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I bought an 4.7 rated amplifier on Amazon that broke the first day. Looking at the reviews closer, I noticed they were 100% paid reviewers.

When I tried to leave a negative review, Amazon stopped me, giving a generic message about fake reviews on this product. This product is still out their with a high rating and no way for actual purchasers like me to warn other customers.

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Hyperbole has always been at the center abortion debate. But the kick is, all these pro lifers are perfectly fine with abortion when it's done for them or their loved ones.

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The cult of Reagan complaining how the cult of Trump won't work with others. The missing subtext being the cult of Reagan refusing to work with anyone not in a cult. A tale as old as 2016

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Deep down in the vox article, it says Glossip was not present for the murder. I live in Oklahoma and been following the story for awhile now. It's one of those cases where they arrested the murderer, but that wasn't enough for them. So they made a deal with the murderer to testify against Glossip like he's a criminal mastermind. The murderer was untrustworthy, then dies in prison, and that testimony is the only solid evidence they have against Glossip. I feel so bad for Glossip.

Our criminal justice is run by criminals y'all.

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Twitch is run like a private equity acquisition. The rates they are forced to pay their parent company, Amazon, are above market value. Twitch's services will get worse and worse for both streamers and viewers until all the equity is sucked dry. Late stage capitalism y'all.

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When you read these stories just remember the leaders who profit off these products are shielded from their cost saving decisions. Late stage capitalism y'all.

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These "why I left the left" grifters, if their prominences don't lead reasonable people to believe how society engineered to stear us conservative. Then recall James Comey a couple weeks before the 2016 election. Which candidate's investigation did he tell the world about, which did he stay mum on? Which investigation was BS, which one showed strong links to foreign agents?

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What's it called when Christians explain to their Jewish neighbors that any criticism of the Israeli government is actually anti-Semitism?

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Gross negligence can and should be brought up in a civil case. But criminal law is a different animal. People get killed all the time, but you don't get charged for murder when it's obviously an accident. Even involuntary manslaughter probably has too high a bar for a rich person to get convicted. Remember the afluenza kid?

Same person who media figures claimed was trans to help whatabout this hate crime against the LGBTQ community?

Same person who previously streamed himself in a standoff with SWAT? Home was loaded with guns and explosives, but the police dropped the charges for technical reasons...

The USA has no ability to meaningful prosecute, let alone understand alt right terrorism plaguing this country.

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Biden started out well in 21 and 22 because he tried to appeal to his progressive base. That being said, Biden is a fucking moron if he believes his neolib pivot didn't hurt his poll numbers.

It's not too late, Biden needs to pivot back to progressive policies instead of this blame the voters BS like Hillary tried. Blame leaders, not voters.

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Hedgefundaganda from sfgate. Classic playbook from the rich, pitting people against each other to deflect blame.

No need to defend Jared. He got several huge loans while was Trump in office.

Here's a link to one of them:

I think stories like these expose the brain rot at the top echelons of society. All of them believe some form of Ayn Rand BS that they alone are preventing society from collapsing when really they are preventing families from obtaining living wages, affordable education, and healthcare.

People should vote for Biden over the other guy because the other guy is the worst.

But Biden and his team are fucking morons if they believe funding a genocide won't cost them any votes. Democratic voters aren't in a cult, don't expect 100% of them to fall in line when their president doing extremely unpopular things.

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The LinkedIn employees on Blind (an anonymous social media site for tech workers) are beyond pissed, no justification for this beyond greed.

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Biden could have stopped this conflict and got all the hostages released back in October if he temporarily withheld arms from Bibi. But he'd rather infantilize Israel with his bear hug policy. He can't fathom it's a government of ultra right individuals assembled to protect Bibi from corruption charges.

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This beach town is slowly dying. Rising sea levels are already swallowing it's beaches during the highest tides and they will eventually demolish the city itself. And these myopic GOP voters would rather ban pride month flags than recognize the climate crisis they are leaving their grandchildren.

We don't need to pretend this flag ban is a serious issue by serious voters.

Harris probably thinks of herself as the loyal government servant who has always done what is asked of her. The problem is, much of what America does is unpopular with public and people want to find politicians to blame everything on.

I would bet her poll numbers would flip if she spent her VP career pissing off rightwing donors and going left of Biden on popular issues.

I grew up believing all loans is money banks lend you from their own money they have on hand. But that is a lie. That money is created by the fed reserve when the paperwork is signed. And all the bank has to do is follow rules their lobbyists write.

