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I’m pretty sure Theil paid for Vance to be there

I want to say that to his face. Show him what a real rust belt Ohioan has to say to his technofascist ass.

How easy it is to say my life is not worth living when you aren’t the one who gets to live it

Yeah as an Ohioan it’s remarkable how many otherwise liberal people just are meh about voting. People who would be democrats if they cared

Yeah that’s a troll there. Mr Ramaswamy is many things, but he’s about as smart as he is the pride of Columbus, and most of us don’t even realize he’s from here. Hell he didn’t even manage to be the shame of the city.

I’m glad that the wannabe dictator has pissed y’all off. Sorry about how he fucked y’all over, but it’s best that y’all don’t like him

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Exactly, it allowed Congress to get a say, but they had to override it.

I appreciate it, and as a socialist I respect his attitude of “I’m rich off this so no need”, but also he’s done years of work to give us free stuff added to his game. If he had a paid expansion it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Yeah exactly. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s a game I generally just want to have available

Senator Lang is a failure to the legacy of our proud state. The home of Grant, Sherman, and Brown spits on him.

Yeah him and his home town are probably ashamed of each other these days.

No he’ll be one of the last. The politicians hang at the end

It’s kinda both. Like it’s humorous, but also a lot of the frustrations of disability are. It’s funny to think about but it must be infuriating to actually reach the top of your career potential not because you can’t do the jobs, not because you aren’t willing to put in the work, and not because people aren’t willing to give you a shot, but because the board of directors meets on a high up floor and the fire code says it’s too dangerous for you to not be on the ground floor. You probably prepared for a lot of frustration and limitations by not being able to walk, I know my own disability has taught me that, but you probably didn’t think that was one of the dreams you don’t get to have.

Every fascist is gambling with their life. Thiel is betting he’s less likely to get the long knives than the Roy Cohn/“don’t ask don’t tell” treatment. And it isn’t a terrible gamble. He wants to be the King James the Misogynist of technofascist America. The Frederick the Great of Silicon Valley.

My bet though is that he’ll get a long knife or a short rope.

We’re the quintessential north and we best not let our statesfolk forget it. The traitors rag defiles our state of freedom. But yes it defiles a large portion of our rural areas.

Yeah I’m still mad at her on her treatment of criminals, but I’ll vote for her

Yeah just his kids’ names

Well I’m glad you have then, you sounded like you may be in an emotional crisis and crying out to the internet for help that we aren’t able to give effectively

As a trans woman in a red state I can meme, I have to. If I stop joking I’m gonna fall into despair lol

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No fucking shit. I joke but I also make damn clear what the options are. Survival or not. I’ll mock my own side but I’ll also shame the hell out of any non democratic voter this year. You may not see the latter as often because I do that in person.

Honestly I suspect you’re damaging the cause more than me at the moment. The guy who really fucked up here imo won’t be President near year. It’s not on Harris regardless of my thoughts on the lady (that she’s a better leader than speaker and that I wish we could get someone like Senator Brown or Representative Ocasio-Cortez

I will never understand why we don’t just force Super Tuesday on all 50 states. My dipshit of a state is the week after and I hate it

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Yeah, the longest lasting fascist country was spain which collapsed into a republic with the death of Francisco Franco.

Yeah, Biden invested in long term improvement for the first time in a long time. Yeah it’s not paying out immediately, we’re struggling in part because we kept expecting immediate returns. It’s gonna stay a bit rough for a little while longer but it’s stabilizing with hope on the horizon.

Or we could cash out our savings again…

Yeah nobody here likes him

I’d love that too. But I’ll settle for this right now

I wish us gays and disabled folks had gotten that card. Gays weren’t even let out… The roma also really need it.

