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/uj no i am severely mentally ill and alone and bad things keep happening to me :( /rj just need to get through the week :)

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Not too many but i like the official podcast :3 edit: if you don't know its a podcast from penguinz0 with some friends (including huggbees) talking about random shit. they have some cool guests


Thanks very much, i'll remember that :3

Thanks :). Bipolar, psychosis, and loneliness is bad lately, and my family gave me cptsd and im afraid i'll always be stuck with them. I've never been genuinely loved by someone and im afraid that will never happen. And a bunch of bad things keep happening and every time i gain hope i lose it. Im just sad and scared lately. I don't have any options to end my life at the moment so im pretty fucked. If i had a good friend or partner and seperated from my family i think i would be happy enough to try to continue living but i dont think that will ever happen. /vent You don't have to give advice or anything, thanks for listening :)

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Thanks, and im glad you were able to make it that far in life, it makes me hopeful. But i don't know if i can wait for it to get better. Im either living in agony, melancholy or despair and i feel tired and delirious. It definitely doesn't help that most of the people around me are making it worse. And bipolar and cptsd make me do irrational things and are causng me to be hopeless, i can't even trust myself. I feel like i desperately need someone or something to help or i will die. idk maybe im overthinking this.

Depends why you feel like you need to "just get through the week" in the first place.


Only on the weekend

Thanks mate, also i do actually appreciate the advice. And of course i plan on just meeting people who i relate to and then progressing from friendhsip. Im gonna see a psychiatrist soon for ocd so that should help.

Thanks for the advice, feeling a bit more hopeful now. In hindsight i shouldn't be making huge life decisions like suicide when im manic, sleep deprived, and psychotic but the urge feels so strong and the pain is too much. Idk, i guess having someone who loves me and won't leave me for being mentally ill or trans isn't as unnatainable of a goal as i think it is (hopefully).

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Thankd :). Also yeah i made bash printf the text