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Even 20 years ago the boxes were clear and the tic tac is colored. I think you just got it completely wrong.

So are non neo-nazis.

It undermines the entire world including the US. Fucking morons.

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I’ll believe it when it actually happens. Until then you can’t convince me that an algorithm can tell what letter was typed from hearing the action through a microphone.

This sounds like absolute bullshit to me.

The part that gets me is that the ONLY reason this works is because they first have to use a keylogger to capture the keystrokes of the target, then use that as an input to train the algorithm. If you switch out the target with someone else it no longer works.

This process starts with using a keylogger. The fuck you need “ai” for if you have a keylogger?!? Lol.

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This post is a load of horse shit.

The reason housing prices are out of control is because investment firms are gobbling them up with cash, yet you’re blaming it on boomers staying in their homes.

Boomers are staying in their homes BECAUSE the housing market is out of control. Stop blaming older people and start blaming Wall Street.

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ROFL windows is the easiest thing ever to install. Same with steam.

Sounds like either you’re terrible with computers or you have some serious hardware issues.

Blaming it solely on windows is a joke.

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I have a better solution that works for me really good. Any time a blizzard game releases I out right ignore it. So far it’s been going great for me.

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More enshitification. This is the kind of stuff I’ve grown to expect from tech companies. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are bleeding money due to interest rates and they need any way possible to stay afloat.

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Imagine actually using TikTok. Life is too short to spend your time on that shit.

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Wooops I guess he’s not rich enough to pay off judges and prosecutors. Sucks to suck.

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People keep sex lists? The hell?

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Neither should billionaires

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Yup it’s called the dictionary

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Yup and these 60 companies are using their insane profits to lobby the government to ensure nothing ever changes.

Yay capitalism.

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They can rotate my balls in and out of their mouth

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Jokes on them. I’d never buy one of these hilariously abhorrent piles of shit.

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Elon is a Russian bitch just like the rest of the billionaires.

I disagree. Narayana Murthy should work 70 hours a week, all while sucking my balls.

It’s public information. If you have a problem then stop flying around in your fancy fucking jet.

God damn rich people. Fuck em all.

Yup. It’s called a refrigerator

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I am avoiding Tesla because their design philosophy and decisions are gimmicky and don’t not prioritize functionality.

If I am going to spend big money on a car I am going with quality. Not some gimmicky pos where you can’t even open the doors if the battery cuts out. I’ll pass on the touchscreen with wheels.

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Oh boo hoo!!!

If you need to lie to your customers to make a buck you don’t deserve to be in business.

Tesla and Elmo can both eat a dick.

People wear shoes in their house like it’s normal? Wtf?! Fucking savages

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Anti-vax is just another word for helplessly stupid

We call just about anything “AI” these days. There is nothing intelligent about large language models. They are terrible at being right because their only job is to predict what you’ll say next.

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That’s because right wingers are the dumbest people on the planet

What in the hell are they using them for? They hold so little data I don’t see how they can even be practical at this point.

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1.). Yes you do it’s called a pilots license.

2.). It’s called the FAA and they will find you quick

Violate some air spaces and the military will be coming for you faster than the FAA will.

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Enshitification continues. For awhile there I thought aviation was the safest industry, due to standards.

Clearly there are no standards anymore and it’s just another industry that’s rotting away thanks to greed and a severe lack of empathy.

I guess I’ll start reconsidering commercial flying.

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Ya but at least the rich people get to float around on their yachts right????


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And I will bet money that the reboot is going to a cheaper shitier version of the original.

Because someone is afraid of the fact that

He’s one of the few politicians that is actually liked.

Well he looks happy sooooooooooooo

Get a better scale first

I made the mistake of buying an HP printer. Fortunately I only spent $70 on it.

Then the ink cartridge ran out as I used all the ink up. So instead of buying more ink I purchased a new printer. This time it was a color inkjet from Brother that will last me years on the first ink cartridge.

Funny how it works. Fuck you HP.

All the more reason to stay away from soda

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If she was actually smart she wouldn’t be using a laptop for gaming. 👍

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Because people aren’t pouring 30-40 grams of sugar into their coffee. Also artificial sweeteners taste like shit and haven’t been proven to not cause other health issues.

Drink water.

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This won’t change much for me considering i already have a dozen reasons not to play this shit ass game

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