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Do the cheats still work? When i got fed up i used to just get loads of mustangs and blow everything up. Or the monkey boy was fun.

It would be interesting to do it the Kotor way. In that game you could customise your character but there was also a canon version of the character which followed the light side ending and had specific clothing.

I thought i remembered that the writers considered revan to be female canonically too. In Kotor 2, in an early scene, atton refers to revan as "she" or "her" so potentially they intended that to be the case.

But in individual games it made no difference because you could customise.

Like when i read Harry Potter, i took the descriptions of the characters and they looked a certain way in my head, until the films came out and solidified how they all look to me. I think everyone did this. It didnt matter to me that they looked different in the films to how i imagined. It was just the "official" versions of them.

Its as long as an ipv6 address

That beeing said, there are people that insist on obscurity beeing security (sigh) and want to keep doing dns views when using IPv6. But even then things are much easier when the result would be the same in either view.


This guys a bee! Everybody run!!!!

The : is ok. I dont struggle with the shortening part. I struggle the "everything else" part.

What a load of rubbish.

Id say she got to know just about eveything she needed to know about this person.

Is it now the norm to make the term WiFi synonymous with the term cellular/mobile data (or 4g/5g)

They are not the same thing.

Is this like when people call tablets ipads? Or call vacuums hoovers/dysons.

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Apple already made a folding phone. It was called the iphone 6.

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Ah yes! Three of my favourite reptiles:

Spiders, Centipedes, and Scorpions.

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Also in powerpuff girls 10th anniversary special. Although not a complete reveal.

Trying to stop people from doing something is a sure fire way to guarantee they will do that thing.

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Sorry, what? Err, yes, of course it is... i mean, its not quite chicken nuggets in the fast food sense, its cut pieces of chicken breast fried in batter and tossed in sauce as opposed to mashed up and reformed chicken anythings battered and tossed in sauce so its a little higer quality.

Forgive me, but it's like saying a snickers is just a mars bar but with nuts in.

Or fries are just potato strips cooked in oil.

But yeah.

Most things are things

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Bit of a leap, my dude.

Of course we should have laws.

But for things that are actually harmful.

For everything else we should have regulation.

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I guess im gonna have bee movie playing on a loop as my desktop background.

Remember when the meme was about Internet Explorer?

IE: What is my purpose?

Me: You download Chrome!

IE: god!

Now Chrome isn't trusted. Even duck duck go is getting dubious. It seems there's almost nowhere to turn. Your data is their data, and if you dont like it, you can lump it.

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I was a chef for 10 years and worked in multiple kitchens. This just isnt true. At least its not a blanket rule.

Ive worked in cheap places with immaculate kitchens and posh places with grotty kitchens and vice versa.

Its luck of the draw sometimes but ive never EVER served food that fell on the floor or witnessed it happening.

I think you have likely worked in some bad places.

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Porn hub should make a VPN and offer it for free to people in texas They could call it VaginaPenisNards

I always really liked that NTP uses port 123 which is the same number that you can dial, in the uk, on a analogue, landline phone, to call an automated service that tells you the precise time.

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Thats a funny way to say amazon are raising the cost by 2.99 per momth.

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Some people have this incredibly annoying habit of seeing anything remotely tech related as magic and they switch off their brain, assuming that they could never understand it.

Them: "My computer is broken"

Me:"Whats the issue?"

Them: "i dont know, i tried to open my email and its got some error message and wont open"

Me:" what does the error message say?"

Them:"err, cannot open email during update, please wait until update is complete"

Me:"is your email app updating?"


Me:"wait for it to finish and try again..."

(Obviously tbats not a real scenario, but im not good at examples and just wanted to get the general gist across)

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Im in the uk and my entire dick and balls go fully into the water, around the ubend, down the pipes to the large waste pipe, fill the entire waste pipe and then go all the way to the sewage treatment facility where they have a 9 to 5 cleaning shitty water. They earn more money than i do, and frankly, they are sustaining our life.

Sometimes, we fight, but then i remember my dick has it harder than i do.

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Why is anyone here still using reddit? What's the point of not using reddit anymore if you still use reddit? Whats the point in saying fuck u/spez if you keep using reddit?

I've been exclusively on lemmy since the reddit blackout, and it's been great.

Just give reddit up my dudes. Its shit

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I watched a dunkey video for it, i dont think there is any dialogue from will smiths character. Like they didnt bother to record it. There was one or two instances where he spoke, and it wasn't will smith.

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Im just sitting here wondering how anyone thought this was going to be good in the first place. Every bit of trailer or gameplay footage has made me meh from day one. "Looks like skyrim but in space" ive played skyrim.... to death.... changing the theme to space isnt exiting. Its cheap.

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We used to have both good and bad games without microtransactions. I dont think its right to give concessions to game companies that include microtransactions just because its become so normalised.

I dont feel sorry for a game company that cant make literal billions from a game without adding a store.

They dont need billions to develop good games. Most of that profit goes straight to the top and overworked developers see very little of it.

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I lost a wasp to my floor once... a wasp flew into my office room (im very scared of them, so i legged it). i got some wasp spray and waited at the doornway until i saw it again.

I (in a terrified flailing of an attempt) manage to get right up tinit and spray it for a few seconds and backed away to the door again.

I watched it crawl across my desk and go behind a little stack of books and didn't see it come back out.

I cautiously and tentatively crept in to look for it and looked behind the books, and it wasn't there. I looked behind the desk, which is fixed in place and rests on a set of drawa but has a gap at rhe back between it and the wall. I can't see it down there. I got under the desk and checked everywhere. i couldn't get the angle with my head, so i stuck my phone back there and took pictures of the space behind the drawers. It wasn't there. I even found one of these hard drive screws.

I have never found it, and im almost willing to accept. i made it up because i go mental with boredom when im working from home.

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In the article it says they replaced it with force touch buttons but the driving instructors all found the buttons to be disorientating and dangerous on roundabouts whilst trying to turn the wheel. The stalk makes for a mich more fluid and less distracting method.

Tesla believe that no turn signals will be needed once they perfect self deiving cars (likely never....)

He seems like the kind of person that would enjoy a comedian makes jokes like "italian leople be like.... but jewish people be like...."

Im quite surprised he survived after that scene in borat. That did not look good for him.

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Is this what they use to power those cheap android tablets you get from wish?

Because different people like dofferent things and all "art" is subjective. You are not an immutable objective font or source of truth. Therefore, whilst you might believe it's shit, any many will agree. You are simultaneously correct and incorrect in your assessment.

Or in short.

Not everyone likes what you like, so they pay for disney if thats what makes them happy.

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I spend th3 first half of being 35, being 36.

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On this episode of redundant inventions that already have a better solution...

The article states that there is second switch to diaable wifi, data, gps etc that is essentially an airplane mode.

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Hey! That's what happened to gaming!

And television and film!

And music!

Just art in general.

It fucking sucks!

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Isn't it part of the fantasy. You see the sexual things being done to the dick and it gets your horny because you imagine its your dick? Or rather fantasise about those things being done to you.


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This post is so meta.

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