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Into the Fediverse!

It's real hard to break a habit that's been ongoing for almost 12 years for me. I'm trying to do my part by contributing, upvoting, etc

Needlessly aggressive internet arguments and flame wars for no reason

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Very rigid routines and coping mechanisms. For your tab problem, I use OneTab to collapse and save them all into a searchable list for later.

So the key for me has been "offloading" and "outsourcing" is what I call them. Memory tasks I offload to my phone like reminders, obsessive calendaring, note taking, and to do lists. I automate as much as possible when it comes to systems designed to make me get on task. Basically, if executive function is a limited resource (it is if you have ADHD) the less decision making you have to do, the better. Pre-make decisions and go from a script or playbook. That's my calendar and notes.

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As a cybersecurity pro who primarily deals with email security right now (in the sense that there is basically none)




I think for now it's so early it doesn't matter all that much. Just have fun! You can make multiple accounts so why not

I have a small contribution: another kind user I have since forgotten (rip) recommended Jerboa for Lemmy as an Android app to use. It's much nicer than the web browser experience IMO. I heard there's also a good option on iOS, so feel free to chime in if you know what that is. I heard on HackerNews that some people plan to make their own Lemmy instances effectively private so they can simply use it as a personal feed and go anywhere they please. Sounds like a great idea, honestly. Imagine an IowaMan instance, for example, and I would simply control it however I want. Not sure what the reqs would be tho.

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Yeah Relay works still and is going in a subscription model

We should probably call them communities because, well, that's what they are so we don't confuse the noobs. Also, I want to emphasize that this definitely isn't reddit

Personally I have a very poor opinion of tankies, but that doesn't really affect how I use Lemmy...unless all the good instances are taken over by them. I find the obsession with effectively random people who don't actually have that much influence over individual instance moderation a purity obsession.

This is what I did with Hades and MCC

Potentially worded a bit abrasively but...kinda yeah. They rely so heavily on fomo, gacha, and other skinner box tricks to keep you playing other than FUN. Just remember what happened to Titanfall 2: "ohhh it was SO FUN it just didn't have the events and grinding and stuff I wanted >:( "

Just wanted to say thanks for telling me this! Solved my issue and I wouldn't have thought of it straight away at all.

One of my friends is in the red teaming world and this is, in his opinion, the top threat to the fediverse. Not everyone knows how to host properly so may expose themselves somehow and will not have proper DDOS mitigation in place. Unless you have a very robust and difficult sign up process it's going to be easy to overrun places with bots too. On the other hand, you CANNOT add friction to signing up or it'll cause people to turn away. Ten additional seconds can turn away half of attempted sign ins.

How is the name pronounced? All-ovah like all over? Uh lova, like Chicago for a lover? Sounds like the name of a prescription drug.

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I really appreciate what you're doing, but I'm worried how this instance will continue scaling. What happens when it gets to 1 million users? 10 million? We can scale vertically only somewhat, but horizontal scaling seems to be limited to "just join a new instance 4head" and that just...doesn't have a good experience.

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Good luck doing that for 8000 subs

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There's some massive UI onboarding issues, but the community here is wayyyy better than reddit imo. Without a framework of understanding, it's hard to figure out what server to join, how subscriptions work across instances, etc. My current understanding is if I like the most, I am just going to search communities from other instances I like and subscribe to it on my profile here. At least, that's what I've been doing.

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What are the potential downsides to this? In other words, why isn't it like this stock?

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I want to see them try!

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Saddam Hussein

Glad you said this. People demanding large instances like this one defederate from stuff they don't personally like are, frankly, very mislead and trying to be little dictators. That's not their decision to make.

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I am still furiously trying to upvote you but alas, the server will not let me >:(

The exposure is still greater than the zero that currently exists. If only 1% see the stuff from the smaller instances and figure out what's up, they'll jump. That's better than the current near 0. There's not really a scenario where it reduces the activity here any further, only improves it.

Ah, a shame but reasonable. Worth a test :D

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I installed a backup camera and dashcam for like a hundred bucks a few years ago. Totally worth it and has captured a couple accidents as well as prevented a few more

Unfortunately I do not :( it was on a discussion from an article about Reddit standing firm on API changes iirc

Building history one update at a time 😎

Another similar question: why has executive pay skyrocketed when it's exactly opposing to (most) companies best interests? Also, you could merely hire a qualified candidate from within the company who is already familiar with how things work and pay them still six figures, but not millions or billions. It seems kind of insane that one person is "worth" that much to a board.

Sorry, my brain isn't parsing this well. Can you elaborate? Does report mean "comment" in this instance?

Pls document more details here in case they get deleted/removed from reddit

Yeah, it is often "undoing" my upvotes and spamming "report created" when I'm hitting upvote...I wonder what's busted now.

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EXACTLY! It only benefits us because it hugely increases the exposure of the fediverse to the outside world so people who ARE interested can merely jump over. It makes the fediverse more interesting for people like me who can "live" here and access the content I want.

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