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Thank you, I'm pretty proud of myself as well. I was already prepared to re-install from scratch, because I have backups in place. I still can't understand why a tiny programme completely borked Software Center, but apparently Windows and Linux don't mix at all, unless you use Wine.

I second that. Fossify also has a whole suite of other apps. It's a fork from Simple Tools which sold out. Fossify Gallery is awesome and also available on Play Store. Other apps are making their way there. NB! Not connected to Fossify, just a fan of what they're doing.

Just don't add any random numbers to the name, which I see you haven't done, so I think you're good.

Technically, you're looking at art.

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Not affiliated with them in any way but want to say this: support them, if you can. The amount of support, or lack thereof, could make or break this fork.

FTFY: Longbow was the main battle weapon of the English. Yumi was the main battle weapon of the samurai.

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  • Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want)
  • Qobuz (high quality downloads, the CD quality option is the cheapest but it's really also plenty good enough)
  • HDTracks (pricier than the cheapest option on Qobuz but better quality)
  • 7digital (offers cheap mp3 downloads but some albums might be pricier than Qobuz and lower quality)
  • iTunes (the app, on Windows Store, cheapest of all and lowest quality but cheap but also better quality than free streaming plans)
  • Used CDs which you can rip to your computer and then give away (since you already have the music on your computer and/or back-ups. You'll need to invest in a CD drive, though. And some other media like a hard drive to back up the music.)

Or just use an adblocker like uBlock and listen to Deezer and Spotify on their web apps (no interrupting ads).

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But maybe the virus is in the image file? /j

Okay, I might give PeerTube another try.

FreeTube? Or are you watching on your phone?

In Finland, even former presidents are addressed as President so and so.

My upvote goes to Master PDF Editor as well. Only PDF reader/editor that can do annotations and notes sufficiently well, in my very personal opinion.

I found which has an unlimited upload quota... I think?

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FocusWriter for a minimalist, focused writing experience. You can edit the existing template for a dark theme and white text. I rather like the typewriter font, Liberation Mono (it was Courier something back on Windows). Give it a try. I've been using it for around 3-4 years.

No prob! 😊 👍️

Wow, thanks for this important detail. I'll be doing it from the Settings menu so I hope there won't be any issues. I'll report back once I've done it. EDIT: It worked without any problems. I disabled screen locks and the Google account (just followed the Android Central instructions) and voila, Bob's your uncle.

Thanks for reminding me that beauty really is skin deep because underneath you've got THIS. Shudder

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Yes, there have been bows that are long, but not like the longbow. As you say, the longbow was used to shoot volleys, while the yumi could also be used on horseback. The longbow had a very heavy draw weight, around 90-120 lbs. That's the weight you have to pull to get it at full draw. The yumi possibly had a a lower draw weight (although Korean and Mongolian and Turkish composite bows had draw weights of around 100 lbs as well, and they were mainly used on horseback). Again, the yumi has a shorter lower limb which meant it could be used on horseback (and it was) while there is no way a longbow could have. So the longbow and the yumi are very different technically.

Tauon Music Box available on Flathub. You look for albums by typing on your keyboard. Once you see the result which says "Artist", hit enter. It creates a playlist which shows all the albums of that playlist. The next time you want to listen to that artist, start typing and select "[Artist name] playlist". This concept differs from a traditional concept of playlists, because it doesn't actually create playlists you can use or export. I just like the UI, although the play controls are bit weird, they don't quite work the way you'd expect them to. It's a new project but worth keeping an eye on.

I'm just adding an additional source, because I just recently read about this way of using the forward slash to create abbreviations. English Language & Usage has a good post on Stackexchange. Wikipedia says they are used for "two-letter initialisms" (a type of abbreviation). Wikipedia also provides some more examples, see here.

"Rwy'n hoffi chi. Dych chi eisiau mynd i'r caffi gyda mi am baned o goffi?"


"I like you. Do you want to go to the café with me to have a cup of coffee?"

I'm still learning Welsh, so this might contain mistakes, but it's better than saying you don't understand her... For future reference, you know.

