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Convenient service for converting video to gif

Unfortunately the support of videos in Lemmy is not very good. I'm have to convert the video to gif and the resulting image weighs more than the original video file. In addition, the image quality deteriorates.

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Notice the warning icon in browser next to the domain name

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We don’t know what conditions are in the kitchen of the restaurant that prepared the sushi, or what kind of food suppliers they have.
There is logic in subjecting food to heat treatment.

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Your face when you go to the store to buy groceries, only to find that the prices have increased again.

Some users consider things like fluffy cat eggs or a stuffed boar to be content that hurts their feelings and ask that content be flagged as nsfw.

This is for Plankton

Do you guys have a photo collection for every occasion?
And where do you store such an array of files?

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All that is known from the original post is that it takes place in Turkey. Why the driver did this is unknown.

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Guys, how do your apps display videos?

Is it worth uploading video memes or is it better to convert them to gif format?