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So, alright, in her defense, I have that particular laptop and a) it's not that heavy, b) at least the AMD versions can go up to 8-9 hours with the mux switch off, and c) it actually has a great typing keyboard. It is absolutely a kickass mobile workstation, especially if you need the performance to do other stuff like edit video (or game, obviously).

Now, would I have switched the RGB off during court proceedings? Yes, I would have switched the RGB off.

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Man, I'm not gonna relitigate this but no, Google Talk didn't kill XMPP. XMPP is not, in fact, dead. WhatsApp killed Google Talk and pretty much every other competitor and XMPP would have been in that boat with or without Google Talk.

This is gonna keep coming up, it's gonna keep being wrong and I'm really not gonna bother picking this fight each and every single time.

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Oh, right, he's out of a job for having too many principles in Apple's vicinity.

Man, this century turned out so weird.

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So this is weirder than it looks at a glance.

That is not an LLM-generated search result. That is a funny ha-ha mistake a LLM made that then some guy compiled in his blog about AI.

Google then did their usual content-stealing thing, which probably does involve some ML, but not in the viral ChatGPT way and made that card by quoting the blog quoting the LLM making the mistake. And then everybody quoted that because it's weird and funny and it replicates all the viral paranoia about this stuff.

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So in this scenario you're back in 1923?

I'm pretty sure it'd be anything including the words "World War II".

Bonus points if it also includes a date.

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If you're coming to any international conflict, but specially to this one, from a "good guys/bad guys" framework you're absolutely not helping.

Sometimes (a lot of times, sadly) all you get in a particular issue is just assholes all the way down. Unsurprisingly, deadly military conflicts where both sides have proven at best a callous disregard for civilian casualties practically requires the asshole pile to be expansive and thorough.

The question is how you get the endless, writhing mass of assholes to stop. Which isn't looking great right now.

I don't think people realize how horrifying these addendums are.

Not only do they not really fix the issue, but they prove that no, yeah, they hadn't thought about the possibility of "install bombing" at all until just now and it would totally have triggered massive fees.

I mean, the announcement was terribly worded, and some of the stuff (like wha't a "monthly fee" or a "retroactive fee") were very unclear, so you could hold out hope that they knew what they wanted to do and were just bad at explaining it.

But nope, that ship has sailed. They clearly didn't give this any amount of thought.

So yeah, I'm more worried about it now than I was yesterday, believe it or not. Like, a LOT more.

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I mean, Superman's nemesis is literally a billionaire who at one point was the president of the US. Captain America straight up quit in protest against Richard Nixon once. And of course there's the whole X-Men thing.

Comic books are books. The characters are as progressive or regressive as the writers make them, but there are many examples of superhero books leaning center-left in their context from fairly early on.

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What do you mean, "imagine"? Have you met the British?

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I've been saying this from the go: users don't need to know decentralization even exists until AFTER they are signed up.

What Mastodon needs is a proper migration flow that moves old posts and remote follows so users can decide if they want a new instance after they spend some time in the system and start to understand how it works. Any mention of decentralization on signup is a churn point, because decentralization doesn't add any features to posting and reading posts. From a UX perspective, decentralization isn't a feature.

Things are about to get messier once the big decision coming in becomes "do you want to see Threads or nah?", which then actively requires thinking about a competing social media platform on the way into this one.

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Incidentally, I dropped Youtube's web app like a rock when they started messing with adblockers and today they emailed me to say they're cutting down features in my account because "I don't have enough of a history".

I swear, these decaying tech firms just don't get the value of not appearing to be flailing in desperation.

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IA is quickly becoming a massive, risky single point of failure that is one bad lawsuit away from causing a major problem.

I want to hope they have an exit strategy, but I'm thinking we need to start providing alternatives. A single backup is no backup at all, and all that.

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I hate this argument so, so passionately.

It's the argument you hear from anarchocapitalists trying to argue that there are hidden costs to the res publica and thus it should be dismantled. Yes, we all have a finite amount of time. Yes, we can all quantify the cost of every single thing we do. That is a terrible way to look at things, though. There are things that are publicly available or owned by the public or in the public domain, and those things serve a purpose.

So yeah, absolutely, if you can afford it support people who develop open software. Developing open software is absolutely a job that many people have and they do pay the bills with it. You may be able to help crowdfund it if you want to contribute and can't do it any other way (or hey, maybe it's already funded by corporate money, that's also a thing). But no, you're not a freeloader for using a thing that is publicly available while it's publicly available. That's some late stage capitalism crap.

