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I go to the same college as she did, I didn't know her as I'm two years above her. There is currently a makeshift memorial set up in memory of her where they held the vigil the day after she was shot. What was really surreal was driving around close to where she was shot was just seeing people walking around like nothing had happened, just continuing on with their lives. I felt this same way the day of the Covenant shooting, which was less than a year ago now. I honestly think that the only way this senseless gun violence will end is if someone shoots up the capitol (pls note I do not plan on this or that this is a call to action). I wish we didn't have to deal with this but the gun culture has become to ingrained that I wonder how many innocent lives we'll go through before it ends.

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That writer's joke... oof. What a bad time for that joke to air

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Office Space, created and directed by Mike Judge who created King of the Hill and Bevis and Butthead

You can also get a decaffeinated tea as well to drink


They don't, there were and potentially still are plans to add the ability to listen at CD quality, but it's been almost 3 years since the announcement so I highly doubt it's coming anymore. It also would've been 20 USD, at that price I would rather use Spotify premium for it's playlist features and Qobuz for it's fidelity for that price.

God bless soulseek