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She already had an event planned in Indiana today... One that was scheduled before Bibi said he was coming.

And isn't she meeting with him personally as soon as she gets back?

Anyone will be less supportive than Joe. But she still takes AIPAC money too.

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I think she'll end up governing like Obama.

Lots of progressive talk and it'll sound amazing, but not really accomplish enough.

Which I mean, it's the best we had since Obama... We just have to be loud early that we get a real competitive primary next year. Not some bullshit where no one runs or everyone drops 24hr before Super Tuesday and endorses the party favorite.

Historically for Dems we get the best turnout after competitive primaries. And the worst when voters feel they have no say in it.

We need to look at the primary as an advertisement for the eventual candidate. That's the whole point, getting out there and selling your plans to the people.

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Wasn't mein kampf the only book he"s read?

I remember at some point it came out he kept it on his bedside table.

Hitler wanted to exterminate anyone that was different, and he took his inspiration from how America was treating Black/Native populations but also people with disabilities and LGBTQ.

There's always a huge focus on the victims who were Jewish, but they were only like 50% of the Holocaust victims. Still a majority of victims but just barely.

Post-nazi society wouldn't tolerate them going after people for being Jewish so they focused on the other groups. They just focus on whatever group of "others" is the least protected that's who they prioritize as victims.

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Hillary is like trump. Nothing is ever their fault, and if anyone else achieves something, they still deserve the credit.

If Kamala beats trump, it would delight Hillary. She'll take a victory lap so long it'll still be happening during next election.

Because in her mind Kamal could only win because Hillary "paved the way" or some dumb shit. And shed 100% believe her own bullshit just like trump does.

The best response would be offering an impromptu debate between the two candidates following the address...

I was going to say who asked her...

But apparently she wrote the opinion piece herself?

Since Biden supporters kept saying NYT are conservatives for not supporting Biden, did we really wind up in a broken clock situation where they acknowledge Hillary is rightwing?

Or have they immediately moved past that since Joe isn't on the ballot anymore?

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I think a big part of it is the "JD Power Rankings"...

It's what kept popping into my head when I saw his name at first. So I'm betting it still does for trump. He hears the name and thinks it's powerful. That's how superficial trump is, whether he realizes it or not, he probably only picked this dude for his name.

Really good article, and worth a read. But at least read this bit:

After about a half-hour of clapping and chanting, officers from the U.S. Capitol Police issued several warnings, then began arresting protesters — binding their hands with zip ties and leading them away one-by-one.

“I am the daughter of Holocaust survivors and I know what a Holocaust looks like,” said Jane Hirschmann, a native of Saugerties, New York, who drove down for the protest along with her two daughters — both of whom were arrested. “When we say ‘Never Again,’ we mean never for anybody.”

The demonstrators focused much of their ire on the Biden administration, demanding that the president immediately cease all arms shipments to Israel.

“We’re not focusing on Netanyahu. He’s just a symptom,” Hirschmann said. “But how can (Biden) be calling for a cease-fire when he’s sending them bombs and planes?”

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When I was a little kid we took a family vacation to Nashville and saw Yakov Smirnoff at the Grand Ole Opre with a "traditional" Russian dinner.

It was very weird.

Netanyahu's address will be presided over by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Ben Cardin in Harris' absence.

Harris' meeting with Netanyahu is separate from his expected meeting with Democratic U.S. President Joe Biden who stepped aside as candidate for the 2024 elections and endorsed Harris, her aide said. Biden is recovering from COVID.

Politico reported that Netanyahu also requested an in-person meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump but the former president has yet to agree.

It's fucking insane how little money it's taken Israel to buy off our entire government.

He should be handed over for war crimes the second he sets foot on US soil, but there's no chance of that happening

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He's speaking in front of Congress, he was literally invited by the majority of our government...

He shouldn't be, but pretending he wasn't isn't helping. We should be focusing on replacing every politician that invited him, not pretending the problem doesn't exist


I was debating it because I still had a 1700x, bit the bullet and went with the 7800x3d

In three years I probably still won't need a cpu upgrade, but the last AM5 x3d will give me another 3-4 years into am6

The thing is, it makes no sense...

If Biden died, Harris is president and it changes nothing.

They're just scrambling and don't really have anything on Kamala apparently

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It should be someone in their 40s for long term strategy.

But it's gonna be Mark Kelly, who's already 60.

We need to go back to the VP being "next generation". We didn't do it for Obama because they were afraid racist moderates needed Joe on board to vote for the Black guy.

But before that, the VP was the way to groom a future president.

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The only way those people made logical sense was they wanted Biden because he'll never pull support from the genocide.

It's the only big difference between Biden and literally anyone else.

No other US politician I'm aware of has steadfastly called themselves a Zionist for 50 years.

No one will support Israel's genocide of Palestinians more than Biden.

I've been getting down voted for saying it for a year...

But yeah, trump doesn't stand a fucking chance now. Also, this is probably the only way to get people excited about Kamala.

2028 better be a real primary or we just kicked the can down the road.

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I don't know what Kamala's stance on Israel's genocide of Palestinians is.

But there is a zero chance she supports them no matter what like Biden.

Bibi just lost his closest ally in world politics. An actual ceasefire is likely coming before Biden leaves office, because without Biden, Israel doesn't have the blank check anymore.

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Nice, I didn't pay attention this weekend and this is the first I'm hearing Biden stepped down.

Great way to start a Monday at least

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She'll be fine.

Moderates like her already, and as someone who's had to vote Hillary and Joe in the last two elections...

It's easier for progressives to hold their nose when they have the benefit of the doubt about how bad the candidate is.

