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Let me take a stab at it:

Problem: Given two list of length n, find what elements the two list have in common. (we assume that there are not duplicates within a single list)

Naive solution: For each element in the first list, check if it appears in the second.

Bogo solution: For each permutation of the first list and for each permutation of the second list, check if the first item in each list is the same. If so, report in the output (and make sure to only report it once).

Always has been

AI will probably benefit big corporations the most.

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No, it is because it is not a gun.

Can we at least see it?

Came here to say all of this, so thank you for saving me keystrokes :)

Well, according to the first biography about him, he was coding quite a lot in Zip2 and perhaps also some in early PayPal. Bit the code was supposedly hastily written and very bad.

Look. Doing A-E is going to be expensive enough for the young fella. I don't think he can also afford gunshot wound treatment.

Who would have thought that Tolkien would be 100 years ahead by depicting smart phone addiction. He even got the fact right that you become invisible (ie isolated in your room, not going out) when you use it.

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Sounds like you should find a new product to use.

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To make room for the pennies

What kind of "guess the billionaire" game is this?

Just like Tolkien wrote it.

Insert Pikachu meme

Won't be big

Read "Going Infinite" which describes the rise and tall of FTX and SBF. "isn't smart" is not true, but he is definitely not "human smart", but rather "math smart".

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This is also my biggest missing feature.

I remember reading a Github issue about it and iirc it is a bit challenging to get it to work with federation.

Like pihole? I recently set it up and it is not blocking YouTube ads (as other commenters have also pointed out).

Can we at least avoid a dystopia future?

It's is probably more of sending a message.

Stuxnet would like a chat with you

My shoulder joints popped from just reading this.

But can we at least get him out the election?

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I guess it was some good hot takes after all.

(And I agree with all you counter points)

Read the title as "shooting" and thought "another American post..."

But I am guessing that you property price will also fall, så the question is what the new difference will be.

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Imagine sitting in a bathroom stall, with a gorilla pounding full force on the door, you just waiting for it to break, knowing full well that you will be crushed soon.

Or was it pencils... So hard to remember...

Comfort, I assume

I will give you an upvote for maintaining critical thinking, but I will say that the book is not that bad. And it is really well written and interesting, but might be favoring SBF more than other books. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

And religious beliefs

Is it possible to learn power?