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Answer is yes.

As a Russian Jew who fled the Russia in the 1980s, my family moved for our safety and opportunity. Countries don't deserve reverence just for being countries. We can be proud of our heritage without having to show allegiance to a nation state. Especially, when it is using our ethnicity/religion to brutally wipe out and massacre a civilian population.

Just do what is best for you and your family.

He ran as a self proclaimed progressive only to land in the Senate and become a ghoulish genocide defender reminiscent of the ADL.

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You know Joe has a point when the only thing he and his administration is able to come up with in response to the allegations is “it’s not genocide”.

According to the United Nations, genocide is an internationally recognized crime that involves an act with the intent to destroy a national, racial, ethnic, or religious group, in whole or in part. These acts include: 

  • Killing members of the group 
  • Causing serious mental or physical harm to members of the group 
  • Deliberately inflicting conditions of life on the group that would cause physical destruction 
  • Imposing measures to prevent births within the group 
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

This doesn’t even include the genocidal rhetoric coming from Knesset members.

It’s pretty clear the administration is on its back foot because no one believes Israel or the U.S. Hell, the majority of his base doesn’t agree with him.

This is pretty telling:

Polling on Israel Gaza

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Because everything musk does is basically bullshit.

  • $30k Tesla
  • Tesla semi
  • Cybertuck 4 years late
  • Full autonomous driving
  • Hyperloop


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Just determined to lose talent.

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Oopsie. I committed another war crime. Ssssssoooooorrrrryyyy

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This is institutional investors driving up price and then pulling out. Bitcoin is propped up by absolutely nothing other than betting. It has no use outside holding a value. Someone will be a bag holder. It’s just a matter of time.

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Because healthcare has been gutted and carved out by monied interests for 60+ years and they all have too much money at stake to let people just get affordable healthcare. They’re all busy skimming off the top. It’s absolutely sickening.

Well considering she made the purchase a couple weeks before there was an announcement of a new chip plant in China. The game is rigged folks.

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Republicans in a race to the bottom to figure out who can say the stupidest thing possible. Between this and Jewish space lasers, I think the competition is heating up.

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I am a seasoned professional that has over a decade in my field with very solid experience to match. And yet, I am simply getting either no response or a decline altogether. During Covid, I interviewed for over 30 positions. Some were promising but others I declined. I’m hearing crickets right now. It’s wild.

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The reason there’s no organization man is because people in the current times have been exposed to the lie that is being part of the organizational “family”. Since employers are willing to discard employees like they are trash and cut pay and benefits while spouting the rhetoric of being a part of the family really laid bare how all of it was a PR campaign. I will change jobs as frequently as I need to keep advancing my career. If employers don’t deliver on their promises, I don’t need to show them any loyalty.

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A good portion of windows users are corporate/business users. They're not going anywhere.

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She should tell her husband to stop doing end arounds on congress and stop shipping weapons to Israel.

These people shouldn’t be comfortable going to sleep without being reminded of the atrocities being committed with their tax dollars.

Oh fuck all the way off.

Maybe you should make your workers whole then. Sounds like that’s a you problem not a union problem.

I lived in Florida for a couple years before moving back to my home state and I can't imagine having a trans, gay or non-binary child. It's absolutely demoralizing to be in a place that is actively sparking hate against you.

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This is in no way to undermine the argument that UPS drivers deserve every penny they get paid. I am regularly very stressed out by my current client. Consulting can be an absolute bitch.

Fuck you, Fetterman.

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I work in a consulting role and the company I am currently working for is a vc funded provider group specialty healthcare docs. It’s all about volume. They’re completely inept in the way they’re running the company. They are incapable of making decisions that need to be made for the future of the organization so they keep pushing them down the road and papering over the terrible fundamentals because for them it’s all about hoovering up practices to gain market power. Everyone is miserable and always fighting at the highest levels. No one has authority over the organization. And people in lower rungs of the org have some of the worst insticts and are rewarded for it. VCs are making bad businesses significantly worse. They all operate under the same fundamental logic:

Get big enough at all costs until you are undeniable.

Jack up prices.

Then reduce the labor force to reap short term profits.

Then sell off to a bigger player without any regard for how the chips fall.

Or keep getting so big that you are unmanageable.

Consumers suffer.



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Shut up...

Amnesty international says otherwise

So does B'T Selem

Hasbarist trolls running to give cover to Israel committing atrocities in my name and using my tax dollars hold a special place in hell.

I hate seeing these articles as if those people should be thankful for the kindness of some random person instead of being angry that school lunch debt is something that actually exists.

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Can’t tell if this is a caricature of every Israeli response or an actual hasbara attempt. Either way kudos.

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Ken Klippenstein just published an article that Biden withholding arms was bullshit just yesterday.

Bidens threat to suspend arms to Israel is a scam

Nvidia is courting military contracts for their ML tech.

Subscribe to your esoil account. Brought to you by Kroger, for the low introduction price of $39.99.

Maybe democrats should start focusing on listening to their electorate instead of listening to their psychopath donors.

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If they didn’t farm data and charged for it right in the beginning, maybe it would have lasted longer before turning to shit. But demanding payment while farming data is just insane.

Not to mention that they chose the absolute worst time to do this. They are just absolutely despised right now. They are either in the midst of scandal or scandal is just in their rearview. Why would anyone pay for this right now?

They need to lift the $250k cap and this shortfall would be gone.


What's so frustrating is watching people online ridicule the perception that we're not doing great collectively as a nation. If the bottom falls out and the 56% get wrecked financially the other 44% are going to feel it. And having anxiety about that is perfectly understandable.

That kid’s going to be so scarred.

Too late?

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I canceled that shit and got a homerun for football. If you’re going to just make me stream cable for the price of cable, you can go suck on a tailpipe if you think I’m paying over 850 a year. Fuck google. Fuck cable companies. And fuck these studios for thinking they can keep doing this to people.

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Thanks. I’ll stick with my Plex server.

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My wife is a school based therapist. The parents routinely cancel without notice. The kids have behavioral problems and trauma that makes interacting difficult and stressful. Not to mention that she has to read through the kid’s trauma history that requires them seeing her in the first place. Not a lot of thank yous for that kind of work.

Maybe… Just maybe this is an attempt to get Biden to finally listen. Because it sure seems like he hasn’t been. All the people in this thread sure are quick to write off how it feels to be Muslim/Arab in America right now.

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The man simply doesn’t lie. He’s been on the right side of history consistently.

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