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A transferee from Reddit. Also the person who does those imgur meme dumps.

They're using child safety as an excuse to pass this bill, which is funny because criminals don't tend to care about the law and thus will just move to (now illegal) encrypted services.

It's doubly interesting because Boris Johnson (the former prime minister and head of the party who came up with this bullshit) is literally hiding behind the fact he can't find the passcode for his encrypted WhatsApp messages to stop the COVID enquiry seeing evidence he has in regards to how COVID was handled, and members of his party, who proposed this bill, are saying it's an attack on democracy that he hands over these encrypted messages.

In short, the government is coming for YOUR encryption but they'll keep using it to keep info they don't want you to know, thank you very much!

It used to be very anti religion then the artist became a Terf and now basically makes anti-trans comics.

it kinda pisses me off that Chromium is the default browser on Raspbian.

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Literally the only part of this image I don't get is KRATOM. D'fuq that even mean?

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You forgot BSD-M: the Operating System for Masochists.


She Ra and the Princesses of Power

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Took this image off TeeTurtle and expanded it in gimp.

That is the most aggressively camp things I have ever seen. I love it.

Understandable, I have been cursed with horrific knowledge.

Knowing Bethesda that doesn't say much.

Oh sweet Zorbo Reddit is an absolute shitshow right now. 😂

I have a MIGHTY NEED to know what game and mod this is.

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For some reason that reminds me of the pic of Huw Edwards showing off his arse on snapchat.


Looks like the former. :)

boards of canada

Yeah, still doesn't mean that if I set up a raspbian desktop system I don't install firefox.