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Exactly this

I can't wait for capitalism to end. Here's a good video explaining it...

'Why it's a hard time imagine life after capitalism'

Same. 11 years, nearly 2 million karma, frontpage almost every week. Mine was Reddit Is Fun app but I swore not to go back.

Edit: same username on reddit

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Americans Are Tapped Out. Quick clip explains it well

cries in reddit

She's also a billionaire now and we all know what happens to billionaires...


It seems like they changed the headline. Their YouTube video of the article still has the same title:

Exactly. Now watch, some of the GOP that complained about Fetterman's clothing choice will take it to the extreme and wear a chicken costume or something.

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Her: "Beth. My name is Beth."

Her to him: "I never give them my real name, it's creepy."

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So progressive! /s

Pisses me off. It's California! C'mon!

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He made the ruling class a ton of money. Here's just a few things he did...

Kissinger sabotaged peace talks in Vietnam: He leaked information to Nixon’s campaign in 1968 to prevent a deal between Johnson and Hanoi, prolonging the war for four more years and killing millions of people.

Kissinger orchestrated the coup in Chile: He supported the overthrow of the democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende in 1973, and backed the brutal dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, who tortured and killed thousands of dissidents and implemented neoliberal policies that harmed the majority of Chileans.

Kissinger enabled genocide and repression: He ignored or encouraged the atrocities committed by U.S. allies in Bangladesh, East Timor, Indonesia, Pakistan, and elsewhere, and participated in Operation Condor, a campaign of assassinations of left-wing activists across Latin America.

Kissinger expanded U.S. bombing and intervention: He secretly bombed Cambodia and Laos, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and paving the way for the Khmer Rouge genocide. He also set the precedent for U.S. presidents to bomb countries without congressional or public oversight, as seen in the War on Terror.

Kissinger was celebrated by the U.S. elite: He received praise and awards from presidents, politicians, journalists, and academics, who admired his geopolitical strategy and ignored or justified his crimes. He was also an informal adviser to several administrations, including Bush and Obama

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Free Media Heck Yeah. The largest collection of Free stuff on the Internet

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Everybody's striking! LFG!

The economy. What about the people?!

They really want him to replace Biden, don't they?

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I’ll never forget Pelosi talking down to a high school student who asked her a question about economic equity—I don’t remember the kid’s question, but her response is seared into my brain. She got pissy and said “America is a capitalist country” like capitalism was handed down from god on high or enshrined in the Constitution.

Here's the clip:

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All the homies hate Blackstone.

“Unfortunately, I do think there has to be some pain for the average American now,” said Lindsay Rosner, head of multi sector investing at Goldman Sachs asset and wealth management.

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The new group is led by two former policymakers acting as senior advisers: former Republican Rep. Fred Upton and former Democratic Federal Communications Commission (FCC) acting chair Mignon Clyburn.


Mignon Clyburn is Jim Clyburn's daughter. SMH

Edit: Oops. Rule 6 no celebrating death.

Paid off a vehicle and my credit score DROPPED 40 points hah

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You're absolutely right. Such a let down.

Concerned about massive gridlock during the 1984 games, Los Angeles officials asked people to stay off the roads. It worked! The city hoped it wouldn’t have to make a similar request this time around but a major expansion of Los Angeles’ public transit system, which includes 98 miles of new railways, is running behind schedule.

Therefore city officials are once again planning to ask residents to stay home during the games to limit traffic congestion, according to Rodney Johnson, Treasurer of LA Metro, whose comments went relatively unnoticed at a recent conference.

Exactly this. I'm tired AF.

Correct. Add another one to the buffet.

There's a difference between working class and a billionaire that exploits millions of workers.

I hate dressing up for work. Reminds me of getting dressed for church as a kid. Hard pass.

We aren't.

Did you read the article?

Should have been Bernie. SMH

"What homeless?!"

This comment summed it up well...

For all the reasons that this might not take off, what a thrill that people are trying something new--and it looks really nicely designed too.

I think this is easy to dismiss at first glance, but I genuinely believe they're trying to think about a new mode of interaction. The idea that "the computer will disappear" is probably accurate in the long term. Except for content delivery (reading, photos, movies), most tasks we achieve via computers and phones do not strictly require a screen. It's probably a good thing if computers did a better job of getting out of the way, and stop so loudly disrupting human interactions.

Whether this will be the solution is unclear; the privacy/creepiness angle is still real with an outwards-facing camera. Latency and battery life limitations might be too significant. The cost will be a non-starter for many (it is for me).

But I'm still impressed because there was a vision here. The conversational interface has never worked before for many reasons, but that does not mean it cannot work in principle, or that the ideal implementation would not be spellbinding. I'm glad they're trying. Also, the laser display is neat!


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This is kind of sad that kids are obsessed with looks fueled by social media.


The time is NOW!

Let's eat!