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Poor baby. Those are booty pants too. They are supposed to hug your butt and make it look big. My wife and I saw a lady getting on a plane with them on. We pointed and giggled while she secretly ordered a pair.

At my Walmart the employees don’t stop people from stealing food. They told me as much.

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I’m from this area. A mayor got in trouble for embezzlement a few year ago. Look it up.

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Reality check? Wow. You don’t know what the fuck you are going on about. Because your experiences have been 9 out of 10 positive you think others need a reality check? I spent two weeks in fucking jail for SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS.

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Do y’all know how many times I got as an answer to my question? Used to piss me off but then I learned how to use the wiki. Lol. Thanks arch iRc!

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This is impossible. You have no choice but to drive through Fenton to get to lake Charles without at least an hour detour through moss bluff. I live in this area and my in-laws live in Fenton (it’s bigger than it seems. The town itself is small but the surrounding area has lots of home. A lot more than 225 people in the town too.) You just don’t speed. You get a warning sign about it changing to 50. Go 50. I used to pick up my buddy in kinder, one town over heading to lake Charles for work, and we would wait to light the blunt till we passed though.

I personally find that coffee delivers caffeine in a way superior to pills or Red Bulls or whatever. Coffee gives you a better buzz. Red Bulls and pills are like concentrates to flower. The nuances are lost. quit scratching, my fucking chair Oliver. Edit : on the phone, so I use speech to text and my cat is a dick

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I don’t understand trans people because I have never met one because they are the smallest group of people they could find to harass/hate. Which is insanity to me. I can’t overstate how unafraid I am for my children of a dude in a dress reading them “three billy goats gruff “Why the fuck make up monsters when churches exist!?

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Every time I see someone with one of those fucking hats on (you know the ones) it makes me cringe so hard. Like those dudes who get there basic training company tattooed on their arm, or even worse, a combat patch tattoo hahaha. You now how many fucking boots got first cav tattoos after deployment? Lol. POGs everyone of them.

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_EA is the fucking devil. They bought my favorite game, Ultima Online, and ruined it. _

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That is a wild factoid. I had no idea. I wonder how the fuck some shit like that even comes up. “Hey! Trans people are good at stuff just like regular people!”

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I scrolled back up and was immediately overwhelmed with anxiety

Goddamn. What a shady move. I expect it from the media and shit by for some reason it stings more when a rando does it.

There is a Gross Tête, Louisiana too

Fucking Christ.

Free school lunch!? Well there, Karl, I bet they will give you a free lunch in the gulags.

Lol. “He’s not like hitler. He IS hitler.”

Half of Noah’s ark is in Gilgamesh. He meets a man that the gods are punishing for doing the whole Noah thing with immortality after he crosses that underworld ocean with that giant stack of paddle sticks. Flood , dove with olive branch and all. I think he was trying to help his buddy Enkidu if I remember correctly. Poor Enkidu :( he should have stayed a beast and lived his life with the deer.

schadenfreude.googled it. Adding it to my lexicon. Gonna be a challenge to learn it by a few days of overuse but I’ll manage.

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Don’t just talk shit. Tell me what (and where) pasta I should be eating, goddamnit.

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Yep. Do not speed. You go 50.

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No one. It’s all fucking AI. It’s disgusting

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Lol. It’s hilarious you said Gary. I worked for a contractor who son (he and everyone knows his daddy gave him everything) had a couple rent houses. His name was Gary. He’s alright.

Ummm. What?

Yeah. He’s a cat. I’m not sure how he would feel if I said “my” cat but I’m the one he has charged with caring for all of his needs, including but not limited to, adding food to his bowl every morning even if it’s still full. I have to at the very least pretend to add food. Also, he doesn’t like to be petted or touched in general, so I’m not even sure what I’m getting out of this relationship.

Sometimes, especially after a long day, a few beers, and a joint, I start to think about all the people dying in Ukrainian and Palestine. I spent a year in Iraq so it’s not hard to imagine what the physical sensation of being in one of those foxholes are hiding in one of the blown outbuildings(I can quite honestly even smell the dust and mold in the hair. Kind of taste it. I spent a lot of time in J-dam’ed buildings)but what I can’t fucking imagine is the feeling of hopelessness the Palestinians must feel. Or any realistic Ukrainian. My point is, there is absolutely no one for those 9 people’s family to turn to and that’s horrifying

I have no need for those weird anime fan clubs. Like that chainsaw shit. Or holo-whatever

The battle for Polytopia is my jam

Man. I have zero doubt I could mop the floor with this fuck nut. I don’t normally fantasize about such things, but could y’all imagine how good it would feel to get ahold of one of these “tough” guys for just a few min. I already know what would happen. The second they saw what was about to really happen, that the person they are talking to has no intention of talking back and is making their way towards them, they will crawfish fast as fuck. I’ve seen it a million times.

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I don’t hate the man like a lot of people here but this a really good point.

If it was the whole turtle they would have burned the pedo-, excuse me, pries-cough cough child fucker at the stake for blasphemy.

I3 baby

I looooooove halal carts. I was in New York for a week. Didn’t take me long to find my favorite one in the area I was staying.

A lot of us have been where you are. The simple fact you want to cut back on the boozing(keep it at once a week or so but don’t try to quit completely. That shit don’t fucking work and there is no reason a Mother fucker shouldn’t be able to get drunk on thanksgiving or whatever) and are doing positive things in your life will bring about your next iteration

It has an elementary school that could use some work. My company re sided the Catholic Church missed in the report. This town also has more than 225 people in it.

Fuck bob iger.

Hamas is hiding inside of the babies. You are antisemitic nazi fuckboi.

I had a conversation with my partner once while working as a medic on an ambulance. He told me being gay was a choice and that they were sinners going to hell. All I could answer with was “so your telling me that every day you have to tell yourself ‘no. I choose not a to suck a dick. Not today.’ Because personally I’ve never had to choose” He became so angry that I had zero doubt he has thought about sucking dick.

It’s been 7 hours and not a single fucking twat has corrected a spelling mistake you made by accident (and I sure as hell won’t be the one to do it). I love lemmy

Real question. Does Tiwan in average care for English speaking tourists? Because I’d love to bring my family. I have always wanted to go to china too, but, yeah, maybe not.

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