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30s. Gay. Star Trek lover.

I post using Boost for Lemmy! Also on Mastodon!

Note: Assume I did not make the meme. I just post 'em.

I started using reddit in 2011. Was nuts to see the changes it underwent. A lot of them bad.

Since leaving reddit during that protest, been more than happy to call Lemmy home. Especially when I go back to browse reddit occasionally and see how incredibly toxic and negative it is all the time. I don't know if I was blind to it before or if it got worse. Every comment thread is awful. They focus on the negative of everything and are just bitter and angry.

Place sucks ass.

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I was genuinely worried people might not get it. Glad to see that was pointless.

I use it fairly regularly for extremely basic things. Helps my ADHD. Most of it is DnD based. I'll dump a bunch of stuff that happened in a session, ask it to ask me clarifying information, and then put it all in a note format. Works great. Or it did.

Or when DMing. If I'm trying to make a new monster I'll ask it for help with ideas or something. I like collabing with ChatGPT on that front. Giving thoughts and it giving thoughts until we hash out something cool. Or even trying to come up with interesting combat encounters or a story twist. Never take what it gives me outright but work on it with GPT like I would with a person. Has always been amazingly useful.

Past month or two that's been a complete dream. ChatGPT keeps forgetting what were talking about, keeps ignoring what I say, will ignore limitations and stipulations, and will just make up random shit whenever it feels like. I also HATE how it was given conversational personality. Before it was fine but now ChatGPT acts like a person and is all bubbly and stuff. I liked chatting with it but this energy is irritating.

Gimme ChatGPT from like August please <3

Bro if you comment in a subreddit the mods don't like you're instantly banned, even if ironic. Mods over there are on a power trip and the lack of a modlog means zero accountability.

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Glad to be of service

Well yeah they're going to exist everywhere. But with Lemmy you have some accountability. On reddit you have none.

As for bans with no notifications, that's not on the mods. That is on the developers of Lemmy and why so many people are frustrated with them. They're ignoring admins, have no real timeline on feature development, and aren't focusing on major issues that have been reported. The Lemmy Devs keep dragging their feet and if they're not careful it could end up with someone making a lemmy competitor that still works with Lemmy. I know I'd go straight for it as a mod and as a user.

Ima be real here but if someone didn't watch the Game Awards then they're probably not going to watch a video about the game awards. Especially when everything in it could be made text with zero loss of information.

To be fair, it also says if you remember this movie. So you're adding on at minimum 4-5 years before you're old enough to start remembering this movie at all, much less clearly. Then there's the wording that says "about time". To your not quite I instead offer a simple "Quite."

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The fact that people look at Biden and go "Yeah but he sucks!" when you have an opponent literally saying he is attacking American democracy and wants to be a dictator on day one.

A wave of lava lapping at you're feet and y'all are worried that the raft trying to save you is a lil old. Motherfucker it is your only option.

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True but, and this is really important, this is a meme.

Not sure why this instance particularly is so fascinated with taking every meme painfully seriously. It's a bit idiotic.

Yeah, and its almost like it's a meme and not meant to be taken super seriously. Like the comments. Something that repeatedly seems to sail about three miles above yalls head.

He killed a man in a horrific and truly awful way. He had PLENTY of time to feel regret for his actions while he was fucking doing them and everyone was screaming at him that he was killing someone. He is now suffering under the exact same system that has destroyed so many lives. Lives he had a hand in destroying previously due to being a cop.

He had plenty of chances. Fuck him. I hope he suffers everyday for the rest of his miserable life.

I refuse to give that disgusting piece of shit the same respect that I give to people. He didn't do it for others? Fuck giving it to him.

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I literally do not care. He is a cop. You're asking me to give a fuck about the life of a 'human' who doesn't care about anyone elses. I'm not doing that.

Everytime I see these I always take solace in one simple fact. This would never be able to pass any disability or accessibility act.

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That's clearly a glass, dipshit

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Huh. There's no geolock on this either? Fantastic. As a Canadian I tend to get blocked from this kind of stuff. This will be super cool. Might even replace my LCARS screensaver after years of use

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Also, they might wanna check inside Canada. Current leader of the Conservative party of Canada has been flirting with extremists. Seen palling around with people who want trans folks dead. Bringing up abortion debate. The man is dangerous and if allowed to continue then it's going to end up turning us into another American state. I'd like that not to happen. I'm tired of having to justify my existence as a gay man to people like him.

Fix our own shit please.

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America: Here you can vote for what you think is best! Democracy!

Also America: No wait not like that

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I abandoned Xbox back when they announced Xbox One and said it required a Kinect and would be always online for DRM purposes. The backlash was severe enough that I remember their stock price taking a hit and that Major Tom dude having to come out and backtrack.

I knew then and there that they'd always try to bring this DRM/hyper controlling nonsense back. Just didn't think it'd take them so long.

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Really frustrating that this article does what Argo did and turn the entire rescue operation into an American affair, completely ignoring the fact that the Canadians were integral to every single part of the plan. Also that the Canadians were putting themselves in extreme risk to help the Americans. However by looking at that movie and this article you'd think that it was completely resolved by 2 CIA agents. Former president Jimmy Carter even said that "90 percent of the contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was Canadian but Argo gives almost full credit to the CIA."

Getting a little tired of his historical erasure when Canadians were the ones who risked literally everything to save the Americans. You guys claim the hero role in so much. Please just let us keep ours, damn. Not bad enough that the Canadian hero who was at the center of all this had to fly to LA to change the Argo ending because it was so outrageously offensive to Canada. At least that was a movie. Meanwhile CIA can publicly acknowledge overthrowing entire governments but can't give me and my Leaf People a single shred of credit.

