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they have been subjected to groundbreaking management strategies

is that analysis based on the fact that Gaza now looks like a Metro 2033 area ?

Yeah I really hope the EU smack'em down. Asking users to pay a fee only because their countries law limit an illegal practice is astonishing

it be cool if they did that for the rest of the human population

reported for targeted harassment againt me

I await death, that's what I do

managed to fuck up damn bad for such a small cog

That's an interesting idea. Though i think we must not underestimate internal Gazans cause. The HAMAS is basically running anti PA military dictatorship in Gaza enforcing an islamist rule through corruption of lower echelon political actors. The only way they managed to remain in power despite basically defrauding the UN and the Red Cross is by spreading the narrative "hey, we are yout heroic liberators (and everyone who disobeys us is a ******* jew)". Not that they're like the nazis, by "liberation" they mean "genocide".

The problem is that the HAMAS is... not very good at freeing Palestine. The only way they attacked Israel before is through rocket bombardment using 250$ ammo. Problem is that they never got out to fight Tsahal. However their authoritarianism only strengthen with time meaning HAMAS was very not freeing palestine and very much oppressing palestinians. So people started asking question about what the hell all that military budget and requisition were for. So they planned a "boots on the ground mission". This was supposed to be a show of force to make them look good. I'd even believen advisors suggested this idea. Except the main issue with the HAMAS is that, to them, all this garbage we call "guerilla", "civil defense", "policing", "resistance", "show of force" means the exact same thing : good ol' ethnic cleansing.

And an ethnic cleansing on a population of 7 000 000 000. Which means if you're an israeli citizens, yoiu likely have connections, be it former classmates or extended family, to a victim of the attack. this did not help with the Israeli state of mind rigth afterwards. [](to show the world just how bad Israel can over-react) That's exactly where I think they should have stopped being insane nazi islamist and read actual books. See I'm French, here we see U.S forces in WW2 as heroes, they are the "Libérateurs", same for the Brits. You want to know what's weird ? We do that, despite the fact the U.S.A.F sometimes entirely destoryed the wrong french cities. Yes that happen, for exemple in Royan. We know that, they killed our own peoples, the Liberation of France wa just american G.Is riding through France to enter Germany, but it doesn't change our opinion. Why ? Because the Vichy Regime were a bunch of fascistic traitors whose stupid and submissive policies led us to this situation. Same thing for the IIIrd Reich who was occupying the country.

No one will side with the HAMAS, few will side with Gaza despite mainstream media broadcasting many pro-palestinian voices (because now that the war is on it's cooler). Because people don't like flat out ethnic cleansing and they especially dislikes when their perpetrators run countries

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Bold of you to assume there was a time on Twitter where they removed child porn

do we count death by high explosive as miscarriage ?

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because we have become indescriptibly cringe

that is because you cringe KAMARAD russians are most intelligent, much more than african dictators 88% for most glorious president of russia and 22% for president's prime minister That way we can lie to people about opposition being very close to glorious president ideas

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if you are lucky, there's a big, perpetual, gigantic thermonuclear explosion in the sky

that's a very interesting "hobby"

yeah you see you can't do the intelligent thing of just saying "you have to come to school with normal clothes on" which is literally what countries with a brain did. Also this is generally left to the school to set up. In France the law just says that a school is allowed to implement rules regarding clothing. Just simply think of P.E clothing. The law has a couple safeguard like you can't ban a specific outfit for being from another culture (obvious) and the rest is left for the school to decide

technically he was right. Indeed if we all hate communist, we don't hate gay or blacks. Whomstever The red scare was used to fuck over those same folks

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this site is weird, I don't get turbo depression when I go here

but the fun stuff is that they manage to beccome the bullies not out of will but because of their sheer lack of competence and backbone

When I left reddit, I was subbed to like 30-50 subs, I only went on r/aspiememes despite most of my subs being about geopolitics and history because wherever I went there always were dude promoting genocide while all pretending to be from different side of the political spectrum

pro Israël how long since you've left reddit ? Because back there in the comments the only thing I saw were :

  • nazis
  • crypto-antisemitic conspiracy theories
  • flat out antisemitism
  • islamism
  • pro islamist discourses veiled behind an anti-imperialist, marxist, anti-colonialist rethoric
  • antisemtism discourses veiled behind an anti-imperialist, marxist, anti-colonialist rethoric

" - Ma'am he is dead.

  • no mate, I think he is just Croatian"

send everyone who post it to siberia

Challenge Accepted

I woke up this morning, alive Worst decision ever

I win

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oh shit i didn't even spot it, was right in front of us

If you rob the delivery truck you can check all those boxes

and 5/5 BRICS are trubo late to the party

they made this announcement while negotiation were already well underway for a cease fire most of them are dictatorship who made this call late so they can claim to their population the cease fire was because of them

please people on Lemmy are less insane than reddit. On reddit the top com would be an islamist guy upholding a KKK antisemitic conspiracies

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So General Robert E. Lee became a mythbusters... munsteresting

Or you don't wanna be there when the embassy close ^^

so if we connect them to internet we die ? Is that right ?