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The SMS app is using a very old runtime, the other apps work. The Android filemanager sucks a lot, same with the Gallery

So this just looks like the Community has to take care of the projects and/or find alternatives


File manager - Material Files

That one doesnt have the security vulnerability and I think it is also better. But they are pretty much equal.

Simple Gallery - Aves

I prefer Simple Gallery though, it is pretty great

Simple dialer - Welefon

Very basic, I personally use ACR phone for call recording, with disabled internet permissions. The Dev asked on Reddit about opensourcing the App and got negative responses, so maybe unlikely.

Simple Keyboard - Florisboard

Currently unmaintained but awesome. I hope it gets revived.

Simple Calculator

My favourite: Mint Calculator




All these look way better and have unit transformations.

Simple SMS


Deku SMS has encryption support

AOSP SMS is poorly hard to find. That would be great on F-Droid. It also uses old libraries.

Simple Music Player

Anrimians Music Player

Many others

Some Gems

Some apps have no good replacement

Simple Gallery

Also in my opinion just the best. The Amaze Videoplayer and tools are great though.

Simple Contacts SE

That is the better version with some enhanced features.

Simple Calendar

I just got way better results than using Etar. The Widget is great too.

Cool project! Do you know Captive portals? Because there you need to use DHCP DNS a lot, and turn off dnssec and dot afaik

But Debian for servers is also a pain.

  • no hardened ssh config
  • apparmor by default?
  • no automatic updates which is bogus

If it should be corporation stuff with central accounts and all I think GNOME is really good. Fedora GNOME could for sure be an option and I would recommend Silverblue from in that case, as it has all the drivers and codecs

Nearly every stock Android is a tracking platform. Not wanting to do racist china-hating here as every manufacturer does that, but do you really want a permanent surveillance device "a great phone"?

I had a Pixel 7pro with GrapheneOS, same specs. But 12GB and that size is complete overkill.

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Yes for sure. A phone for over 250€ is already insane for me.

GrapheneOS cannot run on that phone but maybe DivestOS can. Its a better LineageOS basically. But its still a LineageOS derivate.

GrapheneOS has amazing tooling and installation. Many devices could support it, its just the relocking and top security that makes them only promote pixels.

Yup animal industry is fucking disgusting


  • are putting together a set of packages in repos.
  • the repos are either close to upstream, or they backport security fixes. Everything else is not secure
  • make working, secure, sometimes branded bundles including Desktop, some apps, some specific software
  • the bundles get updated and if it is a point release, upgraded to a new set of packages. That is called a "Distro version"
  • This ensures new features and security fixes
  • the Distros care about bug reports, work with upstream, getting new contributors, packaging (bundling the packages, presets, libraries into a set with a name, handling dependencies etc.)
  • Distros also often package and build their own Kernel or multiple ones. These kernels are general purpose most often, even though there is the kernel-hardened or Oracles "unbreakable kernel" (whatever that is). Also there is a lts Kernel that has backported security fixes, as well as other releases of the kernel like git (latest of everything)
  • Distros take care of the versioning, so not every package is always the latest but tested to work with other packages.
  • Distros also implement security systems like SELinux and Apparmor with matching configurations

So you see that is highly complex. So stay as close to upstream as possible to get the best experience. I think of the main distros as

  • Debian + Ubuntu
  • Fedora + the RHEL stuff or clones (Oracle, Alma, Rocky etc)
  • Opensuse, SEL
  • Arch
  • Gentoo
  • Alpine (busybox and musl, not real Gnu+Linux)
  • NixOS
  • GUIX
  • ClearLinux
  • Coreboot (yes that is a Linux distro)
  • Slackware and other probably outdated projects
  • small ones with different focus

All the others are either downstream modifications of these, or less known. Some Line ublue, EndeavorOS etc. also just take an upstream distro and change very little.

Source please.

No animal eats its own kind. And shit neither, if it isnt because or vitamin B12 or immense stress.

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Honest question, what do you use these ports for apart from VGA? I never used anything but VGA but these ports look the same.

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Noscript is necessary for modern web browsing

Important: Nobara is way less Secure than Fedora.

  • no Secureboot
  • monthly updates instead of often daily
  • purposefully removed SELinux (because the Dev doesnt know how to use it)
  • still no Fedora39!

If you want to game, stick to regular Fedora. A project that is actually secure is ublue with dedicated NVIDIA images that should just work and never break, and they even have Bazzite, an Image specifically for the Steamdeck but also for Desktop.

These images are only ½ day behind upstream, apply minimal additions and patches (like drivers, codecs, packages, udev rules for controllers) and Nick from the video above found out that the Nobara patches with their weird less supported Kernel arent really worth the hassle.

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You where able to create a Lemmy account and a post.

So please add

  • what OS (OEM Android version)
  • what app
  • why is anything Amazon on your device
  • where is it showing up
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Then disable the updates lol. This is done in the background and includes all the security patches so you dont even see any of it, not a single popup.