Which, in fairness, the article linked here does acknowledge and it's coming from absolutely the right place. I absolutely agree that if you want to improve the state of people contributing to publicly available things, be it health care or software, you start by ensuring you redistribute the wealth of those who don't contirbute to the public domain and profit disproportionately. I don't know if that looks like UBI or not, but still, redistribution. And, again, that you can absolutely donate if you can afford it. I actually find the thought experiment of calculating the cost interesting, the extrapolation that it's owed not so much.

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Oh, you mean it wasn't just concidence that the moment OpenAI, Google and MS were in position they started caving to oversight and claiming that any further development should be licensed by the government?

I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

I mean, I get that many people were just freaking out about it and it's easy to lose track, but they were not even a little bit subtle about it.

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You can do "Pa". It's objectively impossible to sexualize "Pa". You could try, but it'd immediately nuke the mood from orbit.

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Among examples cited by ADL were alleged physical assault; violent online messages, especially on messaging platform Telegram; and rallies where "ADL found explicit or strong implicit support for Hamas and/or violence against Jews in Israel."

I guess if you're going to count every rally protesting the siege of Gaza as "implicit support for Hamas", the spike would correlate pretty closely with... you know, the siege of Gaza.

But I do not doubt that genuine attacks are also on the rise. This issue is assholes all the way down, honestly.

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I know I'm not the norm and this isn't going to change anytime soon, but I find the US-style customer service thing to be straight-up creepy.

The first few times I was in the US and a server or a reception desk person asked me how was my day in a cheerful way I was thrown all the way and actually answered, which then threw them and made me feel super self conscious. To this day when one of them approaches me that way at any point during the interaction I just wanna say "it's just me, you can stop that now, I just want a sandwich". It honestly makes the entire experience feel terrible to me. I kinda hate going out in anglo countries that do that.

I've even been to a few spots whose gimmick is "being rude to customers" as a gag and they're not rude, they're just acting like normal human beings who are at work and honestly it's much better. I don't need a man-servant, I just want to buy some food from you and for you to let me eat it there on the table because I don't have anywhere better to be right now. We don't have to make it into a whole thing.

At an absolute minimum, the DRM prevents me from easily making a backup of my legitimate copy, which I am otherwise entitled to do.

So yeah, by definition DRM has a negative impact on paying customers.

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Should we tell the OP that "regla" is feminine, so it should be "la regla", which is Spanish for "my period"?

Because man, the irony is really doing it for me.

OK, just to sanity check, because it's not clear from the comments below.

We all realize that metric areas do use hp for car engines as well, right?

And a lot of them also do inches for TVs, which is weird and forces you to go digging into the specs for the cm measurements whenever you want to see if a TV will fit in a space.

EDIT: Oh, I'm wondering now, do people use liters/cc for engine volumes in the US? I don't know, but I also haven't ever heard of a different way to refer to engine volume ever, so they must. What would they use instead?

EDIT 2: For my money the most annoying unit conversion in car measurements is the US going for miles per gallon, keeping the volume of fuel constant and giving you the distance while metric uses liters per 100km, keeping the distance and giving you the volume of fuel. It may as well be impossible to convert between the two.

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His channel was about LGBT issues, so it's actually relevant. It's a reasonable concern and the source material is a four hour long breadtube thing bordering on self-parody, so I don't mind responding to this one.

Huh. So I'm learning that people don't know about Carrero Blanco.

Ironically the bombers in question would probably have strongly objected at being memeified as "the people of Spain".

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If it's any consolation, LinkedIn is notoriously terrible at this, so your data was probably out there as early as 2016 and almost certainly after 2021, when they managed to get hit with similar breaches twice in the same year.

Oh, I read it when it came out back in June. Many times, as it kept being shared as an explanation of the first Threads backlash.

It's full of incorrect assessments and false equivalences.

Threads doesn't really have the volume (yet) to subsume ActivityPub. The process it describes for standards drifting towards the corporate actor doesn't apply to ActivityPub, which is engineered from the ground up to support multiple apps with differnent functionality (hence me writing this in Kbin and others reading it in Lemmy and being able to link it and follow it from Mastodon), the article only acknowledges that XMPP survived and kept on going at the very end as a throwaway and doesn't justify how it "never recovered" and, like I said, it doesn't acknowledge the real reasons Talk and every Google successor to Talk struggled and collapsed.

