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Most people that do not drive EVs vastly underestimate how much they can save in fuel and maintenance costs.

In Italy the combination of solar panels on your roof in combination with an EV should imply that you pay very little in electricity and fuel bills. There should be a decent group of households for which such an investment pays off.

It would be pretty insane if Cohen does time, and the person ordering him to do the crime does not. Of course, par for the course in the US justice system, but nevertheless crazy.

Did you even read the post you are responding to???

Build sufficient storage capacity and prices will not turn negative.

There is a great podcast by the Daily on the firing of air traffic controllers by Reagan. There are now enormous issues because such a large group had to be hired in the 1980s which are now all retiring at the same time threatening flight safety. Long-run consequences of conservative policy.

I find this so infuriating. How do they think this strategy gets rid of Hamas? Israel indiscriminately bombing Palestine is the best recruitment tool Hamas ever had. Why do world leaders with the best advisors money can pay espouse such nonsense. Is there anyone who seriously believes this?

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I would really like this to be true. At least in my country the younger population (e.g. under 25s) is moving extreme-right instead of anti-capitalism. The amount of Andrew Tate fans that apparently do not even oppose human trafficking is insane.

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Now change she by he, and nobody will enforce this clause of the contract. She’s fired because she’s a woman who dares to have premarital sex.

Wtf? Did Iraq/Afghanistan ask you to invade??? When was the last time the US did a military intervention to help somebody else?

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I am also a bit lost as to why Swift would bring this suit. Most of her (work) trips are already public information, since being a public person is part of her job description. It’s a bit like the president complaining that we are tracking Airforce 1 when all news networks already report where he is going.

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It is difficult to say because you do not observe the counterfactual. I would definitely say we would have progressed more on climate action if HRC had become president. Also, the culture war issues would have definitely played out differently. The Trump presidency also emboldened Putin, which may have affected the situation in Ukraine. But again, in foreign policy so many things happen simultaneously that it’s often difficult to pinpoint direct causes.

Inflation is not exactly a new concept, and not that difficult to understand. I

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In a jury trial it should really only be double jeopardy when the jury comes to a non-guilty verdict. In all other cases both sides should reserve the right to appeal.

I hate how so many critics talk about they when criticising a political party. Get involved. Run for local office, become a part of the inside of the party. How can Democrats ever represent younger leftists, when so few of the younger leftists let their voice be heard outside of anonymous forums?

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There was NEVER anything any of us could do. The moment Biden announced he would run for reelection, everyone who mattered fell in line.

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What a straw man. The question is: what is inflation? Not: is inflation beneficial or detrimental.? The latter is indeed a more subtle question, but that’s

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This is one problem, but there’s a much bigger problem: the ratio of elderly (retired) to workers will increase substantially. Unless there is some AI productivity boost, many young people will have to work in health care/elderly care and standards of living will deteriorate A LOT.

The entire point in sentencing people like him is fear that he may unite the majority that is against the regime. Also Iran is not your typical Islamic country. The average level of education is high among men and women and until the 1980s women had a lot of freedom. Repression is truly the only way for the current leadership to stay in charge.

Who is this degrading to exactly?

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Come on, are we really going to pretend that being in your 80s is ideal for a president? At age 81 the probability of dying in any given year is more than 7 percent, reaching more than 10 percent at the end of his presidency at age 85. Let’s not even mention the risk of mental decline. What do we do exactly, if Biden goes the way of Feinstein (incapacitated but unwilling to leave office)?

He’s miles better than the alternative, but it remains a very risky choice. I fear what will happen if Dems need to use the 14th amendment to remove him from office.

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Probably not in Trumps specific case. If he goes to prison, or otherwise runs out of cash( which is not unlikely) Truth Social will likely go bankrupt, so it’s not really useful as collateral.

Very different from e.g. Bezos who (for all his faults) build a company that continues to hold some value even in the unlikely event that Bezos makes stupid personal financial decisions.

Hate to break it to you, but foreign policy will not win you any election except if the US is at war.

If the orange guy wins, he will likely pull troops from Eastern Europe. At that point we (Europeans) can no longer count on NATO support. The nuclear arsenal of France/UK is not sufficiently large, and most European countries spend too little on conventional weaponry. This is potentially happening in 11 months.

There is no exaggeration in stating that Ukraine is fighting for our freedom.

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I don’t think anyone is saying that. Don’t shut up, but do vote!

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Any evidence that this actually happened in Europe?

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There’s not now, nor will there ever be a perfect choice. Fact is that all US presidents have, to some extent, blood on their hands. Is the choice this year bad? Yes. But all previous presidents in recent times supplied arms to regimes like Saudi Arabia, Israel etc. In the past the US itself committed its own genocide on native Americans, interned Japanese, killed hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan etc etc. And with all these atrocities, voting the lesser evil helped (a bit). Perfect is not for sale this year, nor will it ever be.

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What part about Manchin/Sinema is difficult to understand here? How does that relate to Biden who pushed the bill?

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The US is both a constitutional Republic and a democracy . In fact, the democratic part is included in the constitution.

I think that shows Jeffries should not say the quiet thing out loud. Johnson is cooperating on stuff that is first-order essential (preventing shutdown/foreign relations) and that would normally pass the House essentially uncontested. The only reason these votes are controversial is that the GOP has turned traitor.

The current bills are nothing like what passed in the House under the speakership of Pelosi (unfortunately most of those bills did not pass in the Senate).

Yeah, the process is slow but thorough (as it should be since these are among the most difficult cases in existence).

There is no large well of ammonia that we can use for fuel. Transforming green electricity into a liquid fuel, whether hydrogen, ammonia or something else invariably results in large efficiency losses compared to battery technology.

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If you want to become vice president, you should have a prepared answer for this right? Something like, I changed my mind after seeing how Trump handled X while being president, or after meeting him face to face. Sure those would also be lies, but at least you don’t look like a complete moron.

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I guess you are joking but Boeing is a company of supreme national importance. If/when the government bails them out the government must get a majority stake in the company!

That’s exactly what he’s doing in OPs article…

I am always a bit offended by the inclusion of yoga here. I do yoga as a way to stay in shape, and flexible, but I am in no way antivax. In my social bubble there are many like me. Is this stereotype really still warranted?

What are you talking about? They needed 50 votes in the Senate for a reconciliation vote which they did not have, because of the aforementioned senators. The bill was passed by the house (of which Pelosi was Speaker at the time). There was a lot of negotiation between the White House and the two senators to get the bill to 50 in the Senate. None of what you are saying is correct!

When you study economics you literally spend 0 hours learning how to predict macroeconomic outcomes such as inflation/gdp growth. The reason is that these systems are too complex to predict well, except in the very short run. Yet policymakers continue to ask economists to make long-run predictions, and many continue to comply.

I personally was asked to be a member of an expert committee for my country’s central bank. For any prediction my truthful answer was: I don’t know, so they kicked me out.

That’s not how precedent works. Higher courts set precedent that lower courts must follow, not vice versa. For instance, the SC could introduce a very narrow definition of (participating in) an insurrection. If they want to rule in Trump’s favor, they will find an excuse (and mangle the law in the process).

Tbf the GOP had an open race. Their primary voters just really want Trump. For the Dems the issue is that you can’t run against an incumbent without really damaging the incumbent by attacking his track record (and to be clear, Biden has an impressive track record domestically). Both races were essentially decided when Trump/Biden decided to run.

I am really annoyed by Bidens decision specifically because he all but promised to be a one-term president during the 2020 election, but I don’t blame the DNC for not running an open primary under these circumstances. How could they run an open primary when there were no serious contenders?

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