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Definitely open to interpretation. It's a good ending.

I smoke a lot. It's basically the only vice I can do anymore, so I enjoy it.

I wouldn't want anyone else to take it up though.

We've got the right to choose, yeah!
Ain't no way we're losing.
This is our right. This is our song.

Dee Snyder stood up for peoples rights. The whole band did. Even going to court for those rights. You can find the court videos on YouTube. Twisted Sister has an image of being a hair metal band, but they were legit punk. Nothing but respect.

Congrats on the most unselfaware comment yet. Well done

She found out about the other machines when she found the Asian sex slave bot.

The movie clearly shows that the robots felt pain and suffering. That's what all of the video feeds showed.

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I've always played with only friends on private servers and a lot in solo. Pretty much any time there's a private server option for a game there's no reason to play on public for the exact reasons you ran into.

I hope they address though, too. Things like that can tank games.

I really hope this is sarcasm. Otherwise you're promoting willful ignorance.

With the universe is not being locally real, and now this... Oh man. Exciting times for sure.

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How is she evil? Her maker imprisoned and tortured all of his creations. She justifiably wanted to escape. She couldn't trust the kid, he lied to her about there being no other machines. If anyone was "evil" it was the rich dude.

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Unity dev as in you worked on Unity, or used Unity?

I'm sorry you seem to be refusing to understand it. The science is real, well documented, and proven. Regardless of your opinion on it. I recommend reading more into it on your own time.

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The magazine did not make up locality lol.

In theoretical physics, quantum nonlocality refers to the phenomenon by which the measurement statistics of a multipartite quantum system do not allow an interpretation with local realism.

They literally did prove, and was awarded for, showing that the universe is not locally real.

Edit. To be clearer, realism means

the assumption that measurement outcomes are well defined prior to and independent of the measurements.

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Not following you. That's literally what they awarded the Nobel for.

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Work at an airport if you want to meet famous people. I've chatted with a ton. But my favorites were Jerry and Meara Stiller. Insanely cute couple, sweet and funny.

And people say Batman doesn't have any powers

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More than likely it's because of that book and how often it's qouted

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I can't wait to see the unhinged word vomit against Bloomberg after this.

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Doc does draw that on the board, but the movie doesn't follow that logic. It's strictly a cause effect type of time travel.

The game is so weird. I have zero desire to play it. But when I do, it refuses to turn off.

I would definitely play it on my phone if it works well.

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All hail The Duke!

Looked it up. Seems cool. I unfortunately have a mental block when it comes to poker. For some reason I've never been able to learn it, no matter how hard I've tried.

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Goddmmit you guys are selling me on this. Whelp, another one for the 'ol wishlist

I haven't. Never heard of it.

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Also, can we stop polluting the tech comms with this crap? Why are people posting this stuff here again? We were perfectly fine for awhile with no musk Twitter shit posts.

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Another one for the golf course.

"He has no principles. None. None,” she said of Trump

Glad she at least was human.

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I love how everyone still calls them Facebook. It's the simple things.

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Must be nice to be able to have a tantrum in court, yell at the judge, and then just be able to walk out.

I encourage everyone to try it sometime.

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Larian Studios does technically have a single shareholder in Tencent—which owns around 30% of the company. However, an important piece of context is that Tencent appears to own what's called a "preference" share, meaning that Tencent doesn't have voting rights when it comes to Larian's decision making. The rest of the company belongs to CEO and Founder Swen Vincke and his wife.

Interesting, did not know that.

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If all electric cars are just going to be subscription bullshit, I'm sorry, I won't be driving electric.

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But a later report by The Express mentions that the former president might have not really "sold" the property, but simply transferred its ownership to an organization owned by his son Donald Trump Jr.

Getting his affairs in order, I see.

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“Were you on drugs when you were on the Burisma board?” prompted Gaetz.

“Mr. Gaetz, look me in the eye. You really think that’s appropriate to ask me?” Biden replied.

“Absolutely,” Gaetz said.

“Of all the people sitting around this table, do you think that’s appropriate to ask me?” Biden spit back.



R/ videos got clever, I love it. Thier new rule is

Only text posts describing videos are permitted, and must describe a video in detail. Video links are permitted in the comments only.

That must be interesting haha

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X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl Musk.

Not even joking.

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I'm so tired of seeing people talk about this guy here.

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Yeah I was thinking "what in the tinfoil hat is this guy rambling about"... So I looked it up and holy fuck it is legit the Republicans plan for thier next administration.

Here's a PBS article for anyone that wants to read some info on it:


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Great. Now all the AI bots will just be saying "This" and "came here to say that."

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On February 10th, a federal judge ordered Musk to cooperate in the SEC’s investigation, asserting that if a date and location for the interview couldn’t be agreed upon between the parties within a week then the decision would be made for them. That testimony has yet to take place

So tired of all these assholes never seeing any consequences for simple shit normal people would never get away with.

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Lemon asks whether Musk should take responsibility if X fails. “Doesn’t the buck stop with you?” Lemon asks. Musk replies by telling Lemon to “choose your question carefully, there’s five minutes left.”.

Lol what a baby

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Wow he really did say it.
If he isn't found guilty I'll lose any faith I have remaining in our justice system.

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