So yes, I read it. Past the headline and everything. I just didn't take it at face value. This piece keeps getting shared because XMPP wasn't ever that big to begin with, so this sounds erudite and informed while the similar arguments being made at the time about SMTP and RSS were more obviously identifiable as being wrong for the same reasons.

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Pricing doesn't hurt.

But yeah, people will pay for convenience. Nobody wants to dig around for pirated links if a simpler option is available.

But yeah, I hear you on international licensing. I try to keep up with Star Trek content and man, I don't know how you can bungle up a licensig deal that much.

The latest bit of genius includes Amazon Prime listing three seasons of Lower Decks, but the third season consisting on a page that tells you they don't have that season available, despite having had it before.

There is a fourth season. It's not available anywhere.

I gave up and pirated it, knowing it will eventually show up in a service I do own. It was all getting spoiled for me in social media anyway.

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"Godsend" is a bit of an exaggeration, considering how many ways there are to get the same result without even going into emulation and stuff, but alright. It's still a fun bit of history and behind the scenes info.

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I mean... yeah, retailer gut checks were a major driver for the industry for ages. The entire myth of the videogame crash in the early eighties, blown out of proportion as it is, comes down to retailers having a bad feeling about gaming after Atari. I'm big on preservation and physical media, but don't downplay the schadenfreude caused by the absolutely toxic videogame retail industry entirely collapsing after digital distribution became a thing. I'll buy direct to consumer from boutique retailers all day before I go back to buckets of games stolen from little kids and retailers keeping shelf space hostage based on how some rep's E3's afterparties went.

That said, those guys really did flood the market with cookie cutter games in a very short time there for a while. There were a LOT of these.

Weirdly, Neverwinter Nights must have done extremely well for how much credit Bioware gives it for redefining the genre, but at the time I remember being frustrated by it. It looked worse than the 2D stuff, the user generated content stuff was fun to mess with it didn't create the huge endless content mill you'd expect from something like that today.

I should go look up if there's any data about how commercially successful it really was somewhere. Any pointers?

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Who in the world celebrated that?

Like, I get the self-reinforcing bubble that Linux communities exist in and all, but... nobody did that.

The vast majority of Windows users are random people that never touch anything beyond the Start menu in their entire computing lives. What segment of the Windows userbase is out there celebrating any features, let alone command line anything? This is not a thing. At least not in numbers large enough to matter.

Sorry, I try not to get involved in these arguments. Frankly, grown adults taking sides on operating systems of all things like it's Sega vs Nintendo in a 90s playground seems very strange but I don't begrudge people finding communities wherever. It's just... you know, come on.

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Huh. You'd think more instances were blocking, given the amount of buzz.

Being generallky in favor of letting individual users make this call that's... mildly encouraging. Of course I happen to be in an instance that is blocking, so...

It's worth noting that this still splits Mastodon pretty much in half. That's arguably a bigger concern than anything else Meta may be doing. They may not even have to actually federate to break Mastodon, which is a very interesting dynamic.

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OK, this one is true until it isn't.

HDMI 1.4 and arguably 2.0 specs were straightforward enough that it was rare to encounter a cable, no matter how cheap, that did not support all the features you wanted if it listed the right HDMI spec. That... is no longer a universal truth with HDMI 2.1 if you need something that will do 4K120 with HDR. There are cables that just don't like some ports, particularly on PCs.

Length is also a way this can be wrong. Go above 2.5-3m and you may start losing the ability to hit some of the spec. I have a HDMI setup that requires a longer cable and there are basic cables that work and some that don't for the application. To get a better chance on longer cables you end up having to go for powered cables or HDMI over fiber, which are both more expensive than normal cables and it can be luck of the draw even with expensive cables whether they will like your devices and be compatible with what you're trying to do.

So console plugged directly to your 60Hz TV over 1.5m? Sure, cheap cable will do. Longer distances or higher bandwidth requirements? Be prepared to shop around and try different options, potentially getting very expensive.

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I said this on Masto, but this tells me nothing as written. You can get the first game to run like that, too.

The thing is, if it runs that way on an empty map and degrades the same way the first one did, I can't see it not crashing on a full endgame map. So... how does it run on endgame? Or is this endgame and it runs fine at first? Guessing no, since the devs themselves said this was a problem. And, well, I've seen footage from streamers and it certainly chugs on small maps, too.

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It is not really faster than Chrome, but hey, at least I don't have to manually opt out of monetizing my browsing history and my adblocker still works.

