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Other than their asinine charging cable/accessory situations I consistently find myself agreeing with Apple pretty much any time any government body or group is mad they won't do something.

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With some random sports channel or fox news absolutely blasting in the background the entire time

We don't only exist in cute little spaces like mobile gaming. We're all over the place. If you haven't met many of us online it's 100% because we didn't like your vibe and never spoke or divulged that we were female to you specifically. There can't even be an article about female gamers existing without you dweebs writing women off as probably just mobile game players ffs. Grow as a person. Please.

Oh no not your hurt feelings!!! What're you gonna do? Kill some more women and gay people about it?

Have you seen any commercials recently? They are something else. Either the most generic basic standard commercial or wtf did I just watch. There's no in-between lol. I genuinely thought a couple were in the movie I was watching because it was about a bad advertising company lol

Also, we shouldn't have to sacrifice a small joy as simple as a god damn snack to do more than barely survive. That whole thing has always been so stupid :(

I'm sorry but for the good of all instances I'm afraid you will need to become a lurker 😔

I don't remember if he's on TikTok or YouTube or whatever but a dude wrote a book called the gospel by gen z that's basically all just this. This might even be from that book lol

I don't expect perfection...? Being anti-vax is a big deal to me. That's not a harmless ideology. It's moronic and anti-science. This isn't just some little thing I disagree with it's, in my opinion, a huge moral and intellectual failure. I think it's completely fair that this gets brought up because it's directly relevant.

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Oh shut up and enjoy retiring in your home that you worked half as hard for as the rest of us you privileged turd.

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I don't know about doing good or harm but I've used sync for reddit for years and years. The dev isn't some big corporation and that's generally enough for me. I'll support them as long as their app has the experience that I prefer. I tried a few different apps until sync came out and I really gave them all a fair shot but none of them felt right. The fact that so many users bailed to Lemmy because Reddit broke third party apps and then turned around and got up people's butts for using specific third party apps is kind of hilarious to me. A huge wave of users came here for sync etc and people are trying to push them away or bully them like reddit did? They might not be bullying for the same exact reason but it's got the same vibe imo.

Ok but like was this one big terrible mistake that a bunch of lizards made one day or just a string of extra really dumb individual lizards?

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He wasn't even stealing anything. It has nothing to do with theft and everything to do with his skin color I guarantee it.

Far too many for me to have any kind of faith in the embarassing joke that is our police force.

So then go do it instead of bitching about other people doing it? Wtf?

As an elder millennial I apparently got exposed to healthy doses myself and I refused to turn into one of those entitled twats. My family has strict instructions to put my ass in a home the second I tell them anything remotely resembling "pull yourself up by your bootstraps". I refuse to be an emotional burden like so many boomers are on their kids/those around them. I would rather die alone in the cheapest home they can find or even on the streets before that happens

There were after school programs when I was a kid too and I wasn't in a small town. Just depends on where you are I guess. We'd start in the cafeteria with a small snack and then go to the playground for a while before hanging out in the gym goofing off and watching movies until we got picked up

With all the laws trying to put women into basically servitude I'm definitely on team rail against. There are a lot of types of "criminals" that need to be able to get away from law enforcement these days unfortunately. Honestly I'd prefer they just keep being inept for now lol

I don't see why you couldn't just get vaccinated. No harm even if you were previously.

My mom's record keeping of my vaccinations as a kid was a shit show so I ended up just getting the ones I wasn't sure about later in life when I found out she might have skipped some 🙄

What's not clever is making stuff up to not really make a point after typing a whole paragraph lmao

Feel better now?

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What's this even supposed to mean? What a weird thing to say let alone think

Yes but if it was clarified that you could in fact communicate with plants in a meaningful way I'd take that one in a heartbeat. You could do so much with that. Imagine being a reporter or a private investigator lol. An archeologist could just ask some trees what was going on under them. Dying of hunger or thirst? Just ask some plant what's edible or where some water is. Plenty of plants want to be eaten to reproduce anyway. Ask some fungus (if it counted as plants for magic) what the meaning of life is while you're at it

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I work in insurance but I ran some Minecraft servers once. That's gotta count for something right??

It's not a lifestyle if it's not by choice. Try finding a job without an address. The people that do it as a "lifestyle" are usually just wealthy turds or social media dweebs larping as happy families on the road despite their kids being obviously miserable

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Yes? What kind of stupid question is this? I'd take to the streets.

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At this point all my dead relatives saw me go through my teenage years anyway. Nothing should shock them anymore lol

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I'm a victim of "chickenpox parties" from the 80s. Some parents are just stupid assholes that refuse to accept you don't have to make the immune system a punching bag to make it stronger

Now I'm at a higher risk for severe shingles. Yay!! Thanks mom!

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I didn't need that last part bro I'm just tryna eat a burrito

It's never a good idea to set yourself up to be disappointed in humans because you're gonna be disappointed lol

How are y'all getting BG3 to be tolerable on the deck? I've tried a few suggested settings but it always feels really bad :(

The main downtown area where I live, that's supposed to be walkable, just has sidewalks vanish halfway down some streets so you end up walking in the street for a few blocks. It's so bad lol

I'm confused because this seems to be clearly from a fake account? Like, fuck that piece of shit, but this doesn't even seem to be real? Is that the joke and I'm just being dense?

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What kinda boomer crap is this lmao. Millennials and xers like to act all high and mighty as if we didn't birth the evil that is 1337 (leetspeak). Don't forget our cringy "le so random" phase 🤢

tHe nOrWHaLe bAcONs aT miDNigHt roflcopter!!! Rofl!!!11111

Hooman, what r u doing hooman?

I can has cheezburger was peak humor for us at one point ffs. If we don't get over ourselves and stop dunking on gen z we're just as bad as the assholes that made all those braindead articles about avocado toast and how millennials are killing the diamond industry.

Besides, gen z is just us but raised with less false hope and American dream bullshit. The people you gotta worry about are gen alpha. Those are some feral mfers right there. They're being raised by the internet and it shows lol

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I was gonna say lol. Damn, pirates almost spared us that ending. Too bad.

Their crazy bread is like crack to me I stg

My least favorite cat fact I learned recently is that they can have random numbers of nipples. Sometimes even odd numbers of nipples. Enjoy!

It matters so much who is in charge. Trump and the right have so much blood on their hands from COVID. People died because they made containing and stopping the spread of a potentially deadly virus a political spectacle that emboldened their idiot base to ignorantly fight medical science. If you don't think it matters who's in charge you either don't pay attention and your opinion is useless or you're just another fake centrist trying to convince people that both sides are the same to hide from the deeply shameful and disgusting behavior of the right.

I'm so jealous of those deep soaking tubs they have too. SO jealous