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More threads mentioning Joe Biden in the title than Trump.

Tired of "every political problem is US fault," so I'm kicking the can.

Anything you want to blame on the US is Britain's fault.

They failed to suppress the colonial revolution, and odds are, also caused whatever problems the US gets told to go police as the UN lapdog.

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Who spent 2.1 trillion?

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Ethyl Mercaptan, used as the warning odor for natural gas/propane, is not regulated.

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Give the people what they want.

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The handcuffs on the people sitting on the curb are free. You can just unlock them and keep them.

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Plagiarism as a student was at minimum an F in the course and academic probation when I was attending university(~2010). Expulsion was always on the table. I do not see an issue holding those in higher positions in academia to a similar standard.

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Peetah, the horse is here.

They need to feed the audio to an AI bot so it can generate a voice that says what they want it to say for their attack ads and other social media garbage.

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Do these people not realize that the first thing a new regime usually does is put any person who would be a threat against a wall and executes them? Are they convinced this will be different or that they won't be that person? My history education may have been lacking, but that was very clear.

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Damages for who?

Someone else will get suckered into paying for it, I'll get to keep MY money and the problem will be fixed.

Now, if the government is willing to pay me billions to fix it, I might be interested... /S

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When it breaks, it isn't always obvious or easy to fix, but can cause problems for anything that has to talk to anything else. The biggest thorn it puts in my side is that short names [ThisPC] are served differently than fqdn []. Does NotMyApp use short or FQDN to resolve other machines? I don't find out until the Wireshark.

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All hail The Church of Hand-Egg. I'm sure this blasphemous act against a saint of The Order will not go unpunished.

I'd like to be a millionaire, but that is an method to achieve another goal, not the goal itself.

I'd like to vertically farm algae on an industrial scale as an atmospheric carbon sink, and additionally see if there is any way to do so profitably while remaining carbon negative. 1 million dollars would probably be enough to construct a small facility and hire the staff and experts I would need to figure this out.

"Millionare/billionaire" as an identity should be an insult.

Anybody with an industrial mindset will bare minimum want to take any large amount of liquid asset and turn it into production. Build and improve factories, fund research, improve living conditions near your operations. Having money acruing interest can be part of that, but should not be your primary revenue stream.

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If I fail to appear in court because there is no transportation, what happens?

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Disclaimer: zero money in this market. Dump and run. I don't trust other people to play ball. The ship is gonna sink, get out while it keeps you in the green, reinvest in something more stable. I wouldn't feel the least bit bad for triggering the crash.

OOTL: what is this machine in the thumbnails I keep seeing associated with AI?

The error on the screen tells you exactly what is wrong in plain English... But you got impatient and clicked past it.

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Why do these people think they are going to be the rulers of the next revolution, and not the first against the wall? The first act after a take over is power consolation and elimination of competition.

If you cut the ground prong off and flip the plug upside down, it runs backwards.

MSI - Stupid MF

Pretty sure that is how you get your press pass revoked.

1901 Edison victrola. Listen to Edison's band.

Hoard then eat enough gold and other valuable materials and you become a god.

37 years... Gotta keep things interesting somehow.

This is where AI art generation comes in. Still takes some work to generate the parts you want, and assemble them.

He's a chimney.

Been a minute since I used unix/Linux, but "Mint" always had a windows-like experience if you just need a starter distro. Also free.

Those plus sites that are lists of buzz words that have nothing to do with the actual site.

The media misses the hourly 'tRump opened his mouth, and here's what came out' coverage they were providing. It was the most return for the least effort. Find a few talking heads to argue what it means for [rolls dice] 'seniors' to fill a few hours of air.

Will the wheel of mediocrity stop spinning? Are the healing springs used up 100% of the time?

That was debunked as fake.

I thought this was partially coveref when neo asks for a physics book, and they tell him one doesn't exist.

Spin up a website tracking the numbers.

People forget that even though it may not expire, a lot of food will get ruined by rodents within a few weeks of no one is around for pest control.

So China and Iran tow Russian vessels around as a military exercise. Sounds like good practice for a future alliance. I recommend developing a good way to cut away a sinking, possibly burning Russian vessel.

An asteroid mining game in the style of shipbreaker, possibly same universe. The asteroid(s) should be more realistic in that they are far apart (maybe closer if you're mining in a ring, Saturn?) and surface is gravel-like. Cost-benifit of mining and returning certain materials, or using them as needed.

I can just sell all my btc, start a new one(lemmicoin? Smuckbucks?), and start the grift over again.the first guy out the door as London bridge falls makes the most.