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If a stupid ass flipper zero can mess with those devices then the security testing done is zero and the fault lies mostly with the manufacturer (the flipper zero script kiddie is still partially at fault)

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Please put the circle I non transparent red

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Ask him if looking in a mirror scares him

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im friends with guys who studied ai and i can tell you people who actually know what they are talking about don't think that

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Incredibly based

Its not theft its copyright infringement

this is such a fucking strawman holy shit

Edit: just looked through your comment history, honestly you should probably live off the grid you are a net negative to society

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not even vegan but honestly you seem to care way more than the vegans i've met lol such a snowflake

It dozen even matter

(Not deleting mine it was like this from the start :)

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You havent Been in 196 for long have you?

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ridle me this librule too many guys being docile puppies not enough of em manhandling me i cant dobydobydoo it anymore im bidone =¢

Damn that's a sexy spider

tried the same thing and i feel very tired but my pulse shoots through the roof and my heart feels like its gonna stop :[

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I feel like the main point of ethics is the introspection required to understand ones own prejudeces and definitions of moral right or wrongs claims of I will simpl y not do bad have very little meaning when the definition of bad isn't elaborated on

Edit: I mean some people think being trans is a sin does it make it so? No. We like those transphobes who don't bother knowing any better should be aware of potential misjudgements we may subconsciously make when not viewing the entire situation in a spectrum

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drake is a pedophile (alledgedly) and kendrick is a wife beater (alledgedly) but only kendrick has a pulitzer prise for verbally fucking peoples shit up

i mean i dont agree with the other takes and leaking nudes is a very stupid and assholey thing to do but taking nudes and sending them to smn isnt the smartest idea either tbh

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This is true but Taylor swift still sucks as a person, I like her music tho

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Wut did bill do?

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"RecAlL Is loCal TheY" not gonna try to find out and im not trusting for sht anyways until independant network traffic analysis

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/- -\ this close to blocking 196


right 30 years of selling user data an enshittification and the home assistants from a companny that regularly pays fines for privacy infringement

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Install gentoo for the performance benefits*

*(Degrees of performance increase can vary no guarantees, any performance gained will be spent again preventing library conflicts updating the kernel and generally crying because compiling takes years)

jesus christ what a chad

Dieser Post ist nun eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

i would put the toast coaster into a toaster instead of the toaster coaster holder on accident

AS a gay guy i can atleast tell you this dies not hold true for the gays OFC part of its all in gold fünf but we still try to look hot 4 guys

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Fuck that's relatable I bought one like 4 days ago and it just arrived :'D

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Dann masochists

stfu every case of deppresion and suicidality is different and a lot of professionals are incompetent one of my trans friends almost killed herself because her therapist gaslit her that she wasn't trans talking to those people helps

I hate it it makes sense but i hate it

Taiwan currently produces some of the worlds besteht chips via tsmc and holds a very powerfull geological Position in the "south china'' sea

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Holy based

Both parties have nukes

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nuance kinda important tbh

Am man

Maybe there's a little bit of grungler in all of us