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Ratings on weirdo talk shows

Nothing that any sane, educated human would view as antisemitic. Anti-Netanyahu, sure. Anti war-crimes, yes. Pro hamas, no. Pro peace, yes

This is not an anti-jewish stance at all.

""" You don’t have to be Palestinian to care about what’s happening in Gaza. I stand with Palestine. No one is free until everyone is free. https://t.co/23JHFbuf5K — Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) November 4, 2023 """

He plundered the stock to buy twitter and is back asking for even more... What a dickhead

56 billion from a company that made a record $15 billion last year?

...just did the math. Tesla has netted 27.1 billion since 2011.

He wants a little more than DOUBLE the total cumulative earnings of thr company; or 3.73 times their highest year ever's net income.

I hope he gets the boot. The company will be better off without him.

I cant wait for the shareholders to say no.

He plundered the stock to buy twitter and is back asking for even more... What a dickhead

56 billion from a company that made $15 billion last year (a big record). He wants 3.73 times the entire ducking company's net on their highest year ever's income.

...just did the math. Tesla has netted 27.1 billion since 2011.

He wants a little more than DOUBLE the total cumulative earnings of the whole company;.

I hope he gets the boot. The company will be better off without him.

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Most rapists havent been convicted of rape

Most rapists also havent bragged to Howard Stern on his show about walking into beauty pageant dressing rooms unannounced to peep on young girls.

Most rapists havent been recorded bragging to Billy Bush about grabbing women by the pussy without their consent.

Most rapists arent on video dancing and chatting up Jeffery Epstein at their own club, pointing out a woman and saying "she's hot" and later at that same party grabbing a woman and patting her on the butt.

Most rapists havent been convicted of defrauding people in order to steal their money to pay a pornstar to not talk about the extramarital affair he had.

Most rapists werent president when Jeffery Epstein died in prision despite being on suicide watch and under 24 hour surveillance. The tapes mysteriously dissapearring and guards not saying anything.

But Trump has done all that (except being convicted of rape, of course.)

Hey, you really need to cite your source.. It's only fair republican congressman Todd Atkin gets credit for his research and conclusions here.

The guy kept a list of billionaires he was serving minor sex-traffic victims too.

It'd be great if that list were to become public so there could maybe be some justice for the victims and some punishment to deter tomorrow's billionaire's from following suit.

It be great it despite the blatant cover-up of Epstein's murder the list still became public.

It'd be great if those who felt they were above the law and commited heineous crimes found they weren't above the law.

It'd be great to see the justice system worked

I always wondered why Musk keeps taking X around to all the things and never any of his other kids.

I previously attributed it to getting good PR.

I now sees it's how he's going to "win" against Grimes.


sycophant /sĭk′ə-fənt, sī′kə-/ noun

A person who attempts to gain advantage by flattering influential people or behaving in a servile manner. A tale-bearer or informer in general. A parasite; a mean flatterer; especially, a flatterer of princes and great men. 

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

Im so unsubscribing right now.

Fear becoming? You mean ARE becoming

Ive been an investor in the company since before they were making any profit and have been listening to their quarterly shareholder calls for a very long time.

I have more money invested in Tesla than any other stock. This is because I strongly believe in their mission statement and am very happy with the engineering. I even credit Elon with their agile engineering approach and first principals strategizing... And he became literally the richest person in the world because of it. He doesnt need 3.5 years of all company profits. He's shown he wont do anything good with that money. Thats multiple gigafactories he wants to pocket for himself in exchange for checks notes being a dick and scaring people away from Tesla.

Tesla is becoming associated with rich, antisemitic smartypants poser doucheladdles instead of "Transitioning Earth to a sustainable energy infrastructure" as is the mission statement and he is why.

Here was where I got the figures for my comment. They are very much in line with the dozens of earnings reports I've tuned in to over the years.


There's also a lot of security gotchas when relying purely on JS.

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What drives me nuts is Bernie would win big.

He talks about things people care about and makes sense. He was a huge hit at his town-hall meeting on FOX news a few years ago.

If he and Clinton had teamed up in 2016 I think dems would have won the electoral college, not just the popular vote.

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I agree with you, Maggoty, and that why neither one of us will get very far in National politics.

You make an excellent point!

I expect electric will soon be much cheaper than gas cars. Battery prices are still falling, despite the demand outpacing supply. Lithium refineries and mines are in the works and should be online in 5 years.

More importantly, electric cars are much simpler than gas cars. Anyone saying otherwise has no appreciation for the genius behind modern motors, transmissions, traction control and exhaust systems. There are an order of magnitude the number of moving parts in a combustion engine than an electric motor.

The price is higher because of the still-young supply chain for batteries and the infantile production lines for EVs.

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Nah, cookies + JS is a solid authentication combo. But just JS without cookies is kinda vulnerable. Wouldnt want Paypal or taxes being purely Javascript authenticated.

Heres a fun article


Came here to post this. There's a great diy post I always wanted to make that integrated one into a hat

Such a brilliant product!

Doom the comic book.


Heres a lovely retrospective of this very important cultural masterpiece

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Shits hard, so don't blame yourself. You aren't defective.

Suicide is also a bad idea and you are going to regret it if you find you've put yourself in an unstoppable position. This is evidenced by people who miraculously survive their attempts.

Be brave and seek help. There is zero shame in this, regardless of what the media or social conditioning might say.

