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Bot farms boosting the rating of shit apps.

The fuck sticks at Nintendo would love to take everything Nintendo related down for "copyright" if they could on the Internet archive.

If you think reddit is on your side, think again.

Reddit can eat my ass with a spoon

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They say this protects free speech 😆

That absolutely made the game. I can't tell you how happy I was to see a character in a post apocalyptic world address their menstrual cycle. Bravo.

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They literally wheeled her out into Congress like two weeks ago. It was friggin sad. Do these people take a blood sacrifice to stay in office until they're dead or something?

The cost of doing business. At the expense of you and I

I remember the Internet in the early to late 90s. What a magical time it was. I've said for years now that giant corporations are going to basically buy out the Internet and pidgin hole you into using their services. They've basically accomplished that goal.

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I've always said, if you can't sell me something based on interest and quality entertainment, then I'm pirating it, because I never would have bought it anyways.

Or, in my situation, it usually goes something like this.

[Woman] Hey honey, I wanna watch (insert movie name here)

[Man] Ok, gimme a bit and I'll have it for you.

I could go into the technical details on how I aquirred the media, but it's a waste of time and she doesn't give a shit anyway.

20 minutes later it's on Plex and things are balanced in the world.

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I use proton myself

Vote with your wallet. It's the only language these mega corps understand

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I can't stand tiktok, Instagram or any of those short video sites.

I still watch hour long YouTube videos of dudes working on cars and documentaries talking about the most random things you can imagine.

People are getting dumber and their attention span sucks

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Not just competitive but available without platform limitations and special streaming contracts. Sports is the only thing keeping traditional cable alive and also drives digital TV subscriptions. The rest of the crap on TV is trash. Even then, it should always be on demand without restrictions. And blackout areas.

Nut Ball. From the jackass movie. Forgot which one

I can tell you the easiest and cheapest way to do it

Buy one of those little android TV steaming ONN dongles from Walmart. They are like twenty or thirty bucks. Then sideload SmartTube to it.


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Bankers. Specifically, the high up mega bankers.

Also politicians.

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I'm super sick of people obsessing over up and down votes.

Just one more angry post about XYZ and I'll win my cause and change people's minds.

Clean your house

There's dlc for Internet now?

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The music industry adapted for the most part.

The movie industry is hanging on by fingernails.

When will they learn?

I laugh at stuff like this. Mainly because people actually buy this dumb shit.

April fools!

Obviously it will never get better. Ha ha... Ha...

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I would have moved

The Internet Archive operates under the principle of fair use, which allows the use of copyrighted material for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research. They also adhere to legal guidelines and protocols to avoid infringing on copyright laws. Additionally, they often rely on user-contributed content, public domain materials, and works with expired copyrights to build their digital library, which helps mitigate copyright issues. However, they do occasionally face legal challenges or takedown requests, and they respond to those according to the law.

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People love discord. When Microsoft tried to buy it, people freaked out. They turned down the multi billion dollar offer. IMO, I don't believe the paid portion of the app is worth the money because it's mostly cosmetic bullshit. They don't give me a good reason to give them money

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Sorry, a game that's been out for years shouldn't be $60. Start discounting these older games like they used to do.

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Gotta compete with kick

Why would they block that anyways. Weird

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My guess is Russia and China and other countries aren't giving a fuck about laws of the USA and the UK

You have obviously never worked as a police officer and are making this up.

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Your version of hate speech is different from other people's versions of hate speech.

"Hate speech" is protected speech. At least it is in the USA.

People really need to realize how to use block/mute buttons.

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lars ulrich enters the chat

It used to be the opposite. But the normies showed up and the fight club rules are out the window.

I just want my kids to have a better future

The media corps have people hooked on non downloadable streaming services. Today's youth don't know what an mp3 or a flac file is. Hell, a lot of them have never owned a CD. They're buying vinyl records (lol) and don't even own a vinyl record player.

If I wanted to try RSS out on my PC and mobile device, how would I do this.

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Watching something that is useful. Like tutorials on working on cars, PCs etc...

Not all of YouTube is garbage. Some of us like to learn things