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lol at, "the organizers said on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter." I love how this is journalism is handling this switch.

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Or they put their kids in a cheap “school” without regulations and can be abused or whatever while the parents have to go to work

Or be home schooled

Or they have to go into the labor force early

All of these are terrible options

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Kill the part that shit your pants before this pic

Yes, but there’s no promise they’ll be any better than the boobs you already have.

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Living life in the fadt lane.

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Looking for less volatile candidate… maybe they should’ve done that in 2015. You guys created this mess. Now we all have to clean up after you.

I’ve always thought those predictions were listed as “conservative” so the average is a lot closer but main media outlets pick the fastest out point in the bell curve so it’s not so doomed.

That’s exactly why I start every conversation by telling women I’m homeless.

Kidding aside, I agree that you should talk financials after a time but if they’re asking super early about how much you make, that’s a red flag.

23.6 million is still really high for a new social platform. I don’t know if it’s sustainable as I don’t see how people popular for images can translate their fame to microblogging but the next year or 6 months will be helpful to know if this was successful.

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My go-to phrase now is , “don’t judge a book by its movie.”

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Yeah, that makes the most sense in my mind. When I’d first saw it I thought it was a bubble level. XD

This is a comment complaining about ads.

Brought to you by NordVPN

So many extreme heat events happening around the world, I’m not sure where OP is 🫠

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I’m in marketing and work on company websites from an SEO and content development perspective. Nothing too technical but I’m aware of some of it even if I don’t know how make a server/instance I’m aware of it’s benefits.

Also, I’ve done social media advertising and peeking behind that curtain opened my eyes on how advertisers use our data so it made me interested in open source and community run projects over company run software.

I built a pc a few years ago and I’m still happy with its performance. I figured I’d build a new one in a few years once pcie 5.0 is mature. This kind of news so so exciting! My next pc is gonna be great!

Trump stays quiet like a good sub bottom.

Yeah, I had a vegan friend who would go there a bunch. She said it was the one place she felt comfortable going when she didn't make it herself.

That's kinda what I figured. Something that has fewer steps would be easy. I was curious about some thoughts on ingredients if they hated working with certain ingredients, etc.

Honestly, probably for the best. I hate how sweet diet pepsi tastes.

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Snappity snail. I’m taking your ass to jail.

FBI wants access to your location

Yeah, I have right teeth and my dentist recommended a water pick. Works great but I still floss occasionally as I’m worried the water pick can’t get everything.

As long as I get an extra payday without a decrease in payment, I’m good. I doubt that would be the case though.

I’ve read some of the studies and talked about them with some nurses who’ve done the same. The harm is due to the quantity you consume. The study’s found it cancerous after giving it to mice in high doses, like dozens of 2 liters of diet soda each day. Most people who drink a few cans are going to be fine.

We’ll have to see what the new report says and some people might have to adjust the amount they drink it but I doubt it will say any amount is cancerous.

OMG, this game is so buggy, when are they going to fix it?! GIF of Skyrim being Skyrim

Sugar, lime, mint. Muddled.

Jk, I don’t drink

For what it’s worth, they also have an active discord server

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The new marketing grad running their twitter must be trolling them. I can’t think of any other reason and I don’t want to believe people are that dumb/lazy.

Looks so good! I loved the first one.

Lol. I get that. I’ve felt the same way but I’m trying to find a good place for communities and that was one venue I was playing around with.

When you see a distant light root in the depths you need to unlock, but the entire path is covered in gloom

Here’s an analogy from a non technical person.

Fediverse is the universe.

The protocol is the laws of nature by which the universe functions.

Lemmy is a galaxy or cluster of galaxies in the universe.