We are not talking about backported security fixes, but literally no updates for an entire month.

This! Good tts (piper for example) is key.

  • apps supporting modern screen reader stack, including wayland
  • good stable screenreaders
  • the entire OS supporting the screenreader not only as a GUI-level service
  • very good voices especially when set very fast

Ooh! Crazy, it opens in the fdroid app

Nouveau got way better I heard

So you say greety and selfish people would thrive under systems not built on money and manipulation? Brave claim for sure.

People that are selfish would not become part of those systems in theory, and if 'being a good neighbor' was the reason why people get stuff like healthcare, elderly care etc, then they would have no luck.

But how a system that gives everyone equal chances and rights would self regulate is interesting. We are way too many people. I mean thats by far not the reason why we are killing the planet, but still

What does Linux mint have what debian doesnt? I can only think of the deb firefox and the timeshift backups which are both really neat

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Cool what about malware? /s (no really anticheat is malware)

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Thanks, yes I know that tone sucks but really how should anyone help with that lack of any infos?

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Okay I went more the ProtonUpQt + Bottles + oversea way

Debian is very manual in like everything. But Linux Mint uses Cinnamon which uses X11 for a loong time and that is pretty bad for anything modern with Graphics Cards

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Thats like the exact opposite

Winutil. Makes windows usable.

Startisback++, not tried on Win11.

Firefox/Brave, VLC, 7zip, to replace the garbage apps

Thanks. Bcachefs is for SSD-HDDs isnt it?

Welefon is very basic, but if it works it aint shit

Thanks. But is not using user namespaces just as bad as having no isolation, or can bubblewrap-suid or even Browsers isolate anyways?

Because thats what makes me curious, does removing them for security make the system less secure?

Its a first step. And then some day complex software can run, even though I have the feeling that has all shady DRM stuff inside

Same, I could not get a single game to run normally on Fedora Kinoite, AMD GPU, Wayland. Idk maybe amdgpu pro and x11? But xwayland should also work normally...

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No its their shortlink and I am lazy. But replaced it.

Try this rawhide Fedora Kinoite image! I am so close to just switching as it just works?

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It seems actually F2FS is the best?? Thats used in Android and optimized for Flash storage, does that include SSDs?

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I am using Konsole currently, as it works best in KDE. Should I switch to Alacritty? I like to have one window and the rest in tabs, its pretty great. I guess alacritty doesnt have that right? What all does fit in the config? Konsole has tabs with special descriptors using path, host, program etc. You can change the color scheme, its pretty nice.

So basically all laptop users can safely use it.

Crazy how PC users rely on such a steady power supply. Arent there small UPS devices for a few seconds with auto shutdown?


  • gnome parental control
  • user not in wheel / sudo group
  • flatpak user apps
  • configs stored for wheel user and overridden
  • policies for Firefox etc
  • automatic updates
  • hardened firewall, no open ports

Fly agaric / Amanita muscaria

is the only thing that is actually mucus dissolving. You are stoned as fuck but when dried slowly they are nontoxic anymore.

They are also very funny, perfect party drug. Actually stoned, without head paranoia etc. dancing is really fun, you can lie down or move its all very funny. And no alcohol 70%-directly-in-the-liver pain the next morning.


is a very complex substance and not for just chilling in my experience. It can be very helpful with stress, it is like soothing the brain with this other entity. I am sure it is not, but it feels like your subconsciousness taking control. Helps a lot understanding yourself and breaking free from toxic Adrenaline-Stress-Coffee-Capitalist thinking.

It is not just for chilling, it is not "an alternative to alcohol" and it is extremely abused, especially in the US. These "roll a blunt" amounts are simply not possible with todays potent weed, and mixing with tobacco while pretending you are not addicted to that ugly goblin clinging to your brain (for me tobacco feels like that) is absurd.

I think it is immensely powerful and its by far my favourite cozy drug, it saved my psyche when I didnt even know it lol (had an unrelated accident when stoned, got stitched up without anesthesia and my ears where fucked up for over a year after that).


is also great. Its such a shame it was banned immediately. There where so many studies and psychotherapeutic sessions, it is such an intense magnifier of these therapies.

Instead you now either sit there and talk, which is only effective after a year or so (while in Germany it is extremely hard to find a place); or you work with symptoms which is more effective but can easily result in the expression of your illness just switching to another symptom.

LSD is fucking magic. The lack of the nasty body effects of Psilocybin mushrooms is very good, as these can get extremely uncomfortable. And what it does with your brain, and how you think, is just so enriching. I already cried in front of my family, had great conversations with my then still alive grandparents, and I am so thankful for the existence of this drug.

Basically all the common ones suck, Alcohol, Tobacco, Nicotine, Stimulants. They are extremely unhealthy and have no beneficial effect at all. They only help you keep running, but you can easily break during this.

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I mean they have lots of MS Apps, Adobe stuff, some video editors and all that, maybe MS apps on macOS are less hard to run