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We are investigating the footage internally > we have found no fault in our internal investigation > no you can’t see the footage

Interesting that they only release bodycam footage when it supports their narrative. Almost like having them wear cams in the first place was a PR move.

I know you’re joking but it’s a Pekingese

Don’t worry he’s not scoring royalties off your pip boy

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That’s what they’re saying, they don’t want Larian to become the studio that only reboots old popular RPGs

IIRC the drone operator had permission from the event for the shot and the spear thrower did it as a joke because he assumed he’d miss and nobody had any hard feelings because of how impressive it was.

Always Relax is the true Instant Death potion. Why stop at the sphincter when every muscle and blood vessel in your body suddenly stops contracting.

As usual “no comment” from the people continuing to pile on tragedy after tragedy in Gaza.

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Yes let’s reduce this conflict to ant extermination, can’t see any problem with that analogy…

Yeah unfortunately this post just makes me angry. That litter box is fucking disgusting.

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The weasel words these companies use to describe pay like “active hours”, “utilized hours” etc are such horseshit. The fact that they paid $200 million to push this in the first place is all you need to know. I guarantee they wouldn’t spend $200,000,000.00 to improve working conditions or customer experience.

quiet sobbing

Go watch Megalo Box, might as well be called Blood Joe.

Faxing is very much still a thing in the US, especially in medical fields.

Whenever someone talks about the horrible things cops have to see and how hard their job is just remember the miserable fuck who took photos of a woman’s dying son and thought their pig friends would get a kick out of it.

The presidential election will not be the only thing on your ballot. Please vote for local offices, school boards, initiatives, etc. It’s important even in solidly blue states.

The best position is the next position

And most cats barely chew their food in the first place.

I watched some of his comedy as a kid and even then I could tell something was wrong. Once I got older I realized what a racist hack he is.



Unironically inspiring

Hey Oregon has a two sided flag with a cute beaver on it.

Reminder not to approach animals like raccoons when they are behaving oddly as they may have rabies. If you are scratched or bitten by any unvaccinated animal you need to seek immediate medical attention or there’s a chance you will die.

Gotta live to see generation 10 of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere.

RIP Keiko

Oh shit it’s my boy Yarpen Zigrin.