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Hey, y’all! Just another random, loudmouthed, opinionated, Southern-fried nerdy American living abroad.

This is my lemmy account because I got sick of how unstable kbin dot social was.

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Cops really do lie about everything.

I’d have played it day one had it come out on PC. They’re the ones deciding to cripple sales.

Since I’ve got to wait at least a year - possibly two if they decide to do a timed Epic exclusivity - there’s no way I’m paying full price and will wait for a sale once it’s on Steam.

All to avoid paying child support. Jfc.

It’s a completely deserved win. It’s one of those games that I want to start playing again before I even finish a play through.

It’s a problem when it’s defaming someone.

Y’all gotta stop listening to Elon Musk without the world’s largest block of salt.

I didn’t include it because it wasn’t in the first three paragraphs. My excerpt is literally the beginning of the article.

…yeah, I don’t have words for this one past “wtf?!”

The US shifted from a veto to abstaining, which is as close as the US is likely going to get to voting against Israel. That’s actually a huge shift, as soft as it might seem.

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Yeah, but old racists don’t like seeing Black people on screen, and that’s what’s really matters, doncha know.

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How are they so bad at this?!

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There was a time when Boeing was famous for its quality. Then came corporate greed and having to please shareholders over everything else.

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Jfc, that poor kid. Everyone failed him in the worst way.

Yes. When people were in full conspiracy mode on Twitter over Kate Middleton, someone took that grainy pic of her in a car and used AI to “enhance it,” to declare it wasn’t her because her mole was gone. It got so much traction people thought the ai fixed up pic WAS her.

If only we didn’t live in a dystopia and that was what this was for.

He is completely incapable of keeping his big mouth shut.

The only problem with the Democratic Party is that not only is it run by geriatrics who are out of touch, all their advisors are also geriatrics who are out of touch.

The stroke may well have been part of it, but he honestly told us who he was when he pulled a shotgun on an unarmed Black man out for a jog, all because he thought he’d heard gunshots and assumed the man was running away.

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The problem is that it stopping them at all to even ask for a picture is legit cutting into the time that their clients have paid for. Geisha and maiko’s time is paid for in set blocks of time, and the clock starts ticking from the moment they leave the geisha house and start walking. The longer it takes them to actually get to where their appointment is, the less time they have with their clients.

Nah, it’s people are legit a-holes to women walking down the street. They’re harassing maiko who are literally just walking to work. People are grabbing them, pulling out their hair ornaments, getting in their way, etc. it’s been a problem since even before the covid lockdowns.

It’s honestly upsetting to see.

A sundown town. They’ve made a sundown town.

And like these anti-abortion laws are about control.

Do you also think the Saturday Night Massacre was Nixon killing everyone? This kind of hyperbole isn’t new at all.

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Of course a former police detective would find the police did nothing wrong.

Yay, we broke the planet 🙃🙃🙃🥴

Not earthquakes this big. There hasn’t been one this size there in 25 years.

But they won’t, because once they get into Congress they get just as tied to big money as any other politician. Plus, there all too busy trying to chase after Republican voters, even though they’ll never, ever vote for a Democrat.

I scroll through to see if things have been posted before. If I don’t see it, I assume it hasn’t. And I use a client so I don’t see if there are cross posts because it doesn’t display them.

That “rely on fear” thing was a joke that people looking to get mad are taking seriously.

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I’m looking at Disco Elysium.

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Oh ffs.

Yeah ok sure 🙄

Dreadwolf is still MIA and if that is the same quality as Anthem, there might be an ME5, but it won’t be BioWare making it.

Only when it’s theirs.

Because the algorithm will always try to fill the timeline with something. It’s not going to show you empty spaces where tweets WOULD have been if people who left had been there.

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?? I didn’t post this anywhere else? Or even see it anywhere else?

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Please say sike.

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You step on people you see as beneath you, and suck up to those you see as having power.

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I’m still trying to figure out where I want to go since I’ve given up on kbin social, so I’ll give piefed a shot as well - I do like the UI so far.

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Since you’re ok with horror, I highly recommend both Detention and Devotion by Red Candle Games. Both of them start out as horror, then gut punch you as you realize what’s going on. Devotion is an amazing example of domestic horror (the horror that can happen inside the home), and Detention is the horror that people do when they don’t realize the consequences of their actions. Devotion has stuck with me, and to this day the last line makes me want to cry.

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