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I will always upvote a 30 Rock Reference

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Man.... If I wasn't already a recovering alcoholic this would shove me into sobriety so hard

There is no fine on earth that could be levied that would discourage others from doing this. If they have profits higher then who cares.

I'm in favor of forceful dissolution.

If you prove you cannot run a company safely, repeatedly violate safety violations and continue to do so for DECADES then you shouldn't be allowed to sell any product, ever again, to the public. The company should be scrapped and all assets sold off or let the government take it and start making cars but drop the cost massively and only sell to its citizens ala pharmaceuticals.

People get their drivers license taken away for far less than this. For pretty small things overall. Toyota laughed at customer safety for 30 years and has only admitted it when caught. Why the fuck is this company allowed to continue existing?

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Forget the fact they were hostages. They had already openly surrendered and were waving a white flag. They were non-combatants in every sense of the word. They murdered them.

Israel claims that 61% of deaths are civilian which is already beyond fucking abhorrent but with this news, is that number remotely reliable?

Israel has been dying to take every square inch of Palestine for decades. They took their opportunity and they are openly slaughtering the population. 61% by their own admission. Over half of all deaths have been civilian but still they keep pushing on. They kill their own people and still they push on.

I no longer see a difference between Israels government under Bibi/his party and the Nazis in WW2. Openly exterminating a group of people they do not like under the argument that they have some holy/divine/superior claim to land. That is literally the fucking Nazi playbook.

It is genuinely bonechilling and horrifying.

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Bro if that shit failed to perform then it's on them for failing to manufacture enough. The demand was there. And it out performed the Xbox whateverthefucknow.

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Well, for those curious this is from Jim Carrey's wikipedia but it's also not nearly as bad as it looks. Only one of those things a real problem.

Wrongful death lawsuits

Two lawsuits but over the same death that had zero proof that Carrey was in anyway involved. He started dating a woman named Cathriona White in 2012. She got married in 2013 but they continued their relationship in an on-again-off-again style until her suicide in 2015. The first suit claimed that Carreys wealth and personal influence to get the medication that she killed herself with. There was no evidence that this had happened in any way whatsoever. There was evidence that she had issues with prescription medication before she met Carrey though. The second wrongful death lawsuit was over the same death but this time from the mother of the deceased and for something completely different. This time it was claims that Carrey was riddled with STDs and had lied about it and hid the results from White. Both lawsuits were completely dismissed with no legal proceedings ever going further than those suits. No settlements were made. Carrey was a pallbearer at Whites funeral.

Vaccine skepticism

This is the one as bad as it looks. He wrote an article in 2009 that were doubting Vaccines and in 2015 he said the California governor was a "corporate fascist" who was "poisoning" children by enacting the vaccination requirements. He didn't say anything about the COVID vaccines that I can find elsewhere. Dude was an idiot but it's been 10 years and with him not talking too much about it I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. In 2009 he was dating Jenna McCarthy, a known anti-vax lunatic. Brainwashing doesn't take forever to get rid of. If he's still anti-vax then yeah, fuck him, but after 10 years without a peep during the biggest vaccine blitz known to man? I'm willing to hesitantly give him the benefit of the doubt. Am surprised no one pressed him on it though.

Political and Spiritual views

He believes in that 'The Secret' type nonsense "The Law of Attraction". Said he visualized having a $10 million cheque and putting it in his pocket and then 7 years later he got a $10 million cheque for Dumb and Dumber. Not really problematic so much as bizarre/unrealistic. He's also an outspoken socialist. The big part of that section is him talking about sparking an "international incident" because he was making political cartoons of Orange Hitler and then Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He made some cartoon that criticized fascism by depicting Mussolinis death. This pissed off Mussolinis granddaughter on twitter and she threw a hissyfit.

Artwork and NFTs

He's a painter and has been for a while. The section mostly focuses on that. There is a single line about NFTs, it being: "In April 2022, Carrey announced that he had minted his first art NFT via the NFT platform SuperRare. The NFT is based on a painting entitled Sunshower, and is accompanied by original voiceover." Apparently he also released a couple NFTs under a different name before releasing that public one. That is the entirety of his involvement within the NFT community. Also something stupid he did but given it isn't an ongoing thing he didn't push relentlessly it doesn't seem like that big a deal either.


The title is totally fucking true. Live your life like a good person, don't be a fuckwit, listen to experts, and don't jump on trends immediately without doing research. Might be a tiny problem or a big problem but you will have problems if you go down an alternate path. Problems you will then have openly deserved.