There are groups of people that meet regularly for all sorts of reasons. Attend the meeting you can find that most closely relates to your problem. If you don't know what or where that is, I recommend starting with Alcoholics Anonymous. Even if Alchohol is not your problem, they will not turn you away, are likely to listen to anything you have to say and will help you find the group that is right for you.

If the AA group you've found is full of unhelpful weirdos (some are) find another one.

Late stage capitalism is very unhealthy for a lot of reasons and suicide is on the rise.

It may look like it from where you are, but you are not alone.

This mostly worked for me. He preferred the catgrass over the succulents.

I eventally bought like 4 pots of catgrass and would rotate them every week or so so theyd last longer.

This was one of my first thoughts on this too. Reminds me a bit of those western millennial/GenZ articles that are blown way out of proportion

Regardless I hope the governmental response is steering towards a bright solarpunk future of abundance and a healthy ecosystem to regain relevance for the next generation. Further encroachment of authoritarianism to maintain power and further alienate their smart kids doesn't help anyone long-term

I hope the same for all governments, really

This went over my head

I love this so much

I've always hated this asshat. He's always seemed like a guy trying to run a football game instead of having a platform based in policy.

He never spends his time on TV talking about an issue that matters. It's just whatever bullshit talking point of the day on the news which will be promptly forgotten about the next. He's Newt Gingrich dressed blue... Okay, maybe not the satan shitpile Newt Gingrich is, but I hate when people are dying and windbags like this are going on about Iowa straw polls.

Who gives a damn what Puskatawnee Phil says about the election; our future generation is fucked if we dont nail down climate change, the economy which is based on exponential growth and the whole slavery thing thats still alive and well and everyone is worse off for it...

Hell, child labor laws are being repealed and women are being jailed for having a miscarriage. But tell me again how so-and-so shoulda spent more time campaigning in that county because its a purple county in a swing state instead of, I dunno doing what won Bill Clinton the Election... Carville's one big win. He talked about the economy and healthcare after Bush Senior had trashed it by sending us to war in Iraq to try to clean up the mess he made when he was head of the CIA... I hate politics

I switched from Win 10 to Ubuntu this year. The Ubuntu installer was easy as hell. I'd argue easier than windows.

It got tricky when I needed the non-latest CUDA drivers for pytorch fun, but most folks won't be doing development.

Also, most folks don't install windows. They'll give it to their nerd nephew or their local Compu-Hut.

My biggest gripe is Snaps can make for confusing permission bullshit when saving files or using the clipboard, but this isnt a debate about snaps... the installer is great

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Got any good examples of this?

I do know that between 1950 and 2000 poverty and starvation dropped like a stone. I havent been watching closely enough to tell for the past couple decades. I don't mean to sound cynical, but it can be hard to tell what's slavery and what's improvement of living standards through the media and on such short timescales

I know theyre installing a ton of solar/wind. Superbundance could happen there and that could be great. I got my fingers crossed.

How's agriculture doing?

I think they're very well positioned with electric cars and are going to take marketshare from everyone else in that industry.

I hope they quit killing the sea and bossing around their neighbors

Their effots in Africa are probably going to benefit them greatly. I hope they arent doing to Africa whatthre US did with South America in early/mid 20th century... with the saddling of unpayable debts, extracting resources and installing viscious dictators

I read recently OPECy folks are openly conspiring to flood Africas market with cheap and shitty fossil fuel power plants and cars to expand the oil market. It'd be rad someone flooded it with cheaper and better electric cars/heatpumps and renewable power. I wish the US/Europe would

This... Calls to me. It means something... Something important

It reminds me of a haiku by the all-wise Travis Smith:

No more SPAM haiku

Far too busy to read them


Anakin, your thoughts on a society?

Bingo! You get the prize :)

Srsly, fashion takes time and money and thought.

If any of those in short supply ya jes wear what you got

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Not to mention knowing pi beyond 3.14 is useless.

...And because the cotton industry didn't want to compete with hemp. ... and more recently booze companies don't want to compete with weed

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I let out a little muppet scream when I saw 'em!

Dont care. Its all Kabuki theatre to distract you from actual issues.

The less you pay attention to what GOP politicians are saying and pretending to care about, the smarter you will be.

We'll reach them once everyone dies in the hunger wars of 2088

I think adoption of the JSLint license's ”This software can oly be used for good and not evil" clause would cover that. I hear IBMs lawyers had issue with it lol

You mean he said a bunch of stupid shit that got him an a legal bind? Yeah still his fault.

He thought he could pull a fast one, fucked around and found out.

Then made it Tesla shareholders problem by cashing out tens of billions of Tesla stock.

Yep, so vote Bernie in the primaries, then when he loses the primary and the election is Biden vs Trump vote Biden.

It sucks that our election system has been warped into a two party shitshow, but here we are.

Our ecosystem will not survive a Trump term. That means our food supply will not survive a Trump term. We do not want a neverending dust bowl.

Additionally of you really think Trump will do anything for peace you haven't been listening to his words or looked at his actions.

I'm daily driving Ubuntu and my experience aligns with this.

My only gripe is snaps can break copy/paste and prevent me from saving files where I want. This might make Ubuntu unusable for people using Linux for the first time and makes no sense if you dont understand how snaps are sandboxed and how permissions work. The solution is install with apt.

The installer, system configuration programs and UI experience is really good. I argue it is a much superior experience to Windows and arguably better than OS/X. A lot less garbage being shoved down customers throats.

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