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So true bestie pegs you


When she jerks you off for the first time

Bro casually downed whole world infrastructure

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*production systems around whole world

Botnet if you will

That's one cool looking bong

808 slow vibes

I use vscode because it links libraries better than Linux itself, i mean, i downloaded pre made GitHub project, in my case it was "testdisk" and i want to build it, it won't build with gcc even though all required libraries was installed prior, while vscode do compilation from first try

Use this bro

First one, that mf neva freeze

Me signing into active directory


Proxmox with windows containers is used widely

You'll need some active cooling if you're gonna compile some code, so aim at pro 13, same size but without throttling in heavy tasks Here you go homie, for your first time use not arch but arch based distro with gui preinstalled

They need to get used to not being paid for their games

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Millennials will see this and say "hell yeah"

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True game-developers-back-then-bs-game-developers-now-v0-cg2vl2q23x2b1-2219955071 (1)

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Anything but metric

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EU be like: aw shit here we go again

MBAs ruin everything

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For all worrying about it I'd like to say, you can re-add driver code and compile your own kernel, and everything will be working fine, and last time I've read wiki there's SLTC support for Linux 6.1 means your GPUs will be officially supported until 2033

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I'm out of the loop, can someone reply what's going on? I'll leave this comment for those like me who curious what happened

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Enshittification be like

I mean, our generation have mental-sensory overload so that's why we are constantly exhausted and drained mentally

Don't put your finger in that (probably still safer than real one)

C can STRUCTurise classes tho

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