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So many of the responses to this (and the original video) boil down to "me like good games that I like, no like bad games I don't like".

I promise there were boring, repetitive, grindy games all through gaming history. This isn't a "modern gaming" thing.

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I am baffled that the anglosphere has a dress code for schools in the first place. I don't think I've ever heard of anybody getting even talked to for what they wear in a public school here, and I've had teachers in the family for four decades.

Private schools sure, but those are for nepo babies and idiots.

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I don't know if I agree.

A lot of of this article is in a very familiar tone for "are we the baddies" corporate employees, and it's less a deterioration of conditions than a realization of ongoing facts.

The language is everywhere. "We made data-driven decisions" is a big red flag for me, for instance. It often translates to "we obsessed over a maximizing a single data point because we confirmation-biased it into a justification for the thing we wanted to do". Real data driven decisions are called science, and nobody in corporations has the time to do actual science, outside of hard research funding, which is not the case of building a UX toolset.

Likewise for his passing defense of tracking cookies or the lack of firewalls between search and ads. And how telling is it that he at one point defines the essence of "don't be evil" as "long term success at the cost of short term losses". That's not what that means.

It really does sound like the culture had convinced itself that it was working for "the greater good" as a strategy for long term success, but you hear the same thing from a lot of other large corporations. It mostly sounds like what actually changed for this guy to dislike Google is management style and working conditions. Which hey, sure, it's a part of it. But not what lies at the core of the issues. If you take short term losses for long term success you're just a corporation with a long term plan for growth, not a nice corporation. It's techbro speak and the attitude that has driven startups through the entirety of the VC-dominated era of business.

The degradation we see in Google is not triggered by a change of ethos, it's the chickens coming home to roost now that tech businesses are switching from a focus on growth to a focus on profit as the tech business ecosystem matures and free money goes away for a while.

Alright, I was only gently pointing it out because what he actually said is still a pretty bad take, but at this point it's just annoying.

No, he didn't say that.

He said that gaming subscriptions won't take off UNTIL gamers get used to not owning their games. Wihch... yeah, it checks out.

The all-subscription future already sucks, can we at least limit our outrage to the actual problem? I swear, I have no idea why gaming industry people ever talk to anybody. Nothing good ever comes of it.

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Yeah, I'm confused about this take. RBG should have stepped down because by not doing it she created the opportunity for Trump to tilt the majorities in the Supreme Court. Notably, nobody had the balls to criticise her for it, even after she died and made that exact thing happen.

If Biden dies in office Trump doesn't get to pick the vice president. And somehow he still gets constant crap despite the other guy being just as old.

We're doing "but her emails" again. I thought we weren't gonna do "but her emails" again.

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Nevertheless, Platkow-Gilewski also says that he feels the original version of Cyberpunk 2077 was “better than it was received.”

“I actually believe Cyberpunk on launch was way better than it was received, and even the first reviews were positive. Then it became a cool thing not to like it. We went from hero to zero really fast. We knew that the game was great, yes we can improve it, yes we need to take time to do it, and we need to rebuild some stuff.

“That took us a lot of time, but I don’t believe we were ever broken. We were always like ‘let’s do this.’”

Yeah, I actually can get behind this. They got a lot of crap for the technical performance of the last-gen console version, partly because there was no current-gen native version. Having played it on PC day one my impression was that it was rough-to-normal (still better than day one Skyrim). Design-wise, the combat parts and open world design are the least interesting parts of it to this day, but even at the time I thought the narrative elements and obviously the visuals were great.

Just to sanity check this, even with the torubled launch the PC version reviewed with an average of 86 on Metacritic and sold very well. It was a technically rough launch and they should have delayed the console ports at the very least, but it's not a bad game.

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I mean... yeah. Turns out that having models and looking at the actual data and analyzing the market tends to land on lukewarm takes. The hot takes are for the press and the trolls.

FWIW, I don't have visibility on subscription growth at all, so I'll have to take his word for it, but none of that sounds unreasonable.... except maybe for the fact that the hype may make people make bad moves and double down in ways that are harmful. A degree of fearmongering can be useful, if only as a deterrent.

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Note that Pa and papi are very much not the same.

You can totally sexualize "papi". It's hard not to, honestly. Pa, though? Well, check out the rest of these replies and tell me if they sound like flirty sexy times or like they're trying to warn me that we forgot to bring the sheep back in for the night.

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