We're fucking fighting fascism bro, her being a DA might even be a good thing if she's actually down to fight fascists. Don't forget before McCarthyism we had capitalists allying with communists to fight fascism.

Hell, if she pulls a "I know the system, I know it needs fixed, and I look forward to being president so it can be fixed" would guarantee she's the next prez.

It doesn't take much, we'rre just coming off the two worst Dem candidates in modern history, and still got a trump hangover from his term. So Kamala would have to really fuck shit up to lose.

She was always my first choice in 2016

Statistically there had to be some...

But Kamala was the weakest in the 2020 primary.

She's better than Joe, but she's not popular. And her numbers reflect that

Hell, unless you had a typo I legit don't even remember her running in 2016

You've never heard that term in American politics before?

It's not uncommon

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By that logic they could stop Biden too...

Nothing changed except our chances of stopping trump improved

Protesters were arrested after police trapped them in a "kettle" after some people smashed windows, destroyed a limousine and threw objects at officers during a demonstration against the incoming president.

Kettling just makes everything worse.

And cops arrested and charged people based on what they were wearing...

The government adopted the extraordinary tactic of charging hundreds of people arrested on a public street with felony crimes based on the theory that their choice of black clothing meant they were part of a felony rioting conspiracy.

Article must be old too

Crowdstrike already rolled out an update, it's just everything that's already BSOD is going to take a while to be manually rolled back

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Grandpa refuses to pull over, insists it's everyone else that's driving the wrong way down the interstate

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For president?

Probably not.

But it might for down ballot races which are still important.

Like in 08 when Obama first ran. Dems made lots of gains in state governments because he drove turnout.


Blinken and Biden have been lying this entire time, I don't think either one has admitted that they're openly supporting a genocide against US and international law yet

There is zero reason to believe anything the current admin says about Israel and their continuing genocide.

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. In your example Biden would have served as president while 85. 71 is a problem in this logic how?

Simple, my standards don't get lowered everytime someone doesn't meet them.

We could have an 150 year old president and I'd still say 71 is a problem. Even if I voted for the 150 year old.

Bro's never heard of context....

You know what?

Good on RFK Jr. 50 years ago just the thought of him being able to escape the political shadow of the previous generation of Kennedys would have been laughable.

But when I saw this headline I legitimately forgot about his dad and uncle both being assassinated. My brain went straight to the brain worms.

It's honestly kind of crazy he's not just a Jeb! type guy whose only notable feature is his last name.

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I'm in a red state full of Trumpers.

It doesn't even feel like an election year. There's no signs or new bumper stickers like the last two. But they all still hate Biden.

A lot of people are just voting against the other candidate this year.

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I know that COVID isn’t regarded to be a serious disease if you’re vaccinated and reasonably healthy


At 81 years old, life is a serious medical condition.

People of that age die of "little" shit all the time.

And remember he's saying he just tested positive, it's not why he's been like this for at least the last year it's that he's going to be even worse through the election.

To be fair, they need the bandage just as much as trump does.

Like. A day or two after the attempt he was out golfing and didn't have a bandage or anything.

I think it was just a small nick and the blood thinners he's likely on just makes you bleed like crazy since they prevent clotting. A small scratch looks like a war wound, and would explain why there was blood everywhere but he still has a functional ear.

Like, if he really got shot in the ear, he'd be missing a part of his ear like in Preacher. It won't just heal back.

Dude got a scratch and is playing it up.

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Just as dumb as when Beto said it before his election...

It'll never pass, and he thinks saying it will get votes, but all it does is motivate idiots to vote trump, even tho he actually did an executive action to try and close a loophole.

It might not have stood, but it worked for a couple of years.

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He's in his late 70s, doesn't exercise, eats like shit, and is drastically overweight...

Like, it's one of those things that are just safe to assume. Blood thinners arent really that rare for people 30 years younger than either candidate.

As part of their investigation into what could have motivated Thomas Crooks to carry out the shooting, the FBI accessed his cellphone — but a preliminary analysis found the information was not helpful for investigators, a senior U.S. law enforcement official said.

The thing is, we legitimately can't believe them.

It may just be after the Vegas shooter they stopped saying they found motive if they're not gonna release the motive.

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My concern is that Harris can’t

I think she'll get a huge bump when/if she's the named candidate.

Progressives are pretty experienced at holding our noses, especially if there's plausible deniability about the candidate.

I'm a lot more confident in her chances than Joe's, and I think she's the only other option the DNC will give us.

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A new poll from the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that about 6 in 10 Democrats believe Kamala Harris would do a good job in the top slot. About 2 in 10 Democrats don’t believe she would, and another 2 in 10 say they don’t know enough to say.

The undecided can be convinced during the campaign.

But I doubt I'll start thinking Kamala would be a good president...

I do think that she'll be able to beat Trump in the election at least. Which is better than Joe.

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Regardless of if it's true, you shouldn't use that word.

However its all perspective, an intellectual disability is described as 30 points below average, because a 30 point difference is noticable.

So even just two people at the end of the first standard deviation would experience that.

Being three standard deviations above average isn't that rare, about 1 in 1200, about the same rate as people who transition oddly enough, so it's a good comparison.

If you're "lucky" enough to be over 145, about 84% of everyone else is at least 30 points below you.

It's like real life Idiocracy or old school Cassandra. Shit seems so simple but no one listens.

Even then bro, dont resort to that word.

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When people say that, they mean a person who would have voted for trump. Instead voting rfk.

If you were never voting trump, you vote can't be taken away because it was never voting for trump to begin with