Why do we even need private banks? I bet people could handle their own fianaces a lot better if we had direct access to fed money creation and we didn't let bank lobbyists write the rules.

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Democrats have a messaging problem, it's confusing the way Biden is going about debt relief.

Biden should pause student debt payments and interest while he's president. He can tell the press congress needs to pass a reform bill first before payments restart.

It's a simple idea, and let the courts try an micromanage a presidency.

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Out of all the people that know 100% Baldwin is guilty of manslaughter, how many would flip their opinion in an instant if Trump killed someone while filming a pro gun campaign ad?

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Is anyone even investigating her? The police are on her side.

Isn't this the point of capitalism? Is there a single industry out there that wouldn't collapse without the welfare it receives from Uncle Sam?

My lender has been sitting on my application for PAYE since September. And I doubt it ever gets processed as it won't help their bottom line.

Biden should have left the debt pause indefinitely and fight judges who ruled against himself. The courts allow delays. This would gain him back a lot of support and it would cost him zero political capital.

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Whether you see it or not, your opinion is carving out a way for legal bigotry when done by a christian. Of course an atheist refusing to serve this asshole bigot would open up the door for a religious discrimination case against the atheist because bigots want nothing more than to divide society. We have no obligation to defend a bigot's rights they are actively taking those same rights away from others.

I could of sworn I've seen other CSM PDF files getting over a decade in jail. Pays off to be a criminal cop.

There aren't many people that call themselves leftist and elections are won for Democrats by getting disinterested voters to the polls.

This meme is trash and serves no purpose other than dividing people. Anyone worried about Biden to losing this election should hope he changes strategies and starts motivating voters like he did 2020.

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At this point I think it's more likely for centrists dems to bail out the GOP for zero concessions than any republican to come to their senses.

GOP is a cult, you can't just up and leave a cult.

Misinformation works though. Antivaxer are rentlenless and they are always releasing studies to prove their lies. Combine that with social media algorithms that love controversy and this shit gets deadly.

To put it in perspective, the USA could easily have more people die of covid this year than fentanyl ODs but everyone is acting like the battle is over.

Regular voters hear headlines like "Millions Illegally Crossed" and "Undocumented Crime Wave"; they naturally blame Biden because he's an incumbent. The recent Gallup polls are alarming.

Biden should have focused American businesses that hired illegals, not punishing migrants for wanting a better life. Trump along with many GOP donors have hired illegals in the past, go after them and you win the debate.

In other words, more elections years you voted in since 2018 makes it more likely you voted for Biden.

This makes sense because Trump pushed turnout for the Dems with his deeply unpopular presidency. And this same dynamic can sink Biden in 2024 if he continues to be more unpopular than Trump.

Neoliberalism y'all, TSA's equipment and all the services that go along with it are actually revenue streams invented by mega donors. The "free" market in action.

It's not Israel, it is Western leaders, who act more like a Mafia boss that doesn't get their hands dirty.

Our leaders aren't politicians, they are a class of cosmopolitan billionaires from all around the world. Genocide is bad for business so they are trying to suppress the coverage. As that fails, I think a reckoning will happen to the Israeli leadership. See South Africa.

Robert Kraft got the billionaire treatment in court with a judge being hostile to the prosecution. They claimed the cops lied getting the search warrant. The courts even went so far to say this sex work wasn't coerced.

Many people would argue these masseuses were exploited, but this how capitalism works. The system ain't about to reform itself out of existence.

I have a few examples, but how else do you explain his pro Zionist stances that are to the right of any POTUS in history.

"If there were not an Israel the US would have to invent an Israel" -Biden.

Report claiming Obama thought Vice President Biden undercut his position with the Israeli in 2014.

NYT article on his unwaivering support.

Obama is more American than Trump. Don has just one natural born US ancestor, Fred Sr. He married two immigrants, most of his kids have just two natural born US ancestors, himself and Fred Sr.

Trump hire a bunch of undocumented workers at his properties because he can't afford to pay market rates for his employees.

Trump doesn't give af about the blood of our country, just another fascist using bigotry to gain power.

The cult of Reagan values only one thing, loyalty to the cult.

It's the same attack as liberals did against Bernie voters in 2016. And whatever, we live in a center right nation, I get the Boogeyman left is a popular target. But this passive aggressive shit is transparent as fuck.

They aren't being attacked for what they said, they are being slandered as terrorists sympathizers by a media and public that has not interest in critical thinking.

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