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Toriama is dead. I don't think dead people can fixate on anything.

I like how the response emojis say "No" and "I came"

You wear a tinfoil cap to keep the radio waves from controlling your brain.

I wear a tinfoil cap to keep my brain's waves from interfering with nearby electronics.

We are not the same.

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"Dick! Dick Johnson! Come look at this iceberg, it sorta looks like a-"

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Maybe that's why they used "quotes" around "Excalibur" and mentioned its real name in the article.

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That is the grandma

I think it's more pro abortion because banning abortion leads to a rise in unsafe "coat hanger" abortions.

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I certainly thought it had to be just some normal prayer or maybe a Latin chant, but no. Its all of them independently and incoherently muttering to their god while kneeling over the state seal. Separation of church and state is long dead it seems.

Republicans don't want to help all Americans, just their own class.

Yeah, but I have to feel sympathy for the devs here. Definitely need a game Dev Union strike like the writers strike did, I think. Though that's difficult to pull off.

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So it seems that this hole in the ozone is a yearly occurrence. CFCs left over from the old days get caught in a yearly wind and poke a hole above antartica. They're not really sure why it's bigger or why it happened earlier than previous years, but they believe it has something to do with an underwater volcano eruption from last year. I think that's the jist of the article.

And then you're left with the anxiety if you made the right purchase as you wait for it to arrive on your doorstep and a tinge of lingering regret if it doesn't 100% meet your expectations.

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Your school's protests against violence is making the school unsafe and therefore it's the schools fault for the violence that falls upon it. That's basically what they said.

No can do. All the removed code is replaced with stability

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Well if you're trying to dry off then you wouldn't put the towel in water first, you'd start drying off with the little tablet and by the end it'll be a full, wet towel.

It tried really hard to keep them in alphabetical order.

I think news of Hades 2 development might be sparking some interest

Dude is built like a Goron from the Legend of Zelda series.

In high school, my friends and I were getting into Ubuntu. We were smug Linux nerds. We came up with the idea of installing Linux on one of the school computers. The challenges in doing so was, how to do so without the teacher noticing and getting into the locked bios. The teacher problem was solved when we got a little bit of time when the teacher would step out of the room sometimes. We picked a desktop that wasn't being used by anyone at the time in the class. The other problem was getting into the bios to boot the drive. Long story short, we were able to switch a jumper on the motherboard to clear the bios settings and let us boot the drive. With Ubuntu installed, it took all of about a day for the school to take that PC to the IT gulag. I think they were very confused and threw it out. We didn't want them to just throw more desktops out so we stopped our shenanigans there.

Israel's ministry of peace said on Thursday that the withholding of arms would pose no obstacle to the swift end to the looming Hamas threat. They added - All previous Palestine land will be ready for Israel citizen settlements by next spring. /s In case that's necessary.

I'm utterly disgusted and curious

Fair, but a valve implementation could mean a good implementation in game mode. That would be nice and be easier for people not willing to touch desktop mode.

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Tsk. Oooo, no can do. We're gonna need you to come in on Saturday and fill out those TPS reports. Also Sunday, too.

Is that the platinum trophy?

What sucks about Firefox for Android? It's been nothing but good to me for years.

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That is utterly horrifying

Does this open the door to an exploit over HDMI?

We live for no other reason than that we can. Against all odds, in a universe that wasn't trying to make us alive, we became more than the sum of our elements that compose us: to be the thinking and thriving things that we are - for as long as we are. Life itself is an act of defiance against the universe, but ultimately playing by it's rules with the understanding that we can only do so for a finite amount of time.

Your cat too was one of those defiant and emergent souls that used the universe as it's playground full of strangers, bullies, and friends alike. Never forget that which it did not know: that its time was short but miraculous in the grand scheme of a universe borne of chaos but twinkling with unexpected life.

Costco is membership. Target is not.

p!n will pin a note to the notification tray for a set amount of time.

Well yeah they only want to get their favorite employees outta there. /s

Hiper Calc is the calculator app that I use. It's very good. When I ran this equation, it actually notified me how the operands should be grouped (weak or strong) and provided two answers. Honestly the whole issue can be avoided if you use more parentheses

There are a lot of youtubers who make videos that target people who are sleeping with YouTube on. These long videos get recommended to them because they'll watch anything, ads and all, because they're asleep. The Spiffing Brit did a video talking about it. I think this feature might remove that meta.

What champion would Sarumon main?

Oh that new primary weapon did damage? Sorry about that, that wasn't supposed to happen

To quote Lance Reddick - "I wish I was LeVar Burton"

Lemmy is social media. YouTube is social media too

Right? Like you also have to talk to your neighbor to learn their cat is pregnant.

That one poor guy who had to crawl across the finish line

Honestly, if this laptop is primarily for work, then you should stick to windows. Keep the workflow the same as your coworkers so issues aren't blamed on your abnormal setup. You're already using un-privacy work related apps like zoom either way right?

Unless you really have the time and inclination to iron out these bugs on your work machine, then save Linux for your personal computer. It would help to get used to the environment and how stuff works rather than jumping in cold.

Linux has come a really far way since I remember tinkering with it in high school, but it's still "not quite there" yet. Crazy improvements are happening all the time though with community effort. Though idk if it will ever be at the point where it works out of the box for everyone.