Edit: Meant to reply to the comment below me.

I don't know if this is alternative, but Faye Wong's cover of The Cranberries' "Dream" called 掙脫 from her album Sky. Released in 1994, same as me. The first one is the Mandarin version, this is the Cantonese version. She is a native Mandarin speaker. PS. I don't speak Chinese despite the courses I took. 😅

An oldie but a goodie.

Well damn it, I'm in love. Thanks a lot...

Joke's on them, I don't want Youtube recommendations anyway. I just search for the stuff I want and subscribe to the channels I like. Besides, I've made my Youtube front page blank with CSS to avoid all the spam.

You're right. I'll just go with a cloud storage provider then, other than Google. My main concern is privacy, yes. I recently got rid of my Youtube account, which had accumulated a little too much information about me for my liking. But returning to cloud storage, If I use shareable links for friends and de-share the videos when done, I don't think they'll leak outside of said cloud storage provider.

  • Hello = Shwmae / S'mae
  • Good morning - Bore da
  • Day - Dydd
  • Yes - ydw, ydy (and other words, it's a bit complicated)
  • Correct - iawn
  • Goodbye - hwyl
  • Boy = Bachgen / Hogyn (South Wales / North Wales)
  • Girl = Merch / Hogan (South Wales / North Wales)
  • Motorway - Traffordd
  • Shop - Siop
  • Phone - Ffôn, mobile phone - ffôn symudol
  • Banana - Banana
  • The - y, yr
  • A - (no article)
  • You - chi / ti
  • We - ni
  • Us - ni
  • Him - o
  • Her - hi
  • Them - nhw
  • Up - i'r lan
  • Down - i lawr
  • This - hon / hwn / hyn
  • that - hyna
  • those - hwnnw

I can't be arsed to write the pronunciation in IPA. Just go on Google Translate to hear how it's pronounced or learn Welsh on Duolingo.

Da iawn, rwyt ti'n gallu siarad / ysgrifennu Cymraeg nawr / rŵan! :)

Lately, Nosaj Thing - Aquarium.

I don't know but you're better off using MusicBee anyway.

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If we're talking about English, there were different kinds of English which were spoken (Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, and Modern English. And no, Old English doesn't just mean English that sounds 'old'. It was an early variety of English that was spoken from the 5th/7th century to 1066). All of them had their own phonology, morphology and syntax. In short, they followed their own linguistic rules and conventions. The way they sounded wasn't just randomly made up. To find out more, look up the varieties of English I mentioned or take a look at this Wikipedia article about Historical linguistics.

I had no idea it was such an old band (it was formed in 1999). I had only heard a couple of their newer songs, "Nineteen" and "Love They Say". I gotta listen to their first album!

You're welcome! :)

Thanks for the idea. I tried Handbrake to decrease the video quality and it seemed to work well. Also, getting rid of audio also gets rid of a big chunk of data, decreasing the file size.

Yup, I know a factory reset won't revert it to stable. I'm happy with the beta because everything seems to be working okay. I can't seem to get it to install security updates, but the app updates work. But it's an older phone so I doubt I'd be getting security updates either way. Anyway, the person I'm giving it to will be using it like a dumb phone with a good camera, basically. Thanks for your input!

Thanks for your input and apologies if my question is a bit vague.

I'm primarily looking for a service, but might be interested in self-hosting in the future. I don't have experience with self-hosting, but I suppose it could be an option in the future. I found a website about video CMS's which require self-hosting. However, I don't plan on sharing a lot of content, just an occasional video every now and then. As for accessibility of the videos, I'd make them available for anyone with a link.

I also looked at other cloud storage options and found IceDrive, a paid service. I think it has video playback but I'm not sure. I've heard about it before and the price is affordable enough for me to give it a try. It has client-side encryption which is good.

EDIT: sorry for uttering the forbidden phrase 'paid service'.

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Space will become flat. /j

Ok. I can see the pic here as well.

Ok, good to know! Thank you! 👍

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It seems to be a visual bug. Click on the "Subscription pending" button and it will go away.

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