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lol bitcoin

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Aktion T(rump) 4

Yeah, not gonna happen. Fact is, Johnny Everyday doesn't give a shit he's flooded with ads, tracked on every click and is now forced into exclusivity deals because "somebody has to pay for this stuff and it ain't me". Likewise, the people giving the answers don't care that they literally work for free for some megacorporations. It's a rotten system and society is to blame.

We are not making a difference here either, not fooling myself into thinking that. I mainly use Lemmy because I can access it with any app I want while sitting on the loo.

I'll pass, but thanks for the reminder.

I get that legacy support sucks and nobody wants to do it, but the new product is just an ad serving platform under the guise of being an OS. Maybe try to release a good Windows platform before asking people zo switch to that, just a thought I had.

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He should move back to South Africa, but I assume he doesn't like it that much anymore since they officially abolished apartheid

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Is there any hope for me?

Yes, public transport.

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So you're not for reining in megacorps, just the ones you don't see as a personal benefit.

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When I was in school, I bought a Gameboy XPloder for 80 bucks and cheated Mews in Pokemon Red. I sold the Mews to everyone in school for 5 bucks a pop and made back way more than I invested. I don't care if Nintendo finds out because I was 12 when comitting this heinous crime. As a bonus, I also never taxed those business profits. Checkmate capitalists.

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If you can get vaccinated and choose not to, you are an asshole.

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Drunk driving is the perfect sign that you are an entitled asshole. There's no reason to be drunk driving.

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I don't know how there is even a discussion. It's a war, two sides shoot each other.

If you start a war, expect to be attacked. If you help one side in a war by providing weapons, expect them to be used.

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That would be a good argument if the addicting part were the gameplay rather than the casino MTX store.

Does anyone else remember back in the days of VCR, the networks wanted to push a technology that disallows you from fast-forwarding through ad breaks on the stuff you recorded?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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The same company that gave out free baby formular to poor African families and then, after a couple of months, went "nuh-uh you now have to pay so your babies don't die lol"? Surprising.

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"Kernel-level anti-cheat" is just company talk for rootkit. I'll pass.

I doubt that it reliably stops DMA boards anyway.

Has been known for years, has also been ignored for years. Infinite growth is much more important than sustainability.

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Let me tell you a story about proprietary software:

The German police force have a contract with a software firm that wrote their program to file and archive emergency calls. Basically just a form that goes to a database. Now, one day, an update got pushed. The problem with that update was that the hotkey for quitting out of the current form (q) now also fired when inside an editing field. The software firm did not acknowledge that as a problem and it took months of complaints to fix and it cost the taxpayer around 300,000€ in "maintenance fees".

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Idk, 56 billion buckaroos would instantly make me "lose interest" in working. Permanently.

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Official reddit posts are always cringey. They unironically call people "Snoos".

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The glide ratio of a Cessna 172 is about 9:1, video is from a T210N Centurion II, a similarly sized but heavier plane, so its gliding capabilities are worse.

The glide ratio of an Airbus A320 is 17:1.

A huge Airbus is much better at gliding than a small Cessna.

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What a very composed and calm individual that is perfectly suited for a job as a public servant.

The bible describes God as a manchild that gets upset and throws a tantrum when his playthings don't function the way he wants them to. The loving, benevolent God only exists when things are going his will and then he gives out presents of kindness. It's pretty much the definition of an abusive relationship with a narcissist.

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Many think that it takes only 1 virus to catch the disease when, in reality, your body will easily deal with a small amount of unknown pathogens and does so many times a day.

Masks work because they reduce the overall viral load, so your immune system isn't overwhelmed.

What also doesn't help is how unintuitively percentages scale. A mask that is 90% effective doubles the viral load if compared to a mask with 95% effectiveness, even tho the difference is "only" 5%.

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Gabe Newell agrees with you. He said that piracy is almost always a service problem, not a pricing problem.

Africa is harder than Australia. Not even close.

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You couldn't play it anyway. It has SecuROM as a copy protection and that is basically a rootkit that is not allowed to run on Windows Vista and above.

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Fuck clickbait headlines and "AI" buzzwording.

Sorry, best I can do is 2 days paid leave.

As a non-American, I concede that reading his Twitter meltdowns and hearing is asinine takes was extremely funny for the first 3 weeks. Then it just got sad.

Boeing deliberately only hires people with suicidal tendencies. It's a non-negotiable character trait.

What does the headline mean with "counterattack"? Iran wouldn't have attacked if Israel didn't bomb their consulate in Syria. Why is Israel painted as the victim here?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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It's already fixed with the March 31st release. Some instances are just not updated yet.

Surprising. Who would have thought?

"That 8-year old is definitely a militant for letting Hamas hide behind him."

-IDF targetting assistant AI

Now the question of the day: was this a "legally killed child" we should not be outraged about because war is war?

(/s for the idiots out there)

Also homeopathy.

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My last job offered free beer after 4pm on fridays.

It was smart as fuck if you think about it. For the small price of a few crates of beer, you got 20+ people talking in their free time, and on the weekend, without additional pay. It was officially off-work but since most of your coworkers were there, there was a lot of work-related exchange going on.

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Take the last digit of the number, double it and subtract it from the rest. If that new number is divisible by 7, the original one is as well. For your example:

2794 - 6 = 2788

I know 2800 is divisible by seven, so 2788 is not. Thus 27943 is not divisible by 7.

Quick maff shows that neither subtracting 3 or adding 4 will make the original number divisible by 7. Adding 1 or subtracting 6 will tho.

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