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There’s no defense for that.

Not even Qualified Immunity?

As long as they don't offer to teach poster design...

He originally appeared as a minor villain in Captainman #743, so you'd have to read that first. And the previous issues, for context.

Too much trouble. Just uninstall the entire OS.

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C# should actually be "What Java said, except it's ICrackable".

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They should not be getting death threat from employees. They should be getting legal threats from the SEC, and prosecuted for insider trading.

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Normalize not caring about anything posted on TwitteX.

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I got curious about just how bad said Nazi content is, and managed to find an article with some screenshots:

Spoiler: very Nazi.

So it's not just Nazi-compatible ideas. It's straight out Nazi symbolism.

I really don't get these people - even if you believe the Nazis were right, you know they are the most hated historical faction in the world. Wouldn't it be better to advocate their ideas without explicitly associating yourself with them, just to avoid the (completely justified) knee-jerk reaction?

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Her attorney, Joseph O’Malley, said his client had no criminal record before the incident and that she is truly sorry for her actions that day.

“Let’s give her the opportunity to not let this one day define the rest of her life,” he told CNN.

Righhhht. No way she always treat fast food (and other services industry) employees that way, and this is just the first time it escalated to court.

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After so many years in this company, lots of the unmaintainable code I have to deal with is either my own fault, or the fault of someone I used to work with but and now they left and I'm the one who has to apologize for their code.

If I move to a different company, 100% of the unmaintainable code I'll have to deal with there will be someone else's fault.

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Even if some children in Louisiana won't be able to get heart transplants, it's okay because these children were already born.

Not all metal, but there is a type of metal that increases a person's probability to become a violent criminal. It's called "lead".

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"The land of free stuff for the British Museum"

The text of the Ten Commandments ... shall be printed in a large, easily readable font.

Comic Sans it is.

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Yes, but look at that plant they were shooting at. How could they reasonably be sure there weren't any acorns growing on it?

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  • Drink the purple one
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Realize I took the wrong purple one
  • Still relaxed though

At this point r/ itself is a joke community.

I know this couple who contracted COVID during the pandemic but refused to report it and take sick days. He - because his workplace was offering bonuses for employees who weren't taking sick days (don't remember if it was monthly or annually) and he didn't want to miss on that. She - because she already took all her sick days as PTO, without actually being sick.

I can't help but wonder if that's really what sick days are supposed to be...

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It's only a Reich if it's from Germany. Otherwise it's just sparkling dictatorship.

Same philosophy:

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“I wouldn’t want her to be arresting me"

Most people wouldn't want anyone to arrest them. Arrest is done against the arrestee's will. That's kind of the point.

May I interest about about switching to Arch Linux instead?

Even worse. The police has both the authority and the budget to:

  1. Test candidates before they hire them as cops.
  2. Train their cops.
  3. Discipline the violent cops.

Protest organizers can't do these things. Anyone who wants to join the protest just needs to arrive at the appointed time and place, and if they behave badly - the ones allowed to punish them are not the protest organizers but the police.

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The only non-failed platform is Java, which is used by 3 billion devices.

Hopefully she didn't damage the ceiling fan with the rope.

Which is why you don't see "mathematician" on the list.

This is open source. We are neither products nor customers - we are all test subjects.

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No. Sorry. This is Cold War II.

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Okay, but the rest of these emails also look like advertising spam...

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It's better when it's in their hands, because:

  1. It's Mozilla - one of the more trusty organizations out there.
  2. They don't get your information in some sneaky way from some source that was never supposed to be available to them.
  3. You know exactly how they make money from your data.
  • Choose steps
  • Don't pay taxes on them
  • Taxman wants money
  • I run away
  • Taxman chases me
  • Each step I run, I owe more money

I'm sure the users will come back once Must starts charging a monthly fee for using TwitteX.

Another reason why piracy is needed is to prevent pieces of culture from being erased from history to satisfy some perverse corporate accounting requirements.

Sorry, but no. Lemmy is an echo chamber. If one server likes pancakes and another server likes waffles, they'll just defederate.

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That's what warnings are for. The jokes about programmers ignoring warnings are outdated - we live in an age where CIs run linters and style checkers on pull requests, there is no reason for a CI to not automatically reject code that builds with warnings.

My bet is that FF has some privacy and/or adblocking features that this company doesn't like.