll act as your captcha gateway.

This is true. But if this is this year's Place event, that's a sad turnout, regardless of what's being done there. Nothing like the original, not that anyone expected it would be. Dare to say this will be the last Place on Reddit.

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