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Also astronaut, veteran, and fairly progressive.

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Peter Thiel literally wrote a fuckin essay on why he thinks democracy isn't compatible with what he calls "freedom".

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Probably the rampant reckless driving and disregard for other people's property.

As much as blood could be an argument, I think Donald himself hates his sons too much for that. To paraphrase Jon Stewart, JD Vance looks like the actor they'd pick to play Don Jr in a biopic

An F-35 can't stand on a street corner and enforce martial law. This argument falls apart when you look at any armed resistance fighting oppression.

I mean I haven't heard anything about him for president or anything and he's from my state so ofc I'm aware of him.

He's a senator from Arizona, the Dems shelled out massive amounts for his campaign to beat Martha "MAGA" McSally.

All in all, not a bad idea for a Presidential bid. He's a veteran combat pilot, a former astronaut, arguably a national hero for those 2, and he's pretty progressive to boot. I'll also never, sadly, discount the advantage a white dude has.

Bonus point: Gabby Giffords as first lady would definitely be actively pushing gun control reform from the platform.

So what you're saying is to make ALL of it into plastics

Of all the games to comment this on, BG3 is one game that is justified at full price for the sheer density of it, and all of it interesting. From day one they were hotfixing and it's never run badly, just not perfectly optimized.

I get gaming on a budget but this comment really sounds like hate trying to say it doesn't deserve full price.

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When someone says their burritos won't stay shut I immediately know that they don't know what they're doing.

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Bad post. Game theory describes a natural pattern towards a most efficient solution for all parts. Its just a math theory that helps predict results.

And why Harold? Just because he's on a PC? There are better formats for this in the first place, even if it made sense.

Not quite, the vaccine is only part of it. The Milwaukee Protocol involves putting the patient into a coma and dropping their body temp so low that the virus can't spread (should note that low core temps are why marsupials like opossums are damn near immune) because once symptoms are showing it's actively turning your brain to mush. Between the virus already being present and the coma, brain damage is basically guaranteed despite survival.

Iirc only 29 people recorded as surviving. We should note that rabies has a written record going back to the start of writing. 29, in 4 millennia.

Rabies is scary as fuck y'all. You can get this shit from getting an organ transplant from someone who never knew they were infected after being bitten by a bat while camping last year. here's a video that's pretty disturbing if you're wanting to see what dying of rabies looks like. Spoilers, it's awful.

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So when I search that. The character is pretty far down. Are we sure you don't just really like searching for cute anime girls and the search made an assumption?

I mean, she is pretty adorable so I wouldn't blame you

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It's Crusader Kings so probably something about marrying your sister.

The obvious conspiracy theory here is that Putin is dead and being deep faked by oligarchs(?) behind the curtain. We can extend this logic to say that Wagner backed out of their mutiny for seemingly no reason because Prigozhin was shown behind the curtain and was promised his own place behind the Putin-face. Ofc rather than dilute their own power to a mercenary with questionable ambitions, they just fuckin shot him down as he was safely preparing to "exile" to keep the story straight.

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The far right in Israel, the ones in control, are the most ironic fascists. Bibi has been intent on slaughtering Palestinians for so long, this is all lip service before the mass murder portion of the genocide.

The conspiracy theorist in me still struggles to believe that Hamas (and maybe/probably Iran) wasn't sniffed out by the Mossad or the IDF. These are two groups considered some of the best in the world at what they do and they've been hawking on Hamas for literally longer than most Palestinians have been alive. I absolutely would believe the Israeli far right would martyr a thousand people to get their 2 million.

This is fucking tragic. Golden rice hasn't been proven safe? It's fucking rice with a spliced gene to produce vitamin A. This is a life saver plain and simple. Monsanto is fucked for a whole host of reasons, but golden rice is not it. There has been study after study on it just to fucking prove that it's beta-carotene survived cooking.

When Greenpeace started opposing GMOs that could be patented, I was on board, but they just attack any GMO now.

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i said I cant survive for 3 months without pay, I have a mortgage and they looked me in the eye and said:

"well, you probably shouldn't have signed the contract then 🙂"

That's the type of response that would get some people stabbed with the nearest pointed object available.

Wouldn't be surprised if he himself or any number of people who fronted the money to get them elected are invested in that business

What "Other Data"?! Want my fuckin horoscope Zuck? How about the results of my last rectal exam? fuckin hell

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It is amazing how they are always the badass and victim in their own story.

This is fascism. Just pointing it out for everyone scrolling by. Not "everyone I hate is a Nazi". No, that contradiction is a key part of fascism. We cannot play nicely with those who aren't intent on even playing the same game.

Too many people are paycheck to paycheck. They're too afraid to commit to industry strikes, let alone a (illegal, cuz of fucking course it is) general strike.

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You seem to be vastly overestimating the general health of factory farmed poultry.

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He opened with praising Diablo 4, feels low effort and should net a penalty, with a bad finish too. I'll go with 4/10.

Yes, don't let people forget that this has been an on going genocide in Gaza and this is just Benjamin "needs a tiny moustache" Netanyahu "starting up the ovens" if you wanna get dark with it.

It's Italy. They elect them instead.

For a teenager, yes. That's why this is important.

Immediately read this headline and thought "Next, only married people should be having kids so realistically only the husband needs to vote since his wife should align with him". Followed by some good ol SA-style apartheid for the minorities.

Because they were doing a camera test. The gun was drawn and pointed in the direction of the camera, which had people behind it because there weren't supposed to be live rounds in the gun.

I thought this had been settled that it was the fault of the master amorer who was wholly unqualified to be doing the job.

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This cunt. I live in AZ so I've been dealing with her since she was on the local Fox station.

She's challenging this while also running for Senate. She has zero values.

Leave the Activision-Blizzard break room and go to a store. Might have better luck

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Nicotine addiction makes some people go so hard into denial it's unreal.

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What? Can we stop using this stupid as fuck term already? They're just fucking fascists. Empowering religious institutions are a core of fascism and not some unique Christian thing

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Lemmy really seems to generally think that TikTok isn't massively overall popular. Lemmy would have someone thinking it's a niche app only being used by teenagers.

He started it as polite as possible because people are going to potentially misunderstand you because nobody ever has used The Fed to refer to anything other than The Federal Reserve. I've had feds, with the s explicitly, refer to the whole federal govt more than I've heard The Federal ever refer to anything other than The Federal Reserve.

You went straight into dickhead territory because you can't handle someone trying to help prevent a misunderstanding that would be your fault.

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There's a specific reason the actors aren't supposed to check the gun. They cannot do anything that might fuck with a prop and fucking kill someone. They are to only use the weapon they've been given as instructed. It's the job of the master armorer to ensure that all weapons, prop or otherwise, are properly handled.

This is protocol so it's clear who's at fault when an incident like this happens because they can just trace chain of custody. If Baldwin had checked the gun or handled it in any way other than instructed, he would be liable.

Genuinely tho, can someone tell me how? Anime character have ageless faces as the standard, even anime parodies make fun of this.

If someone drew my partner, who is a very well proportioned 5ft nada, with a generic anime style, the ageless result would look like the image in the OP. The image even has an hourglass figure. Where does the "child" idea come from?

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Linux user doesn't mention they use Linux challenge (impossible).

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I've been seeing this on Lemmy lately, why are people going to roman numerals? Do we hate Arabic now? It's not saving keystrokes unless I'm crazy?

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A liberal is not necessarily a leftist. I'd comfortably say the liberal Democrats are not at all leftist

I'm almost betting on mixing drugs, the shrooms were just the thing that seemed the least illegal.