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For those who are wondering, Americans store glue in this kind of jug. /s

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a petition to ban marketing, advertising, and sale of personal information in general would be a good way to have a chance at shattering big tech and commercial crap all at once, but it'll never happen 🙁

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Society needs to change on a fundamental level. The school system is flawed. The government is flawed. Social expectations are flawed. The tech industry is rotten to the core. The environment is collapsing under the weight of random stuff humanity wants but doesn't need or benefit from. Our generation needs to fix this and clean up after our ancestors.

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painfully true

but then if they dont cybersecure the stuff, they will be infected with animalware

I mean something that lets me toggle actual mic input to sites once they have access, because if you turn it off you need to refresh to turn it back on.

why is no one else mentioning home birth??


HONK HONK indeed.

yes kinda but also only actually giving input when i want to

I have a similar idea: Muesli/granola with yoghurt, plus an apricot on the side.

but preferably keep the wild ones

singapore is doing this kind of city design already why can't others follow

Didn't buy this (got as gift) but Nicron B74 flashlight, super bright

Username checks out

And then scavenge around a city, getting an axe, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a bicycle (not motorbike because fuel), a survival kit (matches/flint, compass, etc.) and some survival guidebooks such as general survival guide or foraging guide. Now you're all set for making a shelter in the woods and staying away from everything, making occasional trips to the city for supplies. Maybe you'll even manage to make a kinda comfy home up a tree or something.

Is it vegan?

thats not Australia thats the Arctic Ocean, and the thing in the bottom right is Lake Titicaca with Portugal floating in it for some reason

the true origin of donuts

if you earn lots of money then given that police is state funded thats ~5mln away from the state which is good or bad depending on many things

second time today im replying "painfully true" today

i misread this as "Peanut butter and humans are the same thing." lol 🤣🤣🤣

learning spanish on duolingo because of travel plans