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Well, yeah. You'd have to be an absolute fucking idiot to say otherwise. The dude tried an insurrection. He routinely violated American democracy. It's almost like if you elect a wanna be dictator he's gonna, you know, become a dictator

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I will never understand how EA went from the game company everyone knew and quoted with that "Its in the game!" slogan to a laughing stock and poster child of shitty studios.

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Reminder that its limited to this version of Mickey. The Mickey we all know is still under copyright because Disney is evil.

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Been playing the closed beta and I know it's a beta but the game releases in 7 days. Not a whole lot you can do in that time.

The game is still really unpolished and feels jarring. The opening section has you in a rather large vessel but the thing turns on a dime. Only water craft able to turn like that is a jetski and even that didn't have the super tight turning radius this thing did. There was also no time in turning. It felt really jarring, especially when Black Flag did it so well.

The voice acting of the characters you start with is extremely uninspired. I don't blame the actors but the director who decided this was okay. It's so jarring and disconnected. Characters aren't even consistent on pronunciation of simple things.

The combat is hyper simplistic. It's just hold left trigger to aim and then hold right trigger to fire. A quote I said to my buddy while playing was "Huh. My pirate ship is fully automatic." The cannonballs just kept firing more and more until I needed a reload, then more and more. Everything is bulletspongey and nothing visually seems to change or update to sort of reflect the damage that you're doing. Most vessels you fight against have multiple giant red boxes where the helm is located and those boxes are explosive and almost guarantee a one hit kill. It just feels so basic and simple and boring. When you complete the opening battle and get your own small craft, you start getting attacked by sharks who are leaping out of the water to attack the boat. Not you. The boat. Because that makes sense. And you have to attack and kill the sharks by throwing harpoons at it, also super simple point and click. Think the fish fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake or even RE4 OG.

Walking around on the ground is painful. You can't sprint, for a start, and the character will either keep walking for another few feet when you stop or suddenly stop. This leads you to getting used to the trail so you stop preemptively and end up 5 feet away from the thing you need to do, forcing you to start walking again and that animation is also way too long.

One of the locations you have to go to at the start is called 'West Island'. I'm sorry but how simple and boring do you have to be at the start of the game to just lazily call it West Island because it's in the west?

This game is awful. It's a patchwork disaster which is only made more concerning by that article saying that the third creative director just left the game before it even launches.

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This is the one career I wanted to do something in. I started voice acting years ago.

Honestly just seems so pointless lately. Half the time voice over artists are not even recognized or even paid a decent amount. Now they wanna just copy and paste our voice.

I'm tired.

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I take offense to this. I have a little dick. I don't destroy everything for everyone around me while shitting myself violently. I say he has Caillou energy. Arrogant, narcissistic, hideous, an abject freak, a mistake granted legs and will hopefully suffer from a terminal illness.

Fuck Caillou. Fuck Steve Greedy Pig Boy Spez Huffman

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I was banned from for posting a meme about the fact that gay characters are removed from movies in China. Not even by a mod. By an admin. I'm not remotely surprised they're pro-shitheap in general

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Colorado Supreme Court be like:

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Just call it what it is.

Fucking snowflakes lmao

Politics is banned from c/

And speaking as a mod, report things. The vast majority of things I've dealt with as a mod were ones I saw myself or things friends sent on discord. People need to utilize the report function more often if they want moderation on things. We're not psychic.

As for being more stringent on the not being a dick rule, no. There's a base level of civility we expect but if we start getting super stringent on what constitutes being a dick, that's imposing moderator will on community and its what most of us left reddit to get away from.

Lastly, it's the Internet. Assholes exist everywhere. You are not going to escape it, ever, if you're using public servers. It's pretty much required to accept that fact just to use the Internet. Moderators do not exist to prune and preen social media to make it more comfortable for people. We remind people to follow the rules and act upon those who do not. If you're not breaking the rules then we're not going to "interact" because we have our own lives and our own posts we are interested in.

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There is an FDA report on it. There is nothing saying that it is a hoax or that it is fake.

If you're going to claim something is fake then I highly recommend you actually provide sources to back yourself up instead of this weirdly aggressive accusation based off of, seemingly, literally nothing.

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The current Israeli government is guilty of perpetuating the cycle of violence thrust upon them during WW2.

The current Israel Government is equivalent to that of the Nazi party.

The current Israel Government is guilty of genocide, condoning war crimes and of crimes against humanity.

The Israeli government must stand trial for their actions and be held accountable. If that means their death or eternal incarceration, then so be it.

Do the crime. Pay the time.

Free Palestine, you fucking terrorists.

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Oh my God that was 8 years ago what the fuck

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"Stupid fucking foreigner thinking my bread has a dick..."

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I like The Last Jedi.