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It's a reference to a vine. "Two bros chilling in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they're not gay."

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I wish they'd stay to hexbear. I had a post on removed two days ago because I mentioned how China removes gay characters from their movies. They then banned me for two weeks. Another one removed for suggesting it'd be a bad idea to let North Korea host FIFA.

That FIFA post was insane. Endless comments saying it'd be a good idea or that America is a criminal monster so of course North Korea should have FIFA. I have never blocked so many people in my life.

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Definitely a step in the right direction. Gerrymandering is already insane. Racist gerrymandering is insane and exhausting.

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No no no. Let him talk. He's making sense.

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I'm not anymore. I cleverly get around that by not having a family. Am I lonely? Yes. But am I depressed? Also yes.

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It is utterly incredible. Republicans are the ones screaming about voting fraud yet everytime there's evidence of fraud, who's doing it? Republicans.

Maybe they're only so positive there's voter fraud because they're the ones doing it?

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This has to be universal. I did the exact same shit.

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So. Once upon a time on a horrible place called 4chan, a dude got a glass jar and a Rainbow Dash figurine. He put the figure in the jar and then proceeded to cum into it repeatedly. His goal, for whatever reason, was to fill it to the top. Unfortunately this man was also stupid and kept the jar on his heater. During the winter the heat came on and the rainbow dash was effectively boiled in cum which ruined the entire 'project'. So the man started again. He completed the project in 2017.

If you'd like to know, and for some reason see more, click here. If not then walk away with what little remains of your sanity.

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No it isn't. is run by the same group of people that run lemmygrad. They took over the domain a couple of months ago. Since then, has turned into a tankie paradise.

Moreover, will apply inconsistent moderation without ever informing you what happened. I was having posts removed, no one was telling me anything, and then suddenly I was banned for two weeks. I tried reaching out for help to get clarity and there was zero response. is a dumpster fire that should be avoided at all possible costs unless you want to deal with reddit style moderation and behavior combined with the toxicity of lemmygrad and hexbear.

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I fucking love this so much

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Exactly! Bringing a whole new meaning to 'Gays gotta Slay'.

Also, you're a fucking mod here?! Congrats. Please do lemme know if I screw up. Not my intentions.

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Considering that this is the private residence of Vladimir Putin... you're not wrong.

No Shit. That sort of happens when you're making insanely stupid decisions. Banning porn gets pointed to a lot but even after that it makes no sense.

They never do any advertising. Ever. Every other social media site will but I've never seen an ad for tumblr in my life except *when I was on tumblr itself.

They don't have anything unique that wasn't made by the users. All trends and methods and whatever are made by the people. Tumblr itself seemingly just sits there and does nothing.

The site hasn't been changed much in a decade. There have been a couple tweaks here and there of how things look and function but nothing new has been added. It's just aggressively keeping the status status quo but the format they're using is ancient. It feels outdated.

They don't capitalize on anything important. When Twitter started to implode, Tumblr has a huge influx of users who are escaping Musk but just sat there. All these new people jumped on and were confused but tumblr didn't even bother to release a short video or a post even welcoming people.

Yet when Twitter then added the "Buy a checkmark" thing, tumblr went "Good idea!" and added the ability to do the same thing as a bit of a laugh. There's no consistency at all on when to do something.

There isn't a single serious person working on that staff. Everyone has been running tumblr like it's some small niche site when it's one of the biggest social media sites on the planet. I don't want them to turn into reddit or something but they aren't doing anything at all.

I am spa

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Another extension of mine was fucking with youtube and preventing it from playing. Spent ages trying to figure out what was happening. The entire time I just kept saying "Fuck you" outloud. The only thing this adblock stuff is doing is giving me the drive to look further into it.

Honestly if they just said fuck it and added a banner ad I wouldn't have fought this hard against it. Even one or two image ads somewhere. But this? Fuck right off. I'm not sitting through 30 seconds of ads for a 20 second video. Something that is happening way too damn often lately.

It’s one of those things where on the surface it may seem silly and goofy but if you delve down deep enough you get bad shit.

To make it abundantly clear, No Nut November was always a satirical thing. That's how it was intended to start with and it didn't have any of that masculinity nonsense attached to it. After it started getting traction though people started injecting in all kinds of insanity into it and it almost got completely co-opted by extreme far-right nutjobs. Rolling Stone even put out an article saying as much.

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Dude turned out fuckin hot. Helps that he's wearing a Nasty Pig hat.

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Yeah... I'm not exactly worried about some random demon summoning itself in the middle of my bedroom. That's whatever. At least something new and interesting to spice it up. I am worried about the constant flip flop of paying for bills or medication or being unable to do anything in life because I can barely afford rent.

Bring it on demon daddy.

So an organization that is dedicated to an impartial stance on protecting basic human rights for all is actively taking bribes on how to protect specific rights.

Another reminder that I do not matter. Another reminder that I'm not a real person. Another reminder that we are never listened to.

This organization is classified as a non-profit but it clearly cannot do its job impartially. Strip it of its status. However that will never happen. Why? Because people don't care about us queer folk unless it actively helps them. No one gave a shit about us until it became trendy to market rainbows everywhere. Even those companies backed down from backlash and stopped promoting pride stuff proving they never gave a flying fuck about supporting the community but by looking out for themselves and making money.

Once again we are being used and discarded to further the heteronormative horseshit of this hellish planet.

And if I have to hear one more fucking asshole say "Oh but its so easy for you gays to hook up" I'm going to beat them to death. It's only easy for us to hook up because we had to dispense with all dating and norms because if we did, y'all would have killed us 50 years ago. Hell, 20 years ago. Hell, today.

I am so tired man...

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