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It was those thoughtless goons at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

I don't know, but it sounds awful.


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I can die happy now

I actually named my Mastodon account that.

I like that my profile (on mobile at least) looks like he's Riker maneuvering a Riker maneuver:

Thanks! Just trying to do my part to help the fediverse take off.

Yes, I believe so. I've only seen the TNG movies once, so my memory is a little fuzzy.

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We use the ship's computer to give a heading in 360 degrees, or in relation to another object like a ship/planet/fixed destination.

But between you and me, some days I just phone it in and say "left" or "right" and leave it to Data to figure out. It's honestly the main reason I keep an android on the bridge.

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Redshirt Spock isn't real. Redshirt Spock can't hurt you.

That's awesome. I think there are so many out there who would be receptive to decentralized social media if they heard about it.

Four! That's just indulgent...

You deserve it

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I won't tell them, but that will have to sit on your conscience.

I've heard that it's the style

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That argument could hold some water if they weren't the ones writing the laws that keep us powerless to regulate these problems.

If commenting isn't owning, then copying it isn't stealing!

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Oh look, a shipment of these shoes just came in.

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Ice is the enemy in both MK and Titanic.

I think my mind is frozen in time, because the line for what is "retro" to me is solidly between the transition from 2D to 3D.

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They usually do it around the end of November or beginning of December, so a lot of people are just receiving theirs and sharing them now.

It's one of those things people will talk about for a week and then completely forget about until next time. I honestly think it's fun to see everybody's results.

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I just can't change my nature

Be my guest!

I keep finding memes like this and was wondering if we had a fediverse equivalent for it yet.

Hey, before the internet, "memes" had to last for a long time. She's just showing off how environmentally conscious she is by not throwing that one out yet.

Subbed to the historymemes one just now, but roughromanmemes doesn't seem to be visible to me for whatever reason.

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I wondered why the hdd changed colors from my inbox to seeing it here. Lol

"What's with lgmjon64 hating soy or something?"

Hmm, I guess N64 would be to me. Maybe because I didn't have PlayStations (went from Nintendo to Xbox), they all seem more modern to me.

Maybe it's more accurate to draw my mental line as cartridge consoles vs CDs.

You should at least get the Casablanca ones if you're a film fan!

Extremely cold take, but it's a fantastic film.

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Both of those hold up so well too. Just good comedy.

If RoughRo memes ever become a thing, I'll be the first subscriber.

My condolences, but Florida immediately voted for Flexit

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Is this arguably anticompetitive and illegal?

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I think as it grows, we'll see more and more of the same crowd, but the structure of Lemmy will help the culture feel different.

Nobody can own Lemmy, by design. (Even the creators just have the .ml instance)

No ads, and no corporate pressures to be advertiser friendly.

No weird profit-driven decisions.

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LAN party

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It's totally replaced reddit for me. Every community I'm interested is smaller than I'm used to, but much more positive. It's cool even seeing a lot of the same names occasionally as I navigate around the site.

I hope it keeps this level of quality as it grows.

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I'm sure that's what it said before someone edited it into a shitpost. It's so dumb that it got a laugh out of me.

I'm convinced that no matter how many times I watch through Futurama, there will always be subtle jokes that I've missed.

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It must be really hard living life this way.

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Wouldn't that cause the bullets to not fly straight?


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