But yeah, it’s a country forged in response to unspeakable trauma. To many Israelis and their supporters the idea of not protecting the nation of Israel at all costs is seen as antisemitism, in part because part of the purpose of the nation is to be a bulwark and refuge against antisemitic violence. And it has served that role, the evacuated the Jews from Ethiopia. And if they had found some uninhabited land to create that nation I’d’ve been one of their biggest supporters (well apart from the ethnostate thing). But uninhabited land was either terrible or nonexistent by the 20th century and they did a settler colonial genocide to get their country and keep invading their neighbors. They still see Palestine not as a land that people have lived in for centuries, where even non-Semitic inhabitants have become indigenous, but rather their territory that the international community is refusing to allow them to kick off the people who’ve been squatting there since the Roman Empire forced most of them out.

The non-Palestinian Jewish community is an eternally diasporic community. And that’s brutal. I understand how fucking rough it is to be a permanent minority of everywhere and I get wanting a land of your own. Add in the fact that the perpetrators of the Nakba were largely hardened holocaust survivors or people who had just watched it happen, it makes sense that they’d make the choices that are hard but may seem necessary. But that doesn’t justify continuing invasion and genocide in Palestine generations later. At a certain point enough is enough. They aren’t allowed to be as evil as Americans were in our founding because nobody was supposed to do that.

Hey, I’m deaf and I can feel the noise they’re making about it in my feet

That’s surprising but not shocking. He seems the type. I hope he changes back, but I’m not holding my breath

It’s important to keep in mind there were full on Nazis that weren’t entirely on board with the race science shit. Some just liked the economic side or wished the Jews would be elsewhere or whatever else. In the same way that some people vote Republican today over a single issue. That’s not a defense but rather a further condemnation, they were willing to join despite these things

Idk he seems the sort to really hate the fact that he loves a bear with a vulva. Like an absolute man’s man who happens to be trans. Just calling it now, his hard drive at least contains some of that

I’d want Sherrod Brown as the vp if we wouldn’t lose a dem in the senate for it. It would be hilarious if both vp picks were both sitting senators from Ohio. And he’d actually be perfect for her.

From what I hear the thing that helps or hurts is cultural understanding of what a disembodied voice is. If you start hearing voices and think demon you hear what demons would say, but if you think ancestors guiding you, you hear what you think they’d say.

Idk if alters from DID work similarly though

Can the Jews please replace them already

They use machine learning these days in the nice kind, but I misinterpreted you. I interpreted you as saying that robots were an example of hype like AI is, not that using AI in robots is hype. The ML in robots is stuff like computer vision to sort defects, detect expected variations, and other similar tasks. It’s definitely far more advanced than back in the day, but it’s still not what people think.

I think car play is a wonderful feature. My car should absolutely allow syncing up to my phone. I don’t think it should telemetry or anything like that though. But I think internal process monitoring should also be a thing. Display error codes, show me that a tire is low, monitor a battery, etc. but the manufacturer shouldn’t get that info. My car shouldn’t know my sex life, and the manufacturer definitely shouldn’t

Yeah musk wanted to believe he’s persecuted for standing up for his beliefs. Ms. Manning was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by the United States government for doing so.

And yeah I really think it’s a combination of the two. Musk is deeply insecure. It shows in every aspect of his behavior. In fact, I’m extremely grateful I’m me and not him. Hell, you can hear the damage solitary confinement did when Chelsea Manning speaks, and I’d still rather be her than Musk. It must be horrible to have infinite money, incredible power, and no idea why you’re so miserable, especially when those things contribute to your misery. You cannot buy real human connection or relatability, well not without losing your wealth.

Exactly, it’s entirely about extra monetization. They all think in terms of hype and money, never in terms of life improvement.

I’d actually love AI to control something like a home assistant setup by learning how I like things and predicting change (mind you I still need to get it set up at all). But most people don’t even want a smart home.

Make something that makes the unpleasant parts of life easier and people will be happy with it

Ok but it’d also be awkward if the ceo can’t visit other floors

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The YouTube algorithm is biased towards content that encourages further engagement, anger causes that, and right wing propaganda is designed to make people angry

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Because he’s either innocent until proven guilty or he’s served his time. You can discuss it with HR and express your concerns about him, but unless he’s continued to behave predatorily he’s likely just only going to be subjected to increased scrutiny

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