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This is two months old and a report about the exodus that's already happened.

Reddit didn't die, it probably won't anytime soon.

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Aren't these the same guys that have a stick up their ass about AMD and/or they get paid by Intel to be biased?

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You are, however, NOT allowed to emulate Pokemon Red/Blue on your Android phone. That's "frowned upon."

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Pro: Video passthrough is a leap forward, hand and eye tracking are awesome.

Con: video passthrough is fuzzy, hand and eye tracking are kinda shit.


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This whole thing is just stupid.

Did we get angry when computers cut accounting staff by 75% because one person and QuickBooks can do the job of a whole fleet of people? No. AI will change jobs in the same way computerization changed jobs. The same way the combine changed farming and the cotton gin changed textiles.

What we need to ACTUALLY BE WORRIED ABOUT is what we failed to be concerned with last time. The productivity increase and job elimination just went to the fucking top of the ladder. If that happens again we will have massive unemployment.

We need to tax the shit out of companies using AI to replace humans, and start setting up the infrastructure for the inevitable UBI that further automation will require.

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Your expectations of people understanding falconry in general and the gear that falconers use is far higher than I'd give the average person credit for tbh.

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Considering how much time Apple users spend bitching about green text bubbles and "shitty android photos" it would meaningfully impact their experience when talking to anyone that's not on iPhone.

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Not to mention most of the commenters just hate on the technology too, every article about any type of transportation that isn't trains people just shit on it in the comments. "How is this gonna save the planet?" "Why does this need to exist?"

Hating technology should be its own community.

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So spend money to get bad info, sick.

The evidence of religion ruling people's lives is right in front of you and you act like we are drawing conclusions from nothing.

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It's a solid anecdote, for sure.

Absolutely not "proof" though. Unless you made absolutely sure to not accidentally look at a photo on social media of a baby for too long, or scrolled too slowly past a YouTube reel aimed at kids, or listened to a baby shark trap remix on Spotify.

We have LLM models that can give you (mostly) accurate data on how to do a given task based purely on their ability to guess which word comes next from the sources being fed to it, and you don't think algorithms exist to extrapolate your potential buying habits based on the aforementioned data points?

I've gotten very specific targeted ads before that were completely wrong, just because I'd watched like one YouTube video about the hobby or something. It's really just a prediction algorithm based on the troves of data our use of digital devices gives them.

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"However, the skillset has been retained in our documentation for future potential expansion into potential expansion."

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They can both be true, further escalation is possible.

Your still have a bone, ligament and muscle structure that developed under testosterone, I don't think that just "goes away" once you remove the hormones that brought it on in the first place.

Yeah because the twenty years we spent arming and training the Afghani military did sooooo much last time.

We should fuck off and stop destabilizing countries is what we should do.

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Land. Value. Tax.



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"Hey, we saved money by computerization, so we're gonna pass that cost onto you!"

"Don't you mean 'pass the savings onto us?'"

:D "Nope!"

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Because it's the easiest way to fulfill a niche while doing absolutely nothing that requires effort.

Content wise it's the same as anything else, they just change the title and the actors say "step bro" like ten times in the intro and then it's just normal porn.

"We can't lower prices! Look at how much we have to spend!!"

Points at billions in ad slots being watched by mostly AI now

Wait, so let me get this straight.

You purchased a device that presumably has no local storage and are upset that it needs you to login to a server that can then stream you the music?

Or is this an issue of not having a paid account?

I guess Spotify didn't realize someone who didn't pay for Spotify would be likely to pay 100 bucks for a device to stream Spotify, and in most cases I'd say they're probably right.

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Cardboard and paper bags went out of style because of the "save the rainforest" narrative. Even though most paper products are made from trees specifically grown to be harvested for their wood.

That's why we started using plastic bags at grocery stores, remember?

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Bold of you to assume they believe the end isn't still right around the corner.

Most of the stereotypical religious nutjobs I know just use climate change as an example of the end times.

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I'm pretty sure they were upfront about their intended use to help research personalized medication. This isn't some conspiracy.

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He doesn't care about Twitter cause he never wanted to buy it. Claiming he was going to was just a justification so he could sell Tesla stock without shareholders questioning it.

The dude's got a habit of using social media to influence the stock value of his own companies so he can buy low and sell high. The Twitter acquisition was a complete farce to cover up his market manipulation tactics.

  1. It's not just P2W games that don't have anticheat support, id keep windows for warzone alone but there are a few more that don't work with proton because of anticheat software. Unfortunately mostly the games I play.

  2. How the fuck are you having this much trouble? I mean there's some really easy distros out there like Nobara but if you can install Arch how the fuck have you failed to install windows? Just make a windows 10 bootable and follow the on screen instructions until you're in the desktop.

However, delay also doesn't mean a better product. It's possible for a game to be delayed a ton, and then still really suck.

Delay doesn't equal good. DN: Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines made that clear.

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"Why doesn't Uber specific hardware that the vendor DEMANDED be put on a switch that we don't have credentials for not work seamlessly with the network?!?"

"Because it doesn't confirm to the standards of TCP/IP, and requires a dual NIC solution because God forbid they design their system to allow basic routing."

"You just don't know what you're doing!"

"No, I'm just not going to volunteer myself to learn FCoIP so that your one special system has the support it needs until we deprecate it in six months."

Why do you think they used the blonde woman for the post? At least they have misogyny to call back on.

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RIP, let's be honest though it was just for the bit.

Any particular reason you felt you needed to blur the last octet? Lol it's a private IP, outside your broadcast domain and NAT it's not unique.

Pretty much every home ISP router is going to hand out IP's on a class C zero subnet (, if I was trying to fingerprint a network I'd start there anyways but you'd need the public IP for that to even matter.

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Modern fundamentalist American Christians would have been in the crowd shouting for barrabas to be released, make no mistake.

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Just out of curiosity, what other violent crimes do get a pass for "not knowing it was wrong?"

Like do you believe that people can assault other people with weapons without knowing it was wrong? Can they beat their wives and not know it was wrong?

You seem to have a weird hangup on rape in particular in comparison to other violent crimes when it comes to "knowing it was wrong."

I'm pretty sure the MS13 guys that butcher people know it's wrong they just don't give a shit. I'm sure people who use physical violence to get what they want know it's wrong but they just don't care.

Stupid standard, people can rationalize any crime rape ain't special.

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Flat Earth Follower: "So what was the result of that laser gyroscope experiment we all gave you money for?"

Flat Earth Leader: "Well it showed a 15 degree an hour rotation... So we think 'heaven energies' are affecting it."

Flat Earth Follower: Nods happily, knowing he doesn't have to change his beliefs.

That's not the goal and the Ukrainians aren't going to waste their lives pushing to Moscow. They just want their country back, that's been there intent since day 1.

So I assume the leadership, which gets paid the big bucks due to their decisions making much larger impacts on the company, will take responsibility for the action and will be fired due to their salary being based on the level of personal responsibility to their company's success/failure.

Oh wait, no. Once again we wipe out the bottom rung workforce, expect the remaining employees to do twice the work with no extra pay in the face of increasing cost of housing and living, meanwhile their professional gambler CEO either gets off scott free or snags a golden parachute on the way out the door to their next job.

The comment is talking about prince.

That's total bullshit, sorry.

I've had fantastic relationships with people who like music I hate, and bad ones with people who like the same genres as me.

You can't judge someone's personality by their music taste outside of it just being basic or not. Such a strange thing to hang your hat on.

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Coal or nuclear, it's all steam baby

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Physical therapy will always be the better route.

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Unfortunately climate change makes things more turbulent and extreme on both ends of the spectrum.