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I think it's that you don't feel older mentally. I though I would feel a certain maturity once I reached an age where I had a solid, advancing career and owned a house. Turns out, I feel pretty much the same and am just better at dealing with things that arise and pretending that I'm mature. My body hurts more and my face looks older, but I don't feel all that different. I'm sure I've mentally changed to some extent, and I notice it more when I talk to younger people, but I still feel the same.

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I agree with you. Actually, Lemmy woke me up to how much reddit had already been enshitified. I didn't realize that I had stopped commenting altogether because the subs were so big that either no one saw your stuff, or there was always some one pissed off who felt the need to respond. Lemmy reminds me of reddit the way it was when I joined 12 years ago.

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Just for clarification purposes, its 50k per day, doubling every day of noncompliance. So day 1 is 50k, day 2 is an additional 100k, and day 3 is an additional 200k. 3 days = 350k. I agree that it's not enough, but if they dug their heels in, it would grow really high, really fast, so it was a pretty effective fine.

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For sure. They feed it to us here in the US pretty much every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Wait, this is after giving up cannabis? That is not normal at all. There might be something else going on. I've gone from heavy smoker for years to completely sober over night and then maintained my sobriety for months without any adverse effects. I've probably done this 5 times in my life. I've literally never heard of anything similar to your withdrawal situation happening to anyone with cannabis.

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I would like this, but let's also add in government oversight. You got caught doing something illegal in order to make more money? Your punishment is having a government official (or several) watch and check everything you do for the next 10 years to make sure everything you're doing is legally up to snuff. Because when you're naughty, mom watches you closer.

That is an interesting theory. It might also be coupled with the size of the population. We have an ever increasing, massive number of people in the world, and the connectedness might just show us how little our individualized voices are heard without doing something as severe as lighting yourself on fire.

That's, honestly, what I expected as well when I first heard about it, but I'm so glad it's moving forward. I shouldn't have to pay money to correctly and accurately pay the government money.

At least you can eat the geese. What the heck am I going to do with turtledoves and partridges?

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It was my understanding that pwn mean you are "owning" them in like a winning way. Like instead of Saying "I just owned you" when you win at something, you say "I just pwned you."

Am I way off? Does it have a new meaning? I'm so far out of the loop these days.

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Also, as a side note, teachers don't get vacation time. Yes, they get a lot of time off for holidays and summer, but they are not allowed to choose their vacation. So if there is something you want to do really badly, but it falls during the school year, well, tough titties. This includes people's weddings or other major events like the birth of a nephew or something. Basically, if it's not legally mandated that you can take off for it, you don't get to take off. Fine. You take the good and bad with each job, and this just requires a lot more prescheduling and paying more money to go places during the busy seasons (which usually coincides with students being off school).

Her sick time, though, is part of her compensation package, but for some reason, she's not allowed to use it? When I left the education system, I had 40 unused sick days because it was heavily frowned upon to be out sick. Did I get those paid out when I left? Nope. You just lose them. They get (40 days x 8 hours per day =) 320 hours that they get to just not pay me for or have to pay a sub for.

Those days off are part of her compensation package, meaning that instead of giving her a higher wage, they make the trade-off for other benefits, like those sick days. So there is a dollar figure that corresponds to each of those days that they are being paid with, and the general public seems to think they should just donate those benefits (which are the equivalent to money) to the government. Would you donate money to the government?

This is on top of the fact that teachers are not allowed to get overtime. This is on top of the low wages. This is on top of having to purchase their own supplies with that meager wage. This is on top of the high pressure and responsibility of the job. This is why over 50% of teachers leave the field completely within 5 years. I barely made it to 8 years before leaving.

I now work in the private sector making double what I did as a teacher, can take off whenever I want, and have a job that is a hundred times easier. When I have a difficult day at work, I remind myself that it's still easier than teaching. My 3 weeks of vacation now is still better than the 12 weeks I got off as a teacher (most of which were spent sick as my body tried to recover from finally getting a moment without stress). They lost an excellent educator because I finally said f-it.

I don't give a crap if she did see a concert. She should be able to use the time that she is being paid with instead of donating it. The tax dollars that she "cost" the taxpayers were already budgeted. Your taxes did not increase because she chose to use her sick time.

I mean, they are cool as heck on the inside. I can see why they would be into them.

You can get it in Wisconsin, but it's not super common. We mostly use the plastic jugs or glass bottles.

I feel like this is an extreme reduction of actual communication impediments and/or preferences. I, personally, have a lot of anxiety about my real-time verbal communication. I grew up in a time well before texting, and yet, making phone calls continues to be difficult for me. I do it constantly at my job, but no level of experience has taken that anxiety away. You may call that emotionally stunted, but what makes it so? It seems to me to be a reasonable reaction to the world we live in and the energy that is required to engage.

I am a great public speaker, assuming that I've had time to prepare. The difference for me lies in the reaction time. When I send a text or email, I don't have the pressure to respond instantly which allows me to create a well thought-out and appropriate response that often provides an actual solution to the problem presented instead of stilted responses about how I'll look into that and get back to you. You never know what someone is going to bring up, so you don't always know how to prepare. Some people are better on the page than they are verbally. Personal relationships with the person on the phone make it easier, but not as easy as a text message.