That should be controversial enough.

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You are making a mistake that a lot of people do. Just because you are intelligent in one particular field doesn't mean that knowledge applies elsewhere. Time and time again we've seen some insane theories from truly talented people. My go to example is Ben Carson is a world renowned doctor who pioneered and succeeded in a surgery no one ever could have thought possible. He also believes the pyramids were used to store grain.

Intelligence and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

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Didn't Musk propose a peace plan that just gave Russia everything they wanted? Why wouldn't he give them Internet access?

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Poseidon. First off, he fucked dudes so I've got a chance. Second, I'm from an island and heavily respect the ocean already. Third is I wanna get railed floating in the middle of the ocean.

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Because voice actors are not considered real actors by SAG-AFTRA. Despite the fact that doing voice over work is typically far more grueling than being in front of a camera. I've never met a VOA who wasn't looked down on by other SAG members. Even by fucking extras. "You just stand in a booth and read lines."

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Fucking horrible. Hopefully more care will be taken for the chutes but honestly those things are looked after pretty carefully and closely to begin with. This is just awful. Blame lies 100% with Israel. If they weren't war criming it up around here and blocking all other paths of aid to the Gazan citizens then this shit wouldn't have happened. A truck doesn't fall on someones head randomly and that package was only dropped because BiBi is Goebbels 2.0. Frothing at the mouth with hatred, bile and bigotry in an attempt to wipe peoples off of the face of the planet in some idiotic bid for purity of the homeland.

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Finland: And now we have a pact with NATO. You wanna cause 'problems'? We will cause 'solutions'. Ours are bigger and, as seen in Ukraine, considerably more effective.

Despite the memo’s framing as an effort to not employ incendiary language to describe killings “on all sides,” in the Times reporting on the Gaza war, such language has been used repeatedly to describe attacks against Israelis by Palestinians and almost never in the case of Israel’s large-scale killing of Palestinians.

Thank you for bolding it because it is the only relevant part of the article. If they wanna use scaled back language then fine, I have no real issue with that but if you're breaking those rules for one side and upholding them for another then you're just a hot pile of biased bullshit.

I'm tired of being alive

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Both of 'em

Kinda funny considering the vast majority of instance admins all talk to each other and keep up to date about problem users, features, bugs, etc.

Way less animosity than people think lol

The country genociding people have to make mass graves from executing civilians? Say it ain't so.

  1. It is categorically nonsense. It has no basis in science, reality or even common sense.

  2. I never stated that it came from one website. I said "The Secret" type. You missed an entire word. That would be a fair way to describe it as The Secret is the most common version of this nonsense.

  3. I will ridicule anything that ultimately blames you for anything negative in your life. That's the thing about this utter bullshit that people don't seem to realize. There is a seriously dangerous flipside to believing that all the good in your life comes from manifestation. It means that all of the negative in your life is either you manifesting it as well or something you deserve for just not trying hard enough. That is disgusting and is not worthy of any respect in my opinion. Any "belief" that victim blames is something that is immediately worthless in my eyes. Not to mention the fact that it completely devalues hardwork and dedication by saying if you just visualize and believe it hard enough that it'll magically appear in your life. Like I said. Nonsense.

  4. People who believe in this "law of attraction" and people who believe that vaccines cause autism both lack critical thinking skills. It's completely unsurprising that they're linked or that there's a pretty frequent overlap.

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I'm Canadian too. Here's the absolutely batshit thing. They do have it down in the states but they don't call it Kraft Dinner. To them it's just "Kraft Mac & Cheese". Their boxes just say Macaroni and Cheese with a Kraft brand on top of it. They actually have to distinguish between boxed and baked mac and cheese...

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So either they were going light on sanctions despite Russia invading and attacking a sovereign nation or they're lying about adding sanctions just for diplomatic clout.

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I honestly have no idea what cities and counties expect these people to do.


They expect us to die.

I spent half of my 20s homeless in Canada and was outright told by a cop that he would have preferred to come deal with my dead body. "Why don't you kill yourself? Make my life a lot easier so I wouldn't have to come and tell your lazy ass to move and get a fucking job. Get out of here. If I see you back here again then my boots won't and might walk into you."

Most cops were spiteful and vindictive but wouldn't outright say anything like he did. Most of the time I would ask for help. Like where should I go? Always afraid. Always nervous. I didn't want to be homeless. I was terrified. I wanted to be okay again. But everytime I asked for help they would shrug and say "That's not my job." Meanwhile the people whose job it would be? They're not funded.

They just want us to die.

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"Guns aren't the problem."

They're a pretty massive part of it. Abolish the second amendment.

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