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Then again, since it's self-reported and cops tend to protest their innocence no matter how blatantly guilty they are, it's probably over 50% in reality, even when compensating for Joe 😉

Did someone say beach?

Yeah, I too would much rather get pneumonia than stage 4 leukemia. Would have been swell to get neither, though..

They won't because those donors probably give to both parties and are friends with the owners of the neoliberal outlets such as WaPo, NYT, MSNBC etc.

To quote George Carlin: it's a big club and you ain't in it.

On the contrary..

If they had thoughts, they wouldn't be Log Cabin Republicans.

Nah, dealing with a parasite is the only thing they WOULDN'T use that antiparasitic medicine for.

Or a parody of a Soundgarden song

Probably much better than the 4 year shit show that would otherwise happen, though 🤷


Now now, not even TRUMP would be that cruel!

I wish this guy would be slightly smarter and a lot more charismatic. He could be just the spoiler candidate Biden needs to not throw away the election and thus democracy with his stubborn insistence on participating in and excusing genocide and dozens of other crimes against humanity.

And if you can't cook (because reasons) a man can game.

Countries still sending them weapons be like

Same here

Eta: before capitalizing The Dude and putting quotes around "fucking A", my search yielded results WILDLY different than the one I was looking for.

In retrospect, I should have taken DDG's refusal to show any results with safe search on moderate rather than off as a clue 😆

Judging by the other replies, something about "dude" being a gendered term. Which it most often isn't used as.

Hell yeah, brother/sister/other! ✊

You aren't a credible commenter.

Rule 6: No Slams, no Blasts

I've had it with your ridiculous strawmen. I've told you what you need to know (that white people aren't inherently racist and it's therefore not racist to call out racism, including racism specific to white racists) and you keep trying to twist it into something it's not.

I don't know if you're a racist yourself, if you're just a pedant, or if you really believe that you have a valid and important point, but you don't. Not even close.

*No reason to doubt the numbers

He doesn't really look like he's related to Alonzo, though..

Holy shit, Lycos still exists?? 🤯

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Is there any sanity in Hamas’s calculus

I don't know about sanity, but it's very logical when you remember that Hamas is a terrorist group that sometimes governs rather than the other way around.

The genocide is pretty much the best thing that could happen to them. They may pretend to care about Palestinian lives, but in reality they only care about their own power and influence.

And how does a terrorist group gain power and influence? By radicalizing people to join.

What's more radicalizing than the myriad daily atrocities of a brutal apartheid regime supported by the most powerful countries in the world? Very little if anything.

I still think that the idea of the church and saints hasn't gotten any worse: it's "just" that the rest of the world has moved on when they haven't

That's a very common way of an idea becoming worse: insisting on the same old delusion as the rest of the world moves on.

Example: A geocentric universe didn't seem like such a stupid idea a millennium or two ago, but nowadays where we know better, it's known to be absolute nonsense that only the blindest fundamentalist honestly believes.

Nope. The idea is that it's okay to say things about white RACISTS that it would make no sense saying about any other people, white or not.

"White racist" isn't any more a race than for example "black embezzler" or "Japanese bigamist"

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Nope. Hating the bigotry of people who have skin color or another trait in common with yourself does not equal hating yourself. Caucasity is not a trait inherent to all white people.

Contrary to the fantasies of bigots, white people are not one big team united against everyone else.

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Unfortunately, there's no stopping them. Appropriation is part and parcel with them since they make up for their overabundance of vitriol with a tendency towards a complete lack of productive creativity.

Another example is the Gadsden Flag. It was originally an anti-colonial flag designed during the Revolutionary war, but nowadays it's mostly a libertarian "don't stop me from stepping on others" flag. Here's some parody versions, though:

I guess the fascist cop (but I repeat myself) Eric Adams is starting his reelection campaign early..

flawed ally

REALLY? Is that how you would describe the fascist apartheid regime currently engaging in genocide and myriad other crimes against humanity on a daily basis? A flawed fucking ally?

You genocide-denying apologists are fucking wild! 🤦🤬

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Basically your whole pov is based on the fact that you think the IDF are targeting civilians

Fixed it for you. It's not something I think. It's not in question. It's established fact.

Since you're clearly set in that opinion

Again, not an opinion. They've said so themselves.

if they really do target civilians... Do you think the numbers would truly be 1:2 Hamas:civilian?

Nope, but that ratio is the low end of the IDF PR division estimate. The real ratio is closer to 1:4 know what? As I read on, you're not giving me anything except more lies and distortions regurgitated from AIPAC and other PR outlets for the Israeli apartheid regime. That and signs of you simply not understanding or not wanting to.

So since I won't be able to help you undrink the kool-aid, I'm gonna atop wasting time and effort on you. Have the day you deserve.

Yes, but enough about the HOA!

It's despicable behavior like this that makes it really hard to convince people that it's only their fascist government that's atrocious and should be sanctioned.

They're really not making a good case for not being treated exactly like Apartheid South Africa and Putin's Russia..

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“You’re Trump’s worst mistake of 2016,” Quaglin told McFadden, who was nominated to the court by then-President Donald Trump in 2017.

Same amount of attention to detail and grasp of readily available facts as his Dear Leader, I see..

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Please don't lump all Israelis together with a small group of extremists which are currently supported by our fascistic government.

I'm not. I'm saying that these extremists make the others look bad to the point that it's difficult for non-absolutists such as myself to argue against collective punishment. Apologies if I was unclear.

This is no different to saying all Palestinians are bad and should be sanctioned because of Hamas.

Yeah it is. Whereas Palestinians are resisting (sometimes in less than optimal ways) a genocidal occupation force, these Israelis are safe and still trying to help that same force starve innocent civilians to death. That's VERY different.

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The Stockholm syndrome of Americans talking about how they didn't bilk him for as much as they could and would have on land every time this story comes up is really fucking sad 😮‍💨

You should start a Lemmy community called NotAvocado about things that aren't avocado. I'd do it myself but I'm too lazy to find out how, let alone moderate it afterwards 😄

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