You sound like an extroverted person. Do you feel energized after talking to others? If so, that's great, but remember that for others, where you gain energy, they lose it. Communication and engagement are exhausting for many people. Some people are very good at quick responses, but that doesn't mean that they are right. It doesn't mean they are wrong either, but not everyone has that particular skill set, just as others aren't as skilled at writing.

To say that people are emotionally stunted or socially immature because they prefer one method of communication over another implies that your method is the best method, and all others need to conform. Why? It's a preference. Neither is wrong, and forcing others to conform to your arbitrary standards is both silly and impeding for many. Telling people to buck up doesn't solve the issue, and just makes it seem like a personal failing when likely these people just actually give a crap about their social standing and don't want to put their energy into a verbal battle with someone who thinks they are great at this aggressive version of conversation.

And no, not all conversations are aggressive, but many of us have learned that it's more common than you'd expect and that it's extremely difficult to participate in such a conversation.

My point here is that you shouldn't minimalize people because they don't prefer phone calls. Most of the time, we're competent adults with different preferences, and an ad hominem attack is completely unnecessary, just as an attack on your grammar would be similarly unhelpful and pedantic. Success is not built on or defined by your personal preferences.

It's interesting to me that I only ever hear men complaining about this issue. That might not be reality, but from what I've seen, men are using "protect our women" as a reason for this hateful legislation when most of the women they are "protecting" don't really care.

Could be confirmation bias.


Right, but that's not the same as getting paid over summer. All you're doing is deferring some of your current paycheck until then. I quit teaching in June and "got paid" through the end of August. Not because they are paying a teacher who quit, but because that was money I had already earned, and they were just hanging on to it for me.

Yup. It's a pretty classic legal move. They are obligated to do their due diligence for their client, and that sometimes means lawsuits that they know they won't win.

Omg I wish that were true! We can't get decent (or any) subs like 95% of the time. It used to be that you could sub with a bachelor's degree and a substitute certificate or any teaching license. Now, we're so desperate that it's basically any adult who can pass a background check. Most of the time, teachers just ended up skipping their prep time to cover the missing teacher's class.

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Yeah, but Canadians don't want to work as a teacher in the US. Like, it would be a bad idea for y'all because you would lose so much. We treat our teachers far worse. You'd get crappier pay, be treated like dirt by a large chunk of the populace, run the ever-increasing chance of getting shot on the job, and have to start paying health insurance premiums out of you light paycheck.

Yeah, my immediate thought was, "he must have eaten a lot of dairy, and lactaid wasn't an option."

Yeah, me too. I read articles like this and just cry inside (and maybe a little outside) because we are watching our world's ruin in slow motion, and it seems like so few care. Certainly not enough people care to make changes happen on the scale we need.

I won't lie; I upvoted (or whatever the lemmy version is) because I'm a sucker for any R&M reference.

I appreciate your update. Learning and growth are beautiful things. Your post and the correction also helped me.

I thought the same thing. The article mentions Brazilian waxes, and my immediate thought was f-that. Go full bush. You wanna see what my junk is really like? Feel free to view it in its natural state.

Fair enough. Although I don't think you'd need to bother with the songbirds in this instance seeing as you've been gifted a years worth of geese, French hens, and milk. Unless you're required to feed all the other various humans you've been gifted as well. I guess then it would be time to crack into the turtledoves.

I don't know which country you're from, but in the US, there is a very good reason they no longer pay people for blood donations. They used to. But, they found that having it be donation based plays on people's guilt, and they are far more likely to donate when they feel guilty or empathetic or like a hero or whatever emotion gets you up and out to the donation center.

On the other hand, when they pay you for it, people tend to ignore it, because the average person doesn't really need the money, and since it has become a business transaction, they don't have to feel guilty about not participating. Donation rates are much higher when the donors aren't paid. They don't lack funds; they lack donors, and this was a quick, easy solution to the problem.

I always thought it was weird when people told me their tax dollars pay my salary. Yeah, my tax dollars pay my salary too. It's not like my income was tax free.

That's fair. I have heard of the difficulty sleeping as well. The sweating and shaking threw me so much that I didn't make an exception for the sleeping issues that that some people have when stopping use.

As someone who works in an "at will" state, I agree. This absolutely happens.

That's probably true, but, at least in the US, nothing will really move forward without the populace backing it (or not knowing about it to begin with). Otherwise, those politicians will never get elected again, and whatever climate policy they created will be negated by the new politician.

So it seems like she's trying to go the route of getting the populace backing first, and then she'll have that strength to draw on when dealing with politicians. A bunch more people at that point would be also calling for change, so she wouldn't have to do much convincing. The fear of losing their political standing would be the impetus for change.

In my particularly weird corner of the world, we are still trying to convince people that climate change is real. I can't imagine how much the deniers would freak out if their elected official backed something that they think doesn't exist.

And replace her with whom?

Do remember that their "summers off" (which are often used to prep for the following year) are unpaid. Do also remember that when a person has been extremely stressed, their immune system will kick into high gear, helping to ward off illness during a time when energy is needed elsewhere. I.e. every paid break is spent being sick because your body finally went back to a normal immune system as you decompress. This, in turn, makes it difficult to enjoy